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Independent 8071 by Radian

Posted by nmsindy on 27th August 2012


A very entertaining puzzle from Radian, where, I think before a clue was solved, everyone would have realized there was a theme with all the cross-references in clues.

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Guardian Quiptic 667 Arachne

Posted by scchua on 27th August 2012


An enjoyable Arachne, perhaps a shade more difficult than the usual Quiptic. Thanks Arachne – a great job at setting puzzles at both ends of the difficulty spectrum. Definitions are underlined in the clues.  Apologies for the later than usual posting (lunch appointment).  [[The pictures at the bottom of the blog have unidentified links to the puzzle.]]

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Guardian 25,725 / Brendan

Posted by Eileen on 27th August 2012


Something of a surprise – but I’m not complaining! – to see Brendan’s name again so soon, on an interesting puzzle with cleverly interlinking clues, which all fell out without too much difficulty and very satisfyingly. Many thanks, Brendan, for the entertainment, and a happy Bank Holiday to those who have one.

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Azed No 2098: Classical values

Posted by bridgesong on 26th August 2012


An easier than usual puzzle this week,  which I completed in just over an hour and a half, although I am still puzzled by the wordplay to 9 down.  It’s a 13 by 11 grid, with both the 13 letter clues (at 1 and 34 across) having a classical theme.  There were three hidden clues, which always helps, and perhaps fewer unfamiliar words than in your average Azed.  Here’s a link to the pdf of the puzzle.  The printed version had a couple of minor misprints, both to clue numbers, but no real difficulty arose.  In the interactive version, there was an error about italicisation. Read the rest of this entry »

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Independent on Sunday 1174/Poins

Posted by Pierre on 26th August 2012


I find Poins one of the more difficult IoS setters, and I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this offering.  If I’m being critical, this crossword lacked a bit of sparkle; and the large number of solutions with less than 50% checking coupled with a solver-unfriendly grid meant that I struggled to finish it in one go.  However, a second look on Sunday evening with a glass of red finally put it to bed.  For me, this was a sound enough puzzle, but without anything special to make me smile while I was solving it.

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Everyman N° 3,437 (19 August 2012)

Posted by PeterO on 26th August 2012


The puzzle includes one or two things which might be less well known to some, but I do not see any great difficulties. Read the rest of this entry »

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Independent 8064 (Sat 18-August 2012) Nestor

Posted by beermagnet on 25th August 2012


I’m always happy to tackle a Nestor crossword.  Solving was similar to my previous experience of his work:

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Guardian Prize 25,718 / Paul

Posted by Eileen on 25th August 2012


An entertaining and enjoyable Prize puzzle from Paul, with a mixture of straightforward and more complicated clues, with some interesting wordplay. Many thanks for the fun, Paul.

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Enigmatic Variations No.1031 – Single Shot by kcit

Posted by Mister Sting on 25th August 2012

Mister Sting.

An abundance of missing and added letters and words this week. To be precise, 15 omitted letters, 21 extra letters and 4 extra words. But a ‘single shot’. What could it all mean?

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Independent 8069/Phi

Posted by John on 24th August 2012


The usual pleasant solve from Phi today. I found it all fairly straightforward and have no major questions, except that the unchecked letters round the sides suggest that there is a Nina here, which I cannot see. Read the rest of this entry »

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Beelzebub No1172

Posted by Jed on 24th August 2012


Ingenious and inventive




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Guardian 25,723 / Shed

Posted by Bertandjoyce on 24th August 2012


It’s ‘musical chairs’ today amongst some of the 225 bloggers. This is our first Guardian blog although we complete the puzzle most days over coffee or lunch. Having read the blog yesterday we wondered whether it would be Shed today and did think about staying up late to ensure the blog was completed on schedule but we were too tired!

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Financial Times N° 14,091 by Falcon

Posted by PeterO on 24th August 2012


After a rocky start with 1A, this was plain sailing.

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Financial Times no.14,090 by SLEUTH

Posted by Ringo on 23rd August 2012


A mixed bag from Sleuth today: a handful of gems, some fantastic surfaces, and one or two stinkers. Still, variety is the spice of life and all that, so no complaints here.

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Independent 8068 / Tees

Posted by Bertandjoyce on 23rd August 2012


We’ve not blogged a Tees puzzle before so we approached today’s offering with a degree of trepidation although we always enjoy his puzzles.

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