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Enigmatic Variations No.1031 – Single Shot by kcit

Posted by Mister Sting on August 25th, 2012

Mister Sting.

An abundance of missing and added letters and words this week. To be precise, 15 omitted letters, 21 extra letters and 4 extra words. But a ‘single shot’. What could it all mean?

Sometimes, the ‘missing part’ clues can be a bit tricky. One doesn’t always know how long they are meant to be, if something is removed before entry. In fact, that wasn’t too much of a problem this time, because it was almost always a single letter (that didn’t stop me being tripped up by 6 across).

Still, it was a tricky enough puzzle, if I remember aright, but it was helped by a relatively early leap which gave me the exponent (he’s quite recognisable from the first and last letter or two of his surname). That, in turn, made it a lot easier to figure out the rest of the thematic material.

The potential single shot was a CAMEO APPEARANCE
The prominent exponent was ALFRED JOSEPH HITCHCOCK

The “[f]our relevant examples given by thematic words inserted in the four remaining clues” were four of Hitchcock’s films. Now, here’s the clever part. The answer to each of the clues in which these films appeared was related to the cameo appearance that Hitchcock made in that film.

In PSYCHO, he is wearing a COWBOY HAT
In LIFEBOAT, he appears in a NEWSPAPER advertisement
In SPELLBOUND, he is carrying a VIOLIN CASE
In TOPAZ, he is being pushed in a WHEELCHAIR

Which I thought was very neat. The films were well chosen, because they didn’t jump out at you (Topaz, which might have been the giveaway, is not a Hitchcock film that I’m familiar with).

(xxx) = definition
[xxx] = action (e.g. anagram/homophone/container) indicator
XXX* = anagram
< = reversal
XXX = unused letter(s)
EAST/CIDER-CUP=extra/omitted letter
psycho=inserted thematic word

Please post a comment if the explanations are not clear.

