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Independent on Sunday 1173 Nitsy

Posted by scchua on August 19th, 2012


My first blog of a Nitsy.  Enjoyable experience, thanks Nitsy.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[Each picture at the bottom of the blog has an unidentified link to the puzzle.]]


1 Prepare to beat up silly person (4)

DODO :  DO(prepare, as in “I’ll do the salad”) + DO(to beat up a person, in English slang).

Answer: A derogatory term for a silly person.

3 Reserve best spades – mountaineers might need them (3,5)

ICE PICKS :  ICE(coolness, or even coldness,reserve, in contrast to warmth towards another being) + PICK(the best, as in “pick of the crop”) + S(abbrev. for spades, the playing card suit).

10 Group of females two men insist gets changed in front of truck (6,9)

WOMEN’S INSTITUTEAnagram of(gets changed) TWO MEN INSIST placed before(in front of) UTE(short for a utility vehicle,truck).

Answer:  Often referred to by its abbrev., the WI, the largest voluntary women’s organisation in the UK, providing members with educational opportunities, the chance to take part in wide variety of activities, and to campaign for women’s welfare.

11 Cuban radar at sea missing navy’s fearsome swimmer (9)

BARRACUDAAnagram of(at sea) CUBA RADAR{“Cuban radarminus(missing) “n”(abbrev. for navy)}.

12 Carry child 1back to house (4)

TOTE :  TOT(small child) + E(last letter of,back tohouse’).

13 Doctor late in catching male’s illness (7)

AILMENT :Anagram of(doctor) LATE IN containing(catching) M(abbrev. for the male sex).

15 Take issue (6)

KIDNAP :  Cryptic defn:  The issue,child is “kid”, and the whole word denotes to snatch,take for the purpose of extorting a ransom, but kidnapping is not restricted to your kid.  The –nap suffix is now used in words like artnap, starnap, petnap (not to be confused with catnap) or anything-valuable-nap.

17 Head of ENT came prepared to contain unknown skin disease (6)

ECZEMA :  E(initial letter,head ofENT”) + [anagram of(prepared) CAME containing(to contain) Z(a symbol for an unknown quantity in mathematics, together with X and Y)].

19 Flag raised; wind lessened to an extent (7)

DWINDLEHidden in(to an extent) raiseD WIND LEssened.

20 Chap eating hot rabbit (4)

CHAT :  CAT(slang for a chap,man, doubly so if he is a devotee of jazz) containing(eating) H(abbrev. for hot).

Defn:  To talk inconsequently,chat, from rhyming slang “rabbit and pork”/”talk”.

21 Daughter: check around and look for a place to sit (4,5)

DECK CHAIR : D(abbrev. for daughter)  + anagram of(around) CHECK plus(and) AIR(a look,demeanour of a person).

24 Straw was damaged in strong fire – I’m storing last of rye (7,8)

FOREIGN MINISTERAnagram of(damaged) [IN STRONG FIRE – I’M] containing(storing) E(last letter ofrye”).

Answer:  What John (but goes by “Jack”) was for the UK from 2001-2006.  Not to be confused with another Jack Straw, one of the leaders of the 14C Peasants’ Revolt in England (a nod to the latter by the former? or self-styling by the former, if you want to be ungenerous?

25 Engaged again; calmly submissive (8)

RESIGNED :  RE-SIGNED(with the hyphen, could mean to sign on again,engaged again, as in “P is not re-signing with his football club, …”).

Answer: Without the hyphen, calmly submissive,accepting without resistance, as in “…and the club is resigned to it.”

26 Tiger’s first hit bunker (4)

TRAP :  T(initial letter,…’s first of “Tiger”) + RAP(hit,knock).

Defn:  A sand trap,hazard on the golf course, where even Tiger Woods sometimes finds himself in – he’s only human after all.


1 Conductor is likely to make this movement relaxed (8)

DOWNBEAT :  Double defn:.  1st:  The downward movement of an orchestra’s conductor’s baton to indicate the first accented beat of a measure; and 2nd:  Descriptive of someone who is unstressed – and not causing stress either.

2 Almost bashful objection (5)

DEMUR :  “Demure”,bashful, as with innocent and young maidens minus its last letter,almost.  Nice surface.

Answer:  Used as a noun, an objection that has been raised, eg. in a law court.

4 Chief of Staff to dismiss cavalryman (7)

COSSACK :  COS(abbrev. of Chief of Staff in the military) + SACK(to dismiss,fire from an appointment).

Answer:  Also adept at dancing.

5 Newspaper editor on tour – something that makes an impression on the board (7,7)

PRINTED CIRCUIT :  PRINT(a printed publication, such as a newspaper or magazine) + ED(abbrev. for editor – and a few other things) placed above(on, in a down clue) CIRCUIT(the route taken for a roundtrip,tour).

6 Try to pull cart up enclosed area (9)

COURTYARD :  COURT(the old fashioned word for trying to attract,pull, in the situation where the object is of the opposite sex) + reversal of(up, in a down clue) DRAY(a cart for carrying heavy loads).

7 Use needle and thread to cover the small hole (4)

STEW :  SEW(use needle and thread) containing(to cover) T’(contraction,small of “the”).

Answer:  A difficult position to find oneself in,a (figurative) hole.

8 Man of the match’s gift? (10,4)

ENGAGEMENT RING :  Cryptic defn:  The gift from the man who is considered a suitable candidate,a match for the woman receiving the gift, with the prospect of marriage,the next match.  The MOTM phrase is from sporting events.

9 Game‘s tense after animosity (6)

PIQUET :  T(abbrev. for the grammatical tense) placed below(after) PIQUE(a feeling of irritation or resentment,perhaps a mild animosity).

Answer:  A card game for 2 players, not with a full deck – the cards, not the players.

14 Fight rugby player – cut head to toe (4,5)

LOCK HORNS :  LOCK(or lock forward, a rugby player in either of the 2 positions in the middle of the second row of the scrum) + HORNS(“shorn”,cut with its initial letter,head moved to the other end,its toe, in a down clue).

16 Run then collapse? Sign of distress (8)

TEARDROP :  TEAR(run quickly) plus(then) DROP(collapse).

18 Someone desperate to enter stake – but not quickly (7)

ANDANTE :  DAN(reference to Desperate Dan, a character in the British comic, The Dandy, and its successor) contained in(to enter) ANTE{the amount of money,stake each poker player contributes to the pool, before (hence “ante”) the cards are dealt, and also the amount representing the share any one participant has in a joint venture}.  An amusing surface of a reluctant poker player down on his/her luck and money.

Answer: A musical direction to play in a moderately slow tempo,not quickly.

19 Lying tethered up outside church (6)

DECEITReversal of(up, in a down clue) TIED(tethered) containing(outside) CE(abbrev. for Church of England).

Defn: As a noun.

22 Part female rejected? He might not (5)

ACTOR :  “factor”{one of the elements,part contributing to a consequence, as in “morale was a factor in their success” minus(rejected) “f”(abbrev. for the female sex)}.

Answer: The he in the clue who might accept,not reject, a role,a part.  A nice WIWD(wordplay intertwined with definition) clue.

23 A passenger leaving employee’s tip at a distance (4)

AFARA + FAR(“fare”,a paying passenger, as in “a taxi fare”, minus(leaving) E(initial letter,…’s tip of “employee”).




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  1. flashling says:

    Wot no comments? I found this a fine Sunday PM solve over a pint.

    Thanks Nitsy shame we don’t see you more often and SC for the usual high quality blog (better than I can do :-( )

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