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Independent 8064 (Sat 18-August 2012) Nestor

Posted by beermagnet on August 25th, 2012


I’m always happy to tackle a Nestor crossword.  Solving was similar to my previous experience of his work:

A few accessible clues to get started. Several novel wordplay techniques to delight. A few final tougher nuts to crack.
Thanks to Simon who swapped with me for last Saturday’s Tyrus – I think I might have got the better from that deal.


7 JUDICIAL Imprisoned in short month, top-rank detectives get backing from the bench (8)
A1 CID reversed inside JUL[y]
Got this on the second attempt (once a crossing letter appeared). Though I was going down the right track from the wordplay as it was quite complex it initially fooled me. Locally we recently had a small victory at a Judicial Review. However the Council have seen fit to virtually ignore this judgement and plough on with their ideologically driven plans. Not sure what happens next.
9 HACKED Poor journo and his boss like a lot of voicemail (6)
HACK (Poor journo) ED (his boss) First one answered. The phone hacking scandal rumbles on, with some faces now appearing in court. I’m always surprised when I see the shear number of phones hacked. More than 4,000 according to the Beeb (about 600 specified in forthcoming prosecutions). That is a lot of voicemail
10 SHREWD Stroppy woman finally regretted showing cunning (6)
SHREW (Stroppy woman) [regrette]D
11 COSMETIC Superficial quote marks Socialist in U-turn (8)
CITE (quote) M[arks] SOC[ialist] all reversed
12 SOUNDALIKE One unseen in simulation of silken audio? (10)
(SILKEN AUDIO – I)* AInd: simulation (maybe). Last clue answered and though I’m sure of the answer given the anagram fodder I’m unclear as to how the clue works. How much of the clue is the definition? Is it an &Lit? Is simulation a sufficient anagram indicator especially as it must be part of the def.?
14 AURA Beauty marries Beast: their hearts glow (4)
Built from “hearts” of beAUty marRies beAst
15 MADAME TUSSAUD Vexed at museum’s Dada, her sculpture attempted realism (6,7)
(AT MUSEUM’S DADA) AInd: Vexed. I spent a while trying to make something from anagram fodder (Vexed at museum) with Dada as the indicator till I had a crossing M and Madame looked likely.
18 SKIT Funny scene in second gear (4)
S[econd] KIT (gear)
20 RESPECTING Uncovered fresh marmalade ingredient with gallons about (10)
[f]RES[h] PECTIN (marmalade ingredient) G[allons]
22 DEMERARA Prepared for conflict over eating date sugar (8)
ERA (date) inside ARMED (Prepared for conflict) reversed
24 DENUDE Expose study due for revision (6)
DEN (study) DUE* AInd: for revision
25 REPEAL Perhaps give another ring to cancel (6)
Re-peal Should’ve seen this one earlier
26 ELOQUENT Persuasive European group keeping ruler apart from English (8)
E[uropean], QUE[e]N (ruler apart from English) inside LOT (group)
1 MUSHROOM Enough space for sentimentality to explode? (8)
MUSH (sentimentality) ROOM (space) made into a nice little tongue in cheek clue
2 PIGEON Swine and Circe’s end added to Homer, possibly (6)
PIG (swine) [circ]E ON (added to) I was again fooled by that meaning for “homer” – it has come up elsewhere before
3 WINDJAMMER Anorak‘s success with music presenter topped hit repeatedly (10)
WIN (success) DJ (music presenter) [h]AMMER Checked later as I wasn’t 100% sure this was an anorak, like a windcheater, as well as a type of ship.
4 THUS Like so many a bully, elbowing geek’s head (4)
THU[g]S (many a bully) with G (Geek’s head) elbowed out. I originally thought “elbow” was being used as a connector and the word might end in G.
5 SCHEMATA Maths ace’s complicated diagrams (8)
(MATHS ACE)* AInd: complicated
6 DENIER One refusing to face facts bridled when getting comeuppance? (6)
Reverse of REINED (bridled)
8 LICK INTO SHAPE Half in Lima (the rest cast off coat) copy fashion (4,4,5)
LI[ma], [ma]CKINTOSH, APE (copy) Very interesting double removal mechanism. (My “clue of the puzzle”) I had to stop myself thinking the middle word was WITH after getting the T then getting nowhere
13 EISTEDDFOD Craggy priest died in deplorable side of Celtic festival (10)
TED (Craggy priest – ref “Father Ted” TV programme set on Craggy Island) and D[ied] all inside (SIDE OF)* AInd: deplorable. Anagram fodder and crossing letters helping to get this word which I’m sure I could not spell correctly cold.
16 DITHERER Hesitant person needs one comforting word when doctor comes round (8)
1 THERE inside DR. There from “there, there” (comforting word)
17 DING-DONG Noise ultimately produced in resonant metal object (4-4)
DIN (noise), [produce]D inside GONG (resonant metal object) &Lit. This was one of those clues where the answer seemed likely early on, but I only pencilled in tentative crossing letters till they were confirmed, then managed to decode the wordplay.
19 KEEPER Getting a thousand for half as much, lower penalties will come my way (6)
K for D swapped from DEEPER (lower)
21 TANK UP Combat vehicle advanced to get loaded (4,2)
TANK (Combat vehicle) UP (advanced)
23 AXLE Alternative for porter with cross to bear, in need of wheeled cart? (4)
X (cross) inside ALE (Alternative for porter) Somewhat convoluted definition.

2 Responses to “Independent 8064 (Sat 18-August 2012) Nestor”

  1. allan_c says:

    Thanks, Nestor and Beermagnet.

    I knew WINDJAMMER as a garment from many years ago (too many to admit to) before the term ‘Anorak’ became common parlance.

    20a held me up for a while trying to fit ‘orange’ or some other citrus fruit into the answer. Didn’t think of ‘pectin’ beacause it occurs naturally in the fruit and – in ‘proper’ marmalade anyway – is not an added ingredient.

    I’ve never watched ‘Father Ted’ but nevertheless got the ‘craggy’ reference. In fact EISTEDDFOD was my CoD

  2. nmsindy says:

    Yes, this was a fine puzzle, esp liked RESPECTING, REPEAL, MUSHROOM. PIGEON, EISTEDDFOD, and KEEPER. Thanks, Nestor and beermagnet. Yes, I think SOUNDALIKE is an &lit with seeing and hearing being contrasted.

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