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Everyman N° 3,437 (19 August 2012)

Posted by PeterO on August 26th, 2012


The puzzle includes one or two things which might be less well known to some, but I do not see any great difficulties.

1. One unable to cope with everyday life in bygone capital, we hear (4,4)
LOST SOUL A charade of LOST (‘bygone’) + SOUL, a homophone (‘we hear’) of SEOUL (‘capital’ of South Korea).
5. A grand on top (2,4)
AS WELL A charade of ‘a’ + SWELL (‘grand’).
10. Story about British item of furniture (5)
TABLE An envelope (‘about’) of B (‘British’) in TALE (‘story’).
11. Fruit brought into Northants town? Good heavens! (3,6)
COR BLIMEY An envelope (‘brought into’) of LIME (‘fruit’) in CORBY (‘Northants town’).
12. I’m tense at shabby café (9)
ESTAMINET An anagram (‘shabby’) of ‘I’m tense at’. A word borrowed from the French.


13. Soldier, one with a fixation (5)
MANIA A charade of MAN (‘soldier’) + I (‘one’) + ‘a’.
14. Greed in male unfortunately leads to deception (11)
LEGERDEMAIN An anagram (‘unfortunately’) of ‘greed in male’.
18. Change involving centigrade results in an argument (11)
ALTERCATION An envelope (“involving’) of C (‘centigrade’) in ALTERATION (‘change’).
21. In textbook, a picture showing a ruminant (5)
OKAPI A hidden answer (‘in’) in ‘textboOK A PIcture’.

The okapi

22. Oscar and I phone eccentric, the Parisian wine connoisseur (9)
OENOPHILE A charade of O (‘Oscar’, phonetic alphabet) + ENOPHI, an anagram (‘eccentric’) of ‘I phone’ + LE (‘the Parisian’).
24. Colouring round object in game (9)
PAINTBALL A charade of PAINT (‘colouring’) + BALL (’round object’).
25. Emperor beginning to try on new suit (5)
TITUS A charade of T (‘beginning to Try’) + ITUS, an anagram (‘new’) of ‘suit’. Titus was the Roman emperor from 79 to 81.

Emperor Titus

26. King’s jester in charge in royal house (6)
YORICK An envelope (‘in’, the second one) of ic (‘in charge’) in YORK (‘royal house’, English, not Danish). Alas.
27. Fleeing astride galloping hunter (2,3,3)
ON THE RUN A charade of ON (‘astride’) + THE RUN, an anagram (‘galloping’) of ‘hunter’.
1. TT really rousing, recently (8)
LATTERLY An anagram (‘rousing’) of ‘TT really’.
2. Wrecking boats at sea over long period of time (8)
SABOTAGE A charade of SABOT, an anagram (‘at sea’) of ‘boats’, + AGE (‘long period of time’).
3. Energy shown by second eleven? (5)
STEAM A charade of S (‘second’) + TEAM (‘eleven’).
4. Unorthodox place for nuns in harmony by a lake (14)
UNCONVENTIONAL An envelope (‘in’) of CONVENT (‘place for nuns’) in UNION (‘harmony’) + ‘a’ + L (‘lake’).
6. Small Buddhist priest featured in article about a Spanish city (9)
SALAMANCA A charade of S (‘small’) + an envelope (‘featured in’) of LAMA (‘Buddhist priest’) in AN (‘article’) + C (circa, ‘about’) + ‘a’.
7. Fur in emergency room belonging to me (6)
ERMINE A charade of ER (‘emergency room’) + MINE (‘belonging to me’).
8. Bet placed by servant, a member of the congregation (6)
LAYMAN A charade of LAY (‘bet’) + MAN (‘servant’).
9. A heart broken by candid leader of line-up, popular soul singer (6,8)
ARETHA FRANKLIN A charade of ARETHA, an anagram (‘broken’) of ‘a heart’ + FRANK (‘candid’) + L (‘leader of Line-up’) + IN (‘popular’).
15. Practical articles reproduced about electric current (9)
REALISTIC An envelope (‘about’) of I (‘electric current’, common symbol) in an anagram (‘reproduced’) of ‘articles’.
16. As a member of the clergy, I must be found in cathedral (8)
MINISTER An envelope (‘must be found in’) of ‘I’ in MINSTER (‘cathedral’).
17. One new flavour available (2,6)
IN SEASON A charade of I (‘one’) + N (‘new’) + SEASON (‘flavour’, verb).
19. Go along with company representative, extremely lazy (6)
COMPLY A charade of CO (‘compaly’) + MP (Member of Parliament, ‘representative’) + LY (‘extremely LazY‘).
20. Runs onto a jetty producing sword (6)
RAPIER A charade of R (‘runs’) + ‘a’ + PIER (‘jetty’).
23. Court plaster in shop at chateau (5)
PATCH A hidden answer (‘in’) in ‘shoP AT CHateau’.

5 Responses to “Everyman N° 3,437 (19 August 2012)”

  1. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, Peter and Everyman.

    I was stuck with the definition of ‘court plaster’ in 23dn, so hope you don’t mind me adding a link for those who were also unfamiliar with the term.

    It’s here:

  2. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Meant to add that you need to scroll down to definition no 5.

  3. Davy says:

    Thanks Peter,

    Like KD, I got stuck on 23d and could see that PATCH was a hidden answer but couldn’t understand the wordplay.
    It never occurred to me that ‘Court plaster’ was the definition rather than just court and also pitch would
    have fitted which could mean court.

    Favourite clue was SABOTAGE and also liked YORICK. Thanks Everyman.

  4. Donna says:

    Thank you, Everyman and Peter, for the enjoyable puzzle and blog. Thanks also to Kathryn’s Dad for the link explaining “court plaster.” I had gotten the answer last week when I solved the puzzle since I could see it was hidden, but I really didn’t understand it. I had intended to research it later in the week but it slipped my mind, an all too frequent occurrence these days! New word for me at 12 Across. I’d not heard “estaminet” before and got the answer from checking the crossing letters under “cafe” in Chambers Crossword Dictionary. I did get 15 Down but I’d never heard of “i” as an abbreviation of electic current. All in all, a fun puzzle, with my favorite clues being 25 and 26 Across. Time to print out the next Everyman, so wishing you all a wonderful week ahead and “see” you next Sunday!

  5. Ciderwithrosie says:

    Loving the accompanying photos: my favourite was YORICK. Thanks everyone and Everyman.

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