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Guardian Quiptic N° 665, by Nutmeg

Posted by PeterO on August 13th, 2012


I was wondering why there was no Quiptic blog yet; then I discovered that I was due to write it.  I think this hits just the right note for a Quiptic.

1. Blood cell? 150 discovered in new procedures (3,9)
RED CORPUSCLE An envelope (‘in’) of CL (Roman numeral, ‘150’) in an anagram (‘new’) of ‘procedures’. The question mark in the definition is justified, since red corpuscles are incomplete cells, having no nucleus.
8. Very small gap near fence (7)
ENCLOSE A charade of EN (‘very small gap’, the width of a letter n in printing) + CLOSE (‘near’).
9. Sheep summon up storm (7)
RAMPAGE A charade of RAM (‘sheep’) + PAGE (‘summon up’).
11. Stupidly eat nuts, causing medical problem (7)
TETANUS An anagram (‘stupidly’) of ‘eat nuts’.
12. Test’s ending in a robust hit for six (7)
ASTOUND An envelope (in’) of T (‘tesT‘s ending’) in ‘a’ + SOUND (‘robust’).
13. Blushing queen first slipped up (5)
ERRED A charade of ER (Elizabeth Regina, ‘Queen’) + RED (‘blushing’).
14. He values worship held by a priest (9)
APPRAISER An envelope (‘held by’) of PRAISE (‘worship’) in ‘a’ + PR (‘priest’).
16. Reckless devil’s dirty books (9)
IMPRUDENT A charade of IMP (‘devil’) + RUDE (‘dirty’) + NT (New Testament, ‘books’).
19. See 1 down
See 1 down
21. Drops off files, interrupting Mr O’Connor (7)
DROWSES An envelope (‘interrupting’) of ROWS (‘files’) in DES (‘Mr. O’Connor’).
23. I’m angry about running period of history (4,3)
IRON AGE An envelope (‘about’) of ON (‘running’) in I RAGE (‘I’m angry’).
24. Take it to be true quietly and carry on (7)
PRESUME A charade of P (piano as a musical instruction, ‘quietly’) + RESUME (‘carry on’).
25. Fitted in, but with one left to be included (7)
INBUILT An envelope (‘to be included’) of I (‘one’) + L (‘left’) in ‘in’ + ‘but’.
26. 6½ pairs — of bloomers, perhaps? (1,6,5)
A BAKERS DOZEN 6½ pairs = 13.. The reference is to bloomers as a type of bread loaf.
1,19across. Measure of disaster breaking cleric’s heart (7,5)
RICHTER SCALE An anagram (‘breaking’) of ‘clerics heart’. The Richter scale measures the intensity of earthquakes.
2. Northbound road had submerged (7)
DROWNED A charade of DR, a reversal (‘northbound’, in a down clue) of RD (‘road’) + OWNED (‘had’).
3. Exaggerate surplus, say (9)
OVERSTATE A charade of OVER (‘surplus’) + STATE (‘say’).
4. Leave behind a warm coat (5)
PARKA A charade of PARK (‘leave behind’) + ‘a’.
5. Island of volcanic traumas? (7)
SUMATRA An anagram (‘volcanic’) of ‘traumas’, semi-&lit.
6. Workmates rejecting top three unions (7)
LEAGUES A subtraction, [col]LEAGUES (‘workmates’) with the first three letters removed (‘rejecting top three’).
7. Burping babies will take fright (3,3,4,2)
GET THE WIND UP Double definition.
10. Lots of backing for drivers’ penalties (12)
ENDORSEMENTS Double definition.
15. Aghast, if tired out after exercises (9)
PETRIFIED A charade of PE (physical education, ‘exercises’) + an anagram (‘out’) of ‘if tired’.
17. Saw rail company once on the way up after test (7)
PROVERB A charade of PROVE (‘test’) + RB, a reversal (‘on the way up’ in a down clue) of BR (British Rail, ‘rail company once’).
18. Not fast food for peacekeepers? (7)
UNSTUCK A charade of UN’S TUCK (‘food for peacekeepers’).
19. Films, TV etc depict interior of holiday island (7)
SHOWBIZ A charade of SHOW (‘depict’) + [i]BIZ[a] (‘interior of holiday island’).
20. Song about sailor with new horse (7)
ARABIAN An envelope (‘about’) of AB (able-bodied ‘sailor’) in ARIA 9’song’) + N (‘new’).
22. Unqualified lieutenant abandons retreat (5)
SHEER A subtraction, SHE[lt]ER (‘retreat’) with LT removed (‘lieutenant abandons’). ‘unqualified’ in the sense of unconditional – ‘it was sheer/unqualified foolishness to do that’.

3 Responses to “Guardian Quiptic N° 665, by Nutmeg”

  1. Derek Lazenby says:

    And I was wondering why there were no comments. Your comment that this hits the mark is the reason I guess, so ta to setter and blogger.

  2. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, Peter. Glad to see that others of my generation have senior moments …

    I did enjoy this one and thought the clueing was just right for Quiptic solvers. I thought PETRIFIED and SHEER were the best clues today. Well done to Nutmeg for a nicely pitched beginners’ puzzle.

  3. Thomas99 says:

    No Rufus blog yet??

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