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Financial Times 14,085 by Jason

Posted by Jed on August 17th, 2012


Clever stuff today from Jason





1 BRIGHT (vivacious) B[londe] RIGHT (Conservative)

4 SWEEPING (wide-ranging) WEEP (to pipe) in SING (to grass)

9 ASSIGN (give out) A S (small) SIGN (token)


11 DINGHY (boat) H (husband) in DINGY (shabby)

12 SINECURE (picnic – easy job) SINE (maths function) CURE (pickle)

13 THE (French for tea) hidden in bro[THE]l

14 SATRAP (tyrant) A in STRAP (band)

17 DISCUSS (take up) DISCUS (field event) S (son)

21 STROVE (tried hard) R (recipe) in STOVE (cooker)

25 ALE (brew) hidden in [loc]AL E[nterprise]

26 PORPOISE (swimmer) P (power) OR (in preference to – rather) POISE (elegance)

27 CADDIE (to help in golf) CAD (bounder) DIE (decline)

28 EXAMINER (judge) EX (former) A (Australian) MINER (digger)

29 ADRIFT (unsettled) A D (date) RIFT (row)

30 DWELLING (lodge) WELL (fine) in DIN (racket) G (grand)

31 SENHOR (Portugese for man) N (northern) in (HORSE)*


1 BRANDISH (display) BRAN (healthy stuff) DISH (bowl)

2 INSANITY (folly) (ITS IN ANY)*

3 HOGSHEAD (cask) HOGS (assiduously retains) HEAD (froth)

5 WEEPIE (emotional film) WEE (little) PIE (tart)

6 ESCHEW (shun) E (Spain) S (has) CHEW (champ)

7 INFLUX (one joining stream) IN (popular) FLUX (agent – in soldering)

8 GALLEY (proof in printing) G (German) ALLEY (passage)

12 SHACKLE (hamper) SHACK (shed) LE (the in French)

15 PIT (gulf) PIT[h] (substance)

16 ASS (fool) with P (piano) PASS (progress)

18 STRADDLE (bridge) STRAD (fiddle) [h]ELD< ([h]AD up)

19 GOLDFISH (fish in pond) GOLD (or) FISH (angle)

20 SEMESTER (college spell) (SEES TERM)*

22 SPREAD (middle-age feature) (special display)

23 CREASE (whole clue cricket ref) C (century) [opene]R EASE (contentment)

24 SOCIAL (do) SO (well) I (one) in CAL (California)

25 ASTERN (back) N (nitrogen) under ASTER (plant)

( )* = anagram    < = reverse    [ ] = omit

4 Responses to “Financial Times 14,085 by Jason”

  1. AngryVocab says:

    I took Spain in 6D to be ES (internet domain or abbreviation of Espania) with “has” as a conjunction.

  2. Molly says:

    I found this one harder than usual ..

  3. don says:

    Brilliantly concise word play.

    I also thought Spain = ES.

    15d I don’t understand why PIT = “stuff” though [or even “gulf” = “pith”].

  4. mike04 says:

    Hello don.

    For Spain, the International Vehicle Registration is E and the Internet
    Country Code is es. A shortened form of the word ‘has’ is ‘s.
    So I think 6dn could be parsed in two different ways:
    either E + ‘s + CHEW or es + CHEW.

    We’re thinking about PIT(H) in 15dn. The definition is Gulf = PIT.
    PITH is a substance. If it’s endless, it would spell PIT!


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