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Cyclops 475: Pressing the flesh

Posted by jetdoc on August 19th, 2012


With many apologies for lateness. Events conspired against me when it came to finding time to write this blog, though the puzzle itself was a relatively straightforward solve. I do hope you will excuse my having given priority, even at this pressured time of major househould refurbishment (it’ll look lovely when it’s finished), to attending all of what turned out to be a tremendously entertaining, if somewhat frustrating, test match at Lord’s.

8 LIE IN WAIT Get ready to pounce when Porky Wain rudely interrupts sex
LIE = Porky (porky pie); *(Wain), with ‘rudely’ as the anagram indicator; in IT = sex
10 CABLE Minister you might describe as twisted, ropey
Sort of double definition
Vince Cable
11 PISS OFF Booze made unavailable to nark someone
PISS = booze; OFF = made unavailable
12 MITHRAS Has it off with Mr Divinity
*(Has it Mr)
13 RED ALERT Blair’s right wing broadcast altered: “Prepare for war?”
R = Blair’s right wing (rightmost letter); *(altered)
16/18/19a PRESS THE FLESH Act like campaigning politician, producing part of media article on ’one’s family’?
PRESS = part of media; THE = article: FLESH = ’one’s family’
21 SKETCH Rough Sun needs craft
S = Sun; KETCH = craft. Definition: ‘rough’, used as a noun
23/14 LITERARY REVIEW Rival writer pissed with Eye and our volume assessment
*(Rival writer Eye). Literary Review is Private Eye’s book review feature
26 STERNUM Reckon on grabbing bird’s breast supporter
SUM = Reckon on; ‘grabbing’ TERN = bird.
The breastbone
27 CABARET Spartan appearing in pussy show
BARE = Spartan; in CAT = pussy
Cabaret, the musical
28/9d EXTRA TIME Topless shagging treat arranged — I’m in and game to carry on for another half hour!
[s]EX = topless shagging; *(treat I’m)
29 SOPORIFIC Poor sci-fi freaked out druggy
*(Poor sci-fi)
1 CLAPTRAP VD net for balls
CLAP = VD (venereal disease); TRAP = net
2 REUSED Put back to work, said “no — eff-off!”
3 ENNOBLES Being seen hovering round bigwig on line gets one elevated to peerage
*(seen); around NOB = bigwig; L = line. Definition: gets one elevated to peerage
4 HALF TRUTH “Not a real whopper” — Henry, having 12 inches, hurt badly
HAL = Henry; FT = 12 inches; *(hurt). Not a complete lie.
5 SCYTHE Copper not full time shortly (they stupidly make cuts)
SC = Special Constable; *(they). Definition: make cuts
6 ABORTIVE Unsuccessful vibrator scrapped (electronic but no ’Reverse’)
Anagram of ‘vibrator‘ with E (electronic) but one less R (’Reverse’)
7 SEESAW Observes asshole Washington leaders’ rise and fall
SEES = Observes; AW = first letters of ‘asshole Washington’
15 PERISCOPE Pope cries out: “It helps one look over the masses”
*(Pope cries)
17 EYE TEETH Double energy needed to hold still the screwing canines
EE = Double energy; ‘holding’ YET = still; *(the), with ‘screwing’ as the anagram indicator.
19 FREEBORN Unmastered, father has ultimate in the throbbing boner
FR = father; E = ultimate in ‘the’; *(boner)
20 HAYSTACK Fodder amassed by tabloid reporter concealing sources of yobbish senior tory antics
HACK = tabloid reporter; ‘concealing’ first letters of ‘yobbish senior tory antics’. Definition: Fodder amassed
21 SUSSEX Rye once here gets short American (or ‘Amwerican’ in the printed mag) shagging, etc.
S = short; US = American; SEX = shagging, etc.
Looks like Rye is now in East Sussex.
22 CONMAN Political party worker who’s out to have you
CON = political party; MAN = worker
24 ADRIFT Answer by Miliband at last: “Serious split — quite without purpose”
A = Answer: D = Miliband at last; RIFT = serious split
25 AMPS They put out a lot at pop festivals, when squeezing member
AS = when; ‘squeezing’ MP = member

No time for a joke this week. I promise at least two next time!

9 Responses to “Cyclops 475: Pressing the flesh”

  1. JohnR says:

    Thanks, as usual, Jetdoc – I really needed your help with 23/14 – Cyclops’ surface elegantly misled me. I had some crossing letters, and decided that “volume assessment” must be clueing LITRE VIEW. But that leaves ARRYE to be explained. Hmm… The solution has to be LITERARY REVIEW, but how on earth could even the Eye’s editor see the Lit Rev as a rival?

    Brilliant, Cyclops!

  2. lemming says:

    I’ve never seen SC for Special Constable before, but was reassured to see in the Wikipedia Special Constabulary article that it is found in some UK insignia.

    BTW, Jet, in your haste you’ve missed out the Line from your ENNOBLES commentary.


  3. jetdoc says:

    Thanks, Lemmy.

    I got Special Constable when I first solved it, but took ages to work it out again by the time I wrote the blog.

  4. brital says:

    Surely, 23/14 is simply an anagram of ‘rival writer’+’eye’

  5. jetdoc says:

    Yes, Brital. I thought that was what I’d indicated and JohnR had realised.

  6. brital says:

    Sorry, Jetdoc. I wasn’t referring to your explanation but JohnR’s reply did not convey to me that he’d twigged it. (No offence intended, JohnR)

  7. Bamberger says:

    For 12a I had M?t?r?s and a,i& h to slot in so was faced with
    Mathris,mithras, matirhs and mitarhs all of which seemed possible.

    The Amwerican threw me -it’s only the better solvers who can immediately realise that it is simply a typo.

  8. nevets says:

    I thought 21 across was highly dubious. You wouldn’t say doing a ‘rough’. You would say, doing a ‘rough sketch’.

  9. Skipster says:

    Sketch out = rough out ?

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