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Financial Times no.14,084 by MUDD

Posted by Ringo on August 16th, 2012


There was a pleasingly old-fashioned feel to this puzzle, I felt; plenty of double definitions, which seem to have dwindled in popularity since I was a lad. Very nice clueing throughout – thank-you, Mudd.


1. REPAST  S [small] within reversal of taper [become thinner]

4. CHOP-CHOP  Repetition of chop [hack]

9. PRIORY  Rio [port city] within pry [nose]

10. SAINTDOM  Sodom [one of the sinful Biblical cities of the plain] with o [naught] replaced with aint

12. AIRSPEED  Anagram of see rapid

13. CHANGE  Double definition

15. EAST  (B)east [animal]

16. DRAWING  Double definition

20. TREADLE  Anagram of altered

21. BALL  Double definition, alluding to ‘spot the ball’ newspaper competitions

25. ALPINE  Pin [leg] within ale [drink]

26. FOOTWEAR  O [round] + anagram of two within fear [suspect]

28. BARITONE  It within baron [peer] + E [English]

29. ADJOIN  A DJ [one who plays records] + o [zero, nothing] + in [popular]

30. TETHERED  Hidden in voTE THE REDneck

31. SONNET  Reversal of nos(e) + net [score a goal in football]


1. REPEATER  Double definition

2. PRIMROSE  Rim [border] within prose [plain words]

3. SCRAPE  Double definition

5. HEAL  Sounds like heel [part of the foot]

6. PENCHANT  Pen [female swan] + chant [cry]

7. HIDING  Double definition

8. PAMPER  (Exa)m within paper [test]

11. HEARSAY  Ears [organs] within hay [grass]

14. SWALLOW  Double definition

17. BRUNETTE  Net [catch] within brute [animal]

18. CAMEROON  O(rder) within Cameron [our beloved PM]

19. CLARINET  In [hip, fashionable] within claret [blood]

22. RABBIT  R [runs] + a + b-bit [l-little]

23. SPIRIT  Double definition

24. STUDIO  Stud [playboy] + I + o [zero, love]

27. ONCE  (B)once [head]




One Response to “Financial Times no.14,084 by MUDD”

  1. crypticsue says:

    The cryptic crossword world is full of enjoyable not too tricky crosswords today and I enjoyed this one greatly. Thanks to Mudd and Ringo too.

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