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Independent 8075 / Phi

Posted by duncanshiell on August 31st, 2012


I feel that this was a fairly standard offering from Phi today.  No themes, messages, or pangrams that I can see, just a sound national daily crossword puzzle that some solvers can complete on their commute or over their coffee, if people still have coffee breaks these days, and lunch breaks.




Many of the clues used additive wordplay, but there were a few more complex constructions, such as APHRODITE, ARCHETYPE and TIN PAN ALLEY.  Phi always gives us a good mix of clue types.

There was some good misdirection – e.g. UPRIGHT defined as ‘key item’ and HOME BREWING with its reference to the exclusion of outdoor draughts.  On the other hand BIG GIRL’S BLOUSE seemed to be signalled too clearly.

The scientists got a good look in today with RED GIANTS and BARYON, as well as the ARC component  of ARCHETYPE.

No. Clue Wordplay Entry

Key item that’s extremely reliable? (7)


UPRIGHT (reference UPRIGHT piano – a piano is played by means of the keys; key item)


UPRIGHT (habitually honourable or righteous; honest; extremely reliable) double definition



The relief of adopting atheism? (7)


GOD’S END (rejecting GOD; the END of GOD in your life; adopting an atheistic view)


GODSEND (a person who, or thing that provides unexpected but much needed support or help; relief)



I’d star gen organised for these (3,6)


Anagram of (organised) I’D STAR GEN


RED GIANTS (red stars of high luminosity; you would need excellent astronomical [star] information [gen] to detect RED GIANTS)



Actress seen in zero clothing? Quite the reverse (5)


GARB (clothing) + O (zero) – we therefore have ‘clothing zero’ rather than ‘zero clothing'; quite the reverse


GARBO (reference Greta GARBO [1905-1990], Swedish actress)



Poor areas having no power in recessions (5)


SLUMPS (times of] sudden or serious fall of prices, business, etc; recessions) excluding (having no) P (power)


SLUMS (squalid neighbourhoods; poor areas)



‘Stick with it’ taken on board by guy pursuing apparent love goddess (9)


(ROD [stick] + IT) contained in (taken on board by) (AP [apparent] + HE [masculine form of the 3rd person pronoun; guy])


APHRODITE (Greek goddess of love, plasure, beauty and procreation)



A panorama, with sight bewitched? (14)


Anagram of (bewitched) A PANORAMA and SIGHT


PHANTASMAGORIA (a fantastic dreamlike series of illusive images or of real forms; a panorama with sight bewitched) &Lit clue



Wimpy type concealing large bra? (3,5,6)


BIG GIRL’S BLOUSE (a BIG GIRL may well wear a large bra under her BLOUSE)


BIG GIRL’S BLOUSE (someone who behaves in a feeble manner; wimpy type)



Discharge publicity about Spielberg film (exemplary item) (9)


ARC (luminous discharge of electricity) + (HYPE [publicity stunt] containing [about] ET [film directed by Steven Spielberg])


ARCHETYPE (a perfect or typical example; exemplary item)



Festival enshrining British emperor (5)


GALA (festival) containing (embracing) B (British)


GALBA (reference GALBA, Roman Emperor for 7 months from 68 – 69AD)



Doctor is attending one Welshman (5)


I (one) + DR (doctor) + IS


IDRIS (Welsh male name; Welshman)



In Chancery (novel) offering no new legal tricks (9)


Anagram of (novel offering) IN CHANCERY excluding (no) N (new)


CHICANERY (trickery or sharp practice, especially in legal proceedings; legal tricks)



Studio the French backed by the way? Not entirely (7)


LE (one of the French forms of ‘the’) reversed (backed) + STREET (way) excluding the final letter (not entirely) T


ELSTREE (reference ELSTREE film studios in Hertfordshire near London)



Man, fashionable, carrying a flower (7)


GENT (man) + (IN [fashionable] containing [carrying] A)


GENTIAN (any plant of the genus Gentiana, herbs, usually blue-flowered, abounding chiefly in alpine regions, typical of the family Gentianaceae); flower


No. Clue Wordplay Entry

Others supporting a French revolutionary state (6)


UN (French for ‘a’) + REST (others) This is a down clue so UN is supported by REST


UNREST (discontent verging on insurrection; revolutionary state)



Embarrassed over merciful attitude shown by Cornish town (7)


RED (embarrassed) + RUTH (pity; merciful attitude)


REDRUTH (town in Cornwall; Cornish town)



Daughter participates in sailings at sea, showing smooth actions (9)


D (daughter) contained in (participates in) an anagram of (at sea) SAILINGS


GLISSANDI (plural of GLISSANDO [effect produced by sliding the finger along keyboard or strings; a similar effect on the trombone]; smooth actions)



