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Independent 8069/Phi

Posted by John on August 24th, 2012


The usual pleasant solve from Phi today. I found it all fairly straightforward and have no major questions, except that the unchecked letters round the sides suggest that there is a Nina here, which I cannot see.

7 LOCO — 2 defs
8 HEAR T(BR)EAK — def simply ‘a sad state’
10 TALLI{{piec}e}S — Thomas Tallis — play this at full volume
11 PYRENEES — pyre (seen)rev.
15 PASS THE PARCEL — (search applets)*
18 S TANZ{an I}A
22 BE (AU) LIE U
23 T(1)RADE
25 TIN SOLDIER — (solid inert)*
26 {t}OUCH
1 S(OD)A — it = SA (sex appeal) lives on in crossword land, even though it may have just about died out in real life
2 PO(P{ine})LAR
3 CHESS SET — a CD I think, although perhaps there is something more going on — I can’t really explain ‘immediate’ or ‘your’ except that if there is a checkmate one is not going to continue the game; but one might start another one immediately? [Its immediate use is curtailed by your mate]
4 STEREO — (R Tees)* o — an ‘o’ is a round
6 W(A TERM)E L ON — where term = closing — term = termination or end, not something that immediately occurs but it is often used successfully in Azed clue-setting competitions and one can’t object: the first sense given in Chambers is ‘an end’
9 ALPHA CENTAURI — (l{eap} in a parachute)*
13 HYPOTHESIS — (pish theory’s – r)*
16 SUN BU({lawye}R)ST
17 ADUL{t} T({marriag}E)RY
21 BAR DOT — a bit aged now, but she was a sex symbol in her time
24 DUCK — 2 defs, one of them referring to cricket

7 Responses to “Independent 8069/Phi”

  1. allan_c says:

    No obvious nina that I can see, John. Nothing too obscure in the puzzle, either, although one or two answers took a while to figure out. As you say, it’s some time since BARDOT was a sex symbol; I guess it’s also some time since many of us played PASS THE PARCEL or played with TIN SOLDIERs.

    Thanks, Phi and John.

  2. nmsindy says:

    Pleasing puzzle with NW the trickiest part. Thanks, Phi and John.

  3. rowland says:

    Very nicely written I think. Thank you Phi for a lovelt set of clues, and to John for the blog.

    Cheers to all, and a good Bank Holiday,

  4. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Yes, fine set of clues, with the almost obligatory astronomy and music references (I thought ALPHA CENTAURI was very clever).

    Thanks to Phi and John.

  5. Wanderer says:

    Thanks Phi for the puzzle, John for the blog and (in particular) for your Tallis link which introduced me to Spem in Alium. Stunning.

  6. Dormouse says:

    Started this on the train from Birmingham this morning (I was at a performance of Stockhausen’s Mittwoch yesterday) and didn’t do too badly but had three or four clues left so I put it to one side for the rest of the journey.

    Looked at again when I got home and it took me ages to get anything more. Then I suddenly “saw” 3dn (although I can’t work out all the word play, either) and the rest fell into place.

    So, nothing too obscure or difficult after 6 hours of Stockhausen. Thanks to all.

  7. flashling says:

    Nice stuff, but I can’t see any reason for the grid or themes either.Got misled by Stanza thinking ZA was South Africa and then missing the rest.

    The iTees in the i was remarkably easy today for me.

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