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Financial Times no.14,090 by SLEUTH

Posted by Ringo on August 23rd, 2012


A mixed bag from Sleuth today: a handful of gems, some fantastic surfaces, and one or two stinkers. Still, variety is the spice of life and all that, so no complaints here.


1. SEDUCTRESS  Anagram of cued within stress [tension]

6. SWAP  WASP [White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, American conservative] with S [society] brought to the front

9. SUBTERFUGE  Sub [substitute, one on bench] + anagram of rug feet

10. BLOC  Block [large building] minus K [king]

12. DEJECTEDNESS  A nice surface, but a ridiculously vague cryptic definition

15. TURQUOISE  S [sun] within anagram of our quiet

17. AVERT  (Foye)r within a + vet [doctor – verb, not noun]

18. NICHE  Hidden in hispaNIC HErdsmen

19. FORETASTE  Eta [Greek character] within Forste(r) [E.M., English novelist]

20. HEARTSTRINGS  Hearts [Heart of Midlothian, football team] + Tring [Herts town] + s [special]

24. NOOK  No OK [without OK!, celebrity magazine]

25. SANATORIUM  Anagram of aroma units

26. EWER  Hidden in reversal of stoRE WEekly

27. RECONSIDER  E [European] + cons [convicts, prisoners] within rider [further condition]


1. SASH  Double definition

2. DEBT  Deb [debutante, one who came out] + t(rial)

3. CREPE SUZETTE  Anagram of puree etc zest

4. RIFLE  L [liberal] within rife [very common] to give the rifle manufacturer

5. SIGHTSEER  Sight [sounds like site, location] + reversal of Rees [Welsh name]

7. WILDEBEEST  Wilde [writer Oscar] + s [south] within beet [plant]

8. PACE SETTER  P [power] + ace [excellent] + setter [canine]

11. ADVANTAGEOUS  Va [Virginia] within anagram of data eg on US

13. STONEHENGE  Tone [mood] within sh [quiet] + Eng [English] + (villag)e

14. CRACK A JOKE  Rack [grating (?)] + a + J [judge] within Coke [drink]

16. INFATUATE  TU [trade union, group of workers] within in [popular] + fate [lot]

21. IDAHO  I [international] + DA [District Attorney] + Ho [house]

22. KIND  Double definition

23. EMIR  M [money] within Eir(e) [Republic (of Ireland)]

4 Responses to “Financial Times no.14,090 by SLEUTH”

  1. Ferret says:

    I had defeatedness for 12a……but sadly, I prefer your answer.

  2. Rishi says:

    Re 14d

    In the surface reading ‘grating’ is a verb. But in wordplay it’s a noun that yields ‘shelf, framework, grating’ (on which we keep articles).

  3. Rishi says:


    “But in wordplay it’s a noun that yields ‘shelf, framework, RACK’ (on which we keep articles).”

  4. Molly says:

    I rather liked 12A and didn’t think it that vague. But I found it a hard puzzle

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