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Beelzebub No1172

Posted by Jed on August 24th, 2012


Ingenious and inventive





1 Fruit is back with rest, without question SILIQUE (fruit)

IS< QU (question) in LIE (rest)

6 Apparently son is determining orbital point APSIS (point in orbit)

AP (apparently) S (son) IS

10 Computer programs result in LANs crashing UNINSTALLERS (IT software)


11 Luxuriant in embrace of some fluttering old girl in love? BLUSHET (blushing girl) LUSH (luxuriant) in BET (flutter)

12 Old philosopher keeping firm in exile BACON (Francis philosopher)

CO (firm) in BAN (exile)

13 Monkey to droop and fall, striking head SAGUIN (monkey)

SAG (droop) [r]UIN (fall)

16 Dancing-girl’s hiding one lover ultimately in cupboard ALMIRAH (cupboard)

IR (one [love]R) in ALMAH (Egyptian dancing girl)

17 Common insect that Institute’s brought in with ease COMFILY (easily)

COM (common) I (institute) in FLY (insect)

19 American spots one bumping off girl from US state NEVI (spots US spelling)

NEV[ada] I (one)

20 Disturb Lough associated with Eire ROIL (disturb)

ROI (Republic of Ireland) L (lough – lake)

21 Like croissants? Mostly quiet about a Parisian with a recipe LUNULAR (cresent-shaped) UN (French a) in LUL[l] (quiet) AR (a recipe)

22 Sailors heading off round festival for birds ARGALAS (birds)

GALA (festival) in [t]ARS (sailors)

26 A fluid flowing in support AIDFUL (in support) (A FLUID)*

27 African pop interrupting old man in African capital PRAIA (African capital)

RAI (music) in PA (old man)

28 Not avoiding yellow pigments, on reflection? More than a dilettante SEMI-PRO

(ranking above amateur) ORPIME[nt]S< (yellow pigments – arsenic trisulphide)

29 Creating hands-free operation in game mostly with situation out of control

AUTOMATISING making work independently (GAM[e] SITUATION)*

30 Adapted organ satisfying number in church CTENE (comb-like swimming organ)

TEN (number) in CE (church)

31 Arid state thus associated with town SICCITY (dryness)

SIC (thus) CITY (town)


1 Chapter and line about black bag of bones SUBSACRAL (of bones)

B SAC (black bag) in SURA (chapter of Koran) L (line)

2 One Liberal in vote against material being inserted INLAY

IL (one Liberal) in NAY (no vote)

3 Blowing air: litres if fountain’s redesigned INSUFFLATION (blowing air)


4 Decoy vessel having a sufficient amount with it? Q-SHIP (decoy vessel)

QS (quantum sufficit) HIP (with it)

5 Runs from merest chance simply discarded? EATHLY (simply, easily Spenser)

not an EA[r]THLY chance

6 White nebula, hazy seen around noon ALBUMEN (white)

N (noon) in (NEBULA)*

7 Successful recording pundits claim to be doctored PLATINUM DISC


8 Various cues given by bank deterring theft? SECURELY (theft-proof)

(CUES)* RELY (bank)

9 Attitude on dropping a working revolver IRON (gun)

[a]IR (attitude dropping a) ON (working)

14 Studying hand gestures I used in sequence of events on leaving

CHIROLOGY (visual language study) I in CHR[on]OLOGY (sequence of events)

15 Go overseas, Arab country, taking in head of Gulf EMIGRATE

G[ulf] in EMIRATE (Arab country)

18 “One student’s beginning to fail” in unconvincing bad report ILL FAME

I (one) L (student) F[ail] in LAME (unconvincing)

21 Some diners ask a lot, turning up for curry dishes LAKSAS (curried soups)

hidden backwards in [diner]S ASK A L[ot]

23 Copy contralto, following opera role MIMIC (copy) MIMI C (contralto)

24 Damaged? Next changes to involve little new BURNT (damaged)

(took ages to get this) refers to anagram of next clue BRUT and N

25 Black furrow’s dry BRUT (dry) B (black) RUT (furrow)

( )* = anagram    < = reverse    [ ] = omit




One Response to “Beelzebub No1172”

  1. Conrad Cork says:

    Same here with 24 down. Absolutely ages. Won’t be fooled by such a device again.

    Thnaks for the blog, cogent as ever. And thanks to my weekly potential nemesis, the prince of the fallen angels.

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