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Financial Times 14088 Phssthpok

Posted by scchua on 22nd August 2012


Apologies for the very much later than usual posting.  The gremlin struck the FT crossword site again, and yesterday’s puzzle wasn’t available until this morning.  This is like reporting yesterday’s news, so this is a budget vanilla-flavoured blog, also because of the time constraint.   Thanks to those who made the effort and/or actually sent me the puzzle, but unfortunately to no avail….

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Financial Times 14,089 by Gozo

Posted by PeeDee on 22nd August 2012


Very enjoyable, thank you Gozo.



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Guardian 25,721 / Arachne

Posted by Eileen on 22nd August 2012


There’s been a rather longer than usual gap since the last Arachne puzzle, so I feel particularly lucky to have drawn this one. I think I found it rather easier than usual, except for a couple of parsings, but there’s the abundant wit and ingenious misdirection, together with great story-telling surfaces, that are Arachne’s hallmarks.

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Independent 8,067 / Dac

Posted by RatkojaRiku on 22nd August 2012


Dac is appearing today in his regular Wednesday slot, although it has not fallen to me to blog one of his puzzles for quite a while.

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Inquisitor 1242: PRIZEWINNER by Schadenfreude

Posted by Hihoba on 22nd August 2012


Two Schadenfreudes in a row for Hihoba to blog. Another mercifully brief preamble told us that there was a letter to be removed from each clue, always leaving a word but not necessarily making sense. These letters (32 in all) plus the letters in the perimeter (another 44) give six items. The “prizewinner” of the title would appear in the completed grid.

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