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Independent 8065 by Quixote

Posted by NealH on August 20th, 2012


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone, CD=cryptic def, DD=double def, sp=spoonerism

I thought this was a slightly harder Quixote with a stronger than normal use of proper nouns, not all of them very topical (e.g. the First Baron Rich, Lord Chancellor from 1547 to 1552). But the cluing standard was very high and here were a few gems – I liked 1 across, 25, 22 and 15 across.

1 Reduce: Re Duce (as in El Duce, the nickname for Mussolini).
4 Status: Sus(picion) around tat.
10 Chagall: Call around hag.
11 Aintree: Trainee*. Bit of a chestnut this one, but it still took me a couple of passes before I stopped thinking it was something like entree.
12 Convalescents: Convents (Christian communities) around ales + C (speed of light, which as everyone knows is the fastest possible speed in the universe).
14 Airy: DD. Someone I’d never heard of but obviously famous in his day – George Airy
15 Heartless: Peter with the middle removed (heartless) is peer i.e. a lord.
17 Etiquette: Quite* + [b]ette[r] (brother = br no longer around the word).
18 Fare: Hom of fair.
20 Figure of Eight: CD.
23 Rowdies: Row dies. I found this a little unsatisfactory as I can’t quite see a row as a party, although maybe there are some senses in which they are synonymous.
24 Bodegas: OB(=old boy)< + Degas.
25 Elytra: Hidden in “surely travel”. Elytra are the wing cases of flying insects.
26 Brandy: By around Rand (South African money).
1 Rich: DD – this was the only one I could find.
2 Dual Carriageway: (A Railcard guy + awe)*.
3 Chains: CS (Civil Service) around (Peter) Hain.
5 Tonacity: Ton + a + city.
6 Terence Rattigan: (Entertainer act)* around g(ood).
7 Stepsister: (Resist pest)*.
8 Flea: Hom of flee.
9 Lacerate: Lace + tear*.
13 Sales Force: (Co fearless)*.
15 Hothouse: &lit. Hose around thou.
16 Quarrier: Qua (=by virtue of) + RR (Right Reverend, Bishop’s title) + i.e. r(ight).
19 Agadir: Aga (as in Aga Khan) + dir[e]
21 Elba: Able<.
22 Ashy: A + shy.

9 Responses to “Independent 8065 by Quixote”

  1. NeilW says:

    Thanks, NealH.

    I think, if the party were at your neighbour’s, you might be quite glad when the row (noise) dies down…

    There’s an irrelevant typo, by the way, in 5: TONICITY.

  2. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, Neal.

    Perhaps a little trickier than normal for a Quixote, as you say, but it was all there if you went looking for it. I too liked ETIQUETTE and HEARTLESS. RICH I guessed, and AIRY couldn’t be anything else; but on following your link to the latter, I find that he did one of his famous experiments in a coal mine in my home town, which I never knew. So a slight increase in my knowledge today, which is partly what cryptics are about, I suppose.

  3. Al Dente says:

    Thanks NealH for the blog and for the superb link in to the astronomer. Although I’d heard of the Airy Crater on Mars I did not know of the lunar Airy Crater nor the fact that they were named in his honour. Agree entirely with Kathryn’s Dad at 2 regarding cryptics; so thanks to you also.

  4. crypticsue says:

    Always a relief when the blogger and commenters say that this was a slightly xxx than usual as I did wonder whether it was just me taking time to get on the Quixote wavelength. Thanks to setter and blogger too.

  5. 4across says:

    took a while to get in tune, but then it fell into place. Well clued, I liked 1, and am greatful for the ‘heartless’ explanation. thanks all

  6. twencelas says:

    Am I the only one who found 8 down ambiguous – a sounds and a hear in the same homonym-type clue. Otherwise a nice starter for the week.

  7. nmsindy says:

    I might have been lucky in that I finished this quite quickly, guessing AIRY without having heard of him. Favourite clue ASHY. Thanks NealH and Quixote.

  8. Dormouse says:

    I. too, found this a bit of a struggle, but I was definitely feeling slow this afternoon. I did finish it without any electronic aids, but I did use Chambers to look up 25ac (which I’d never heard of) and 5dn.

    There were several answers I couldn’t parse, but this too must have been me today, as they were so obvious when pointed out – 15dn and 26 ac for instance – so thanks for that.

    I had heard of George Airy, but couldn’t remember what he was famous for. His part in not finding Neptune is quite well known in astronomy geek circles. And I guessed Rich but do remember, now it’s pointed out, John Hurt playing him in the film A Man for All Seasons.

  9. Wil Ransome says:

    Excellent as always. I don’t quite see why it’s an irrelevant typo, NeilW, since the word is tonicity not tonacity. Not that I had heard of the right one — just guessed and happened to be right.

    Agree that this seemed to be on the hard side for Quixote. Had not heard of Airy but it was obviously (?) that, and now that Dormouse mentions it I remember John Hurt playing Rich in A Man for All Seasons, can remember thinking how young he was, and I was quite young then myself.

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