 A 1 AVESTA Version of bible, Oriental, accepted in Persian scriptures (6) Persian scriptures: AV (version of bible) + EAST (Oriental) + A (accepted)
 C 6 CIDER-CUP Alcoholic drink, one that’s upset prude (6, hyphenated) alcoholic drink: I (one) + PRUDE* [upset] 
11 COWBOY HAT Discussion about expression of pain by psycho youth (9, 2 words) no definition: CHAT (discussion) [about] OW + BOY
 A 12 ACORN What may be considered limitation of Canadian fruit (4) fruit: what may be considered limitation of Canadian
 L 13 HEBREWS Potion in cures shunned by a Semitic people (7) a Semitic people: BREW (potion) [in] HEALS (cures) [shunned by A]
 M 15 UMLAUT French article University put into Latin as evidence of vowel change (5) evidence of vowel change: LA (French article) + U (university) [put into] UT (Latin as)
 F 16 SITREP Person recalled catching suitable update on position (6) update on position: <[recalled]PERS (person) [catching] FIT (suitable)
 R 18 DONEE Recipient ultimately received outstanding item (5) recipient: D (ultimately receiveD) + ONE-ER (outstanding item)
 E 19 SENIORITY Dicky is in Tory hierarchy (8) hierarchy: ISINTORY* [dicky]
 E 20 ORES Judge returns, chasing gold minerals (4) minerals: <[returns]SEE (judge) [chasing] OR (gold)
 O 22 ACCOY Still no longer accompanied by ultimate in whisky (4) still no longer: ACC (accompanied) + Y (ultimate in whiskY)
 D 23 UNRAVELS Sorts out composer beset by demands (8) sorts out: RAVEL (composer) [best by] DUNS (demands)
 J 26 LAYER Relation returned carrying colourful bird, a hen (5) a hen: <[returned]REL (relation) [carrying] JAY (colourful bird)
 A 29 AIRSICK I start to slump in heap, not enjoying the flight (6) not enjoying the flight: I + S (start to Slump) [in] RICK (heap)
 O 32 MOSHE Jewish guy, fraternity member, going round hospital (5) Jewish guy: MOOSE (fraternity member) [going round] H (hospital)
 P 33 MEPHISTO Devilish character satisfied about his love (7) devilish character: MET (satisfied) [about] HIS + O (love)
 S 34 DUAL Early service recalled in two parts (4) in two parts: <[recalled]LAUDS (early service)
35 NEWSPAPER Lifeboat never deployed around resort in west Portugal (9) no definition: NEER (never) [deployed around] SPA (resort) [in] W (west) P (Portugal)
 E 36 AGEISM Discrimination is suppressed by mostly keen member (6) discrimination: IS [suppressed by] EAGER [mostly] (keen) + M (member)
 P 37 STOPPERS Plugs shops after regarding switches (6) plugs: STORES (shops), with <[switches]RE (regarding)
 E 1 ACCUSES Awkward person supporting athletic club charges (6) charges: CUSS (awkward person) [supporting) AC (athletic club)
2 VIOLIN CASE Casino spellbound with live playing (10, 2 words) no definition: CASINOLIVE* [playing]
 P 3 ERRATIC Murderer’s fine after intervention of fool – that’s irregular (7) irregular: ERIC (murderer’s fine) [after intervention of] PRAT (fool)
 A 4 TOASTER Kitchen item almost too inflexible? Not quite (6) kitchen item: [almost] TOO STERN (inflexible) [not quite]
 H 5 AWHAPING Poet’s amazing, speaking hesitantly about chance (8) poet’s amazing: HAWING (speaking hesitantly) [about] HAP (chance)
 H 6 IBEX Goat in the same place after a spell? On the contrary (4) goat: IB. (in the same place) [after… on the contrary = before] + HEX (spell)
 R 7 DO BIRD Fellow turned up and I had to sample porridge (5, 2 words) sample porridge: <[turned up]BOD (fellow) + ID (I had)
 I 8 EYRY Passion to climb, repeatedly engaging yen for high place (4) high place: <[to climb]IRE (passion) [repeatedly engaging] Y (yen)
 T 9 RHEIN River in Germany ruined her money (5) river in Germany: HER* [ruined] + TIN (money)
 A 10 PATSIES Total suckers, primarily taken in confusing situations (6) &lit: TS (Total Suckers, primarily) [taken in] PIES (confusing situations)
14 WHEELCHAIR Scoundrel concealed topaz in toilet – mostly dangerous (10) no definition: HEEL (Scoundrel) [concealed in] WC (toilet) [mostly] HAIRY (dangerous)
 C 17 STRIGOPS Good company investing in roads with shops in US? That’s a rare species (8) a rare species: G (good) CO (company) [investing in] STRIPS (roads with shops in US)
 N 21 REINSURE Share exposure to old twigs on river (7) share exposure to:
 H 22 ALUMNA Indefinite number tucking into potato and meat, served up for old schoolgirl (6) old schoolgirl: N (indefinite number) [tucking into] ALU (potato) <[served up]HAM
 C 24 ARMLET Learner driver in vehicle bumped into band (6) band: L (learner driver) [in] CAR (vehicle) MET (bumped into)
 O 25 SKELFS Spare Scotsmen odd bits of life in Shetland sheds (6) spare Scotsmen: [odd bits of] LiFe [in] SKEOS (Shetland sheds)
 C 27 YAHWE Unknown longing to accept Welsh God (5) God: Y (unknown) + ACHE (longing) [to accept] W (Welsh)
 C 28 CRISPS Snack food is in shreds (5) snack food: S (is) [in] RIPS (shreds)
 K 30 NISI I become depressed picking up under certain conditions (4) under certain conditions: <[picking up]I + SINK (become depressed)
 E 31 STEAM Force tangled masses of vegetation to rise (4) force: <[to rise]MATS (tangled masses of vegetation)

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