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Financial Times 14,089 by Gozo

Posted by PeeDee on August 22nd, 2012


Very enjoyable, thank you Gozo.



All the across solutions are pieces of classical music, I had some fun looking them up in Wikipedia and Youtube.  Most were familiar, some were new to me.  They were all gettable from the subsidiary parts of the clues so as long as you have some form of reference material to hand an in-depth musical education is not required.

Hold the mouse pointer over any clue number to read the clue.

1 FACADE listen AD (promotion) in CAFE* – Facade – An Entertainment is a series of poems performed to music by William Walton
5 CARNIVAL listen IV (four, quartet) in CARNAL (erotic) – Dvorak’s Carnival Overture
9 SCYTHIAN listen hYACINTHS* (first letter cut) – orchestral suite by Prokofiev
10 IMAGES listen AG (silver) in SEMI (half) reversed – Images pour orchestre by Debussy
11 SALOME listen (ME ALSO)* – Salome, opera by Richard Strauss
12 ODE TO JOY listen anagram of OOO (three rounds) DJ and YET – poem by Friedrich Schiller set to music by Beethoven in his 9th Symphony
14 ALTO RHAPSODY listen (A HOLST PARODY)* – orchestral piece written by Schumann as a wedding gift for his daughter
18 EUGENE ONEGIN listen EUGENE sounds like “you Jean”, suggested address to Mis Jean Harlow (suggested=spoken out loud) with ONE (single) GIN (drink) – opera by Tchaikovsky
22 GOLDBERG listen GOLD (top award) given to Alban BERG (composer) – work for harpsichord by Bach
25 CHORAL listen CH (church) ORAL (examination) – Beethoven’s 9th, known as the Choral Symphony
26 MARTHA listen MATHA + NOTES is an anagram of TAM O’SHANTER – Opera by Friedrich von Flotow
27 TURANDOT listen RAND (money) in TOUT (spiv) – Opera by Puccini
28 LA BOHEME listen BOHEa (tea, reduced=cut short) in LAME (unsatisfactory) – another Puccini opera
29 SPRING listen SPReadING (outsides of) – Schumann Symphony No , the Spring Symphony
2 ARCTAN CT (court) in the ARAN islands – mathematical function
4 EPICENTRE anagram of sCENE I (one) PERT (model=anagram) – in forensic science the epicentre or ‘blast seat’ is the point at which an explosion detonated
5 CONTOUR CON (against) TOUR (trip) – line indicating height on a map
6 RHINE HINt (pointer, endlessly) going inside (padding) RE (regarding, about)
7 IDAHO I with HAD (owned) reversed and O (zero, nothing)
8 ADENOIDS D (daughter) ONE (unity) reversed (upset) in AIDS (helps) out=is outside – the pharyngeal tonsil, a mass of tissue in the throat
13 TAP double definition, to be ‘on tap’ is to be copiously available
16 SUNDOWNER double definition – cocktail drink and tramp. In Australia a sundowner is a name for a traveller who wants a meal and accomodation in exchange for work, but turns up too late to do any.
17 KUROSAWA (USA WORK A)* new=anagram – Akira Kurosawa
19 NAB BAN (prohibition) reversed (lifted)
20 NIGHTIE THING* (anagram=fancy) IE (that is) – definition is ‘worn in bed’, also &lit
21 MAROON double definition – &lit again too
23 DITTO OTT (extreme) ID (identity) reversed
24 ERASE ERAS (times) Editorial (leading letter of)


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  1. Thomas99 says:

    Thanks for the very full blog – perhaps I’ll manage to have a listen later on. My last in was ADENOIDS – fortunately I had them out fairly memorably when I was seven but it still took me ages. “Tissue” was a rather cunning definition. It was all great fun; I thought the theme would make it too easy but there were a few unfamiliar ones (can’t claim to be a Flotow expert) and once I’d got the “o” I crazily put in Eroica instead of Choral which added an extra obstacle for a while.

    By the way, is it possible to fix it so your second paragraph doesn’t appear on the 225 home page? At the moment it’s giving away the fact that all the across clues are pieces of music.

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