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Financial Times 14,081 – Dante

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on August 23rd, 2012

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/13 Aug

Friendly crossword (which you may find here) in the well-known Dante style. Some really nice touches today, but also The Chestnut of all Chestnuts (15d).

Definitions are underlined wherever possible and/or appropriate.


1 IN TIME Later perhaps, but not too late
    Double definition
4 LAUNCH Craft project
    Cryptic definition
8 DERVISH Man in a whirl – engine fuel his trouble?
    DERV (engine fuel) + (HIS)*
    A dervish is one of those monks who were noted for their wild or ecstatic rituals and were known as dancing, whirling or howling according to the practice of their order.
9 RAMADAN Adam upset, bolted out fast
    RAN (bolted, like Bolt :)) outside (ADAM)*
11    MEERSCHAUM     Pipe bursts each summer
    Nice anagram, less convinced about the indicator as its position is concerned.
12 AIDE General assistant
    Cryptic definition (is it?)
13 AT SEA A seat arranged on board
    ( A SEAT)*
14 VIOLATES Set back after an instrument breaks
    VIOLA (an instrument) + TES (reversal of SET)
16 FALL FLAT Don’t drop round – it will produce no response
    Double defintion, the first being cryptic
18 CROSS Angry indication that the answer isn’t right
    Double definition
20 IDES Side turning Caesar was warned about
21 STONEHENGE     Rock group that’s been around for a long time
    Cryptic definition
23 UNDOING Returning antelope occupied by kill gets coup de grace
    UNG (reversal of GNU (antelope)) around DO IN (kill)
24 AT A LOSS Uncertain how incompetent companies can operate
    Double definition
25 DOTARD Spot a doctor going back to the old
    DOT (spot) + A + RD (reversal of DR (doctor))
26    SAPPHO Female poet delivers a couple of pages in curtailed performance
    A PP (a couple of pages, each page being P) inside SHO[w]
1 IRENE She brings peace to Greece
    Cryptic definition – Irene, the Greek goddess of Peace
2 TAVERNS Servant trouble makes these establishments harder to run nowadays
    (SERVANT)* – quite a bit of padding in this clue
3 MUSIC HALL     Form of variety before the 50s, much as I recollect
    (MUCH AS I)* coming before LL (the 50s, each 50 being L)
    Nice surface.
5 ALARM This may cause nearly everybody to take up weapons
    AL (nearly ALL (everybody)) + ARM (to take up weapons)
6 NIAGARA A river once more rises and falls
    Reversal of {A + R (river) + AGAIN (once more)}
7 HEAD-DRESS     The man to approach for capital investment
    HEAD (The man, with capital T) + DRESS (to approach)
10    SALVATION Rescuing army?
    Cryptic definition
13 ABANDONED Completely irresponsible profligate
    Double definition
    One of quite a few solutions today that might be an anagram indicator on other occasions (e.g. 13ac, 14ac, 24ac).
15 ORCHESTRA     Sort of stall for the frisky carthorse
    I say nothing :).  At least this orchestra isn’t the very familiar bunch of players, but a “seating on the main floor of a theatre”.
17 LASH OUT     The French cry “Attack!”
    LA (the, in French) + SHOUT (cry)
19    OVERLAP     Cover work that includes Ravel composition
    OP (work, opus) around (RAVEL)*
21 SENOR I leave the elder Spaniard
    SENIOR (the elder) minus I
22 GUSTO Sudden blow to add nothing to one’s enjoyment
    GUST  (sudden blow) + O (nothing)



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