Suggestion about name precedes obsessively collecting English popular music production (3,3,5)


(TIP [suggestion] containing (about) N [name]) + (ANALLY [obsessively] containing (collecting) E [English])


TIN PAN ALLEY (originally a nickname for 28th Street, New York, the centre of the song-publishing district; the popular-music-publishing district of a city; the realm of popular-music production)



Vapour pressure forced from openings (3)


GAPS (openings) excluding (forced from) P (pressure)


GAS (vapour; vapour is defined in one dictionary as a gaseous substance)



Hidden party limiting old Government repeatedly (5)


DO (party) containing (limiting) (O [old] + G [government] + G [government, again, repeatedly])


DOGGO (remaining quiet and hidden until it is safe)



Attention given to story run at a previous date (7)


EAR (attention) + LIE (false statement; story) + R (run)


EARLIER (at a previous [time or] date)



Deacon is transformed as bishop (8)


Anagram of (transformed) DEACON IS


DIOCESAN (a bishop in relation to his DIOCESE)



What forestalls draughts from outdoors? (4,7)


HOME BREWING (by BREWING at HOME and drinking one’s own DRAUGHTS, one doesn’t have to go outdoors to buy DRAUGHTS of ale)


HOME BREWING (brewing beer at home)



Diluted spirits with water introducing special silky stuff (9)

(GROG [formerly, a mixture of spirits and water; diluted spirits [now any alcoholic drink] + RAIN [water]) containing (introducing) S (special)


GROSGRAIN (a heavy corded silk used esp for ribbons and hat band; silky stuff)



Sailor is knocked over in storm, rough (8)


AB (able seaman; sailor) + (IS reversed [knocked over] contained in [in] RAVE [storm])


ABRASIVE (harsh; rough)



Unimportant person in organisation picked up skills in small vehicles (2-5)


COG (unimportant person in a large organisation) reversed (picked up; down clue) + ARTS (skills)


GO-CARTS (low racing vehicles consisting of a frame with wheels, engine, and steering gear; home-made vehicle for riding on by children; small vehicles) Perhaps more often spelt with a K, but the spelling with a C is in the dictionary



Release for Israeli musician accused of murder (7)


Anagram of (release for) ISRAELI


SALIERI (reference Antonio SALIERI, muscian accused of the murder of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  Seems to be one for the conspiracy theorists)



Quantity of pressure on that one particle (6)


BAR (unit of pressure) + YON (that [one?])


BARYON (a heavy subatomic particle involved in strong interactions with other subatomic particles and composed of three quarks bound together by gluon; [one] particle)  I think ‘one’ goes with the definition rather than with the wordplay component YON



Belgian artist exhibited in Amiens originally (5)


ENSOR (Hidden word in [exhibited in] AMIENS ORIGINALLY)


ENSOR (reference James ENSOR [1860 – 1949], Flemish-Belgian painter and printmaker)



Line would be included in this hint here (3)


CLUE ([hint] here, where we have a CLUE) excluding L (line)


CUE (the last words of an actor’s speech serving as a signal to the next speaker to begin; any word or action that serves as a signal to begin a speech; line that acts as a hint to next words)

I don’t think I have articulated the wordplay particularly well here, but I hope you can see what I mean

5 Responses to “Independent 8075 / Phi”

  1. allan_c says:

    Yes, good “standard fare” but nevertheless some inventive cluing. I liked ELSTREE, DIOCESAN and HOME BREWING.

    And we may not have got music references from Klingsor yesterday, but Phi has made up for it today with UPRIGHT, GLISSANDI, TIN PAN ALLEY and SALIERI.

    I’d agree that BIG GIRL’S BLOUSE was a bit obvious. Incidentally, the origin of the phrase seems a bit obscure but I found a possible explanation at

    Thanks, Phi; and of course Duncan for the usual comprehensive blog.

  2. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, Duncan.

    A fine, unthemed, daily cryptic with a nice variety of clueing (and music and astronomy …) All good stuff, although GROSGRAIN was a new one for me.

    Thanks to Phi for a good end to the crossword week.

  3. malc95 says:

    15d Grog from Old Grog – Admiral Vernon – who wore a coat of grogram/gros grain & watered down the rum.

  4. allan_c says:

    Thanks, malc95, for that snippet of information. Surprising what one can learn from doing cryptic crosswords (and following the blogs). Hadn’t heard of Admiral Vernon before – my knowledge of naval history is a bit sketchy before the 1790s.

  5. Wil Ransome says:

    Was Salieri accused of murder? I always thought he was only suspected of murder, and even then without a lot of evidence. And is Tin Pan Alley popular music production itself? This is not the same thing as the realm of popular m. p.

    Otherwise all very good so far as I could see.

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