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Independent 8077/Quixote

Posted by Pierre on September 3rd, 2012


Another pleasing and straightforward Monday crossword from Quixote, which probably would not have detained an experienced solver for long, but which would be perfect for beginning or improving puzzlers.




cd  cryptic definition
dd  double definition
(xxxx)* anagram
anagrind = anagram indicator
[x]  letter(s) missing


Engineer has trick to get three-legged stand shortened
The verbal sense of ‘engineer’ is a charade of CON and TRIVE[T].  Never realised that trivets have three feet, but it makes perfect sense of course.

Like some potatoes mother placed at front of hut
A charade of MA and SHED.

Coming up with rascal, briefly celebrate
A charade of DEVI[L] and SING for a synonym of ‘celebrate’.  ‘To recount or celebrate in song or verse’ (SOED).

10  Lord said to be sterile
A homophone of BARON.

11  Boy taken outside church and reprimanded
One sense of LACED (‘reprimanded’) is an insertion of CE in LAD.

12  Mischief-maker and fool, I have to be poker-faced
A charade of IMP, ASS and I’VE.

14  Signal outside a Christian organisation conveys an unwelcoming message
An insertion of A in NOD, followed by MISSION.

18  Practise PE manoeuvring round middle of gym in entertaining performances
(PRACTISE PE Y)* with ‘manoeuvring’ as the anagrind.

21  Athenian character attempts to absorb holy books – good things to digest
A charade of the Greek letter NU and NT (New Testament, or ‘holy books’) in TRIES.

23  A quiet chum in shock
A charade of A, P for musically ‘quiet’ and PAL.

24  Desire shown by warlike invader taking country, destroying lots
A charade of HUN and GER[MANY].

25  Traveller needs a bit of time, holidaymaker leaving university
A charade of MO for ‘bit of time’ and TO[U]RIST.

26  Old college keeping quiet, as one with elevated status?
An insertion of SH for ‘quiet!’ in POLY, the abbreviation for the now largely defunct POLYTECHNICS.

27  Youngster could be degenerate while avoiding the extremes
Quixote’s asking you to get rid of the first and last letters of [d]egenerat[e]; then it’s (EGENERAT)* with ‘could be’ as the anagrind.  And not a drop of green tea to be had, which makes a change.


Molly sometimes joins this cook
The method of cooking (mainly for eggs, I think) is a shortening of MOLLYCODDLE.

Appropriate message for one trying to be religious?
If you were endeavouring to get into a convent as a NOVICE, then having NO VICE would be a good thing to flag up on your CV.

I had to be in fantastic scenery – circumstance of living in a particular place?
An insertion of I’D for ‘I had’ in (SCENERY)* with ‘fantastic’ as the anagrind.

Acquittal comes with very brief sign
A charade of V and INDICATION for ‘brief sign’.

Collect in a church service
A charade of A and MASS for a Catholic ceremony.  A smoothly constructed surface, which gives me the opportunity to bother you with my latest joke.  I’ll leave it to the end, though.

Dire choir if tenor finally goes wrong
(CHOIR IF R)* with ‘goes wrong’ as the anagrind.

Muck one’s found spread around cells
A charade of DUNG and (ONES)* with ‘spread around’ as the anagrind.

13  Abrasive impotence US may show
(IMPOTENCE US)* with ‘may show’ as the anagrind.

15  Canadian city volunteers turning up after request – getting stuck in before long
An insertion of ASK and AT (a reversal of TA for ‘volunteers’) all in SOON.

16  Start business that limits union power
A dd.

17  Extracts to include Italian literature
Another lovely surface: it’s an insertion of IT for ‘Italian’ in WRINGS for ‘extracts’.

19  Water gushing in vault
Another dd.

20  Coat in Margaret’s luggage facing up
Hidden reversed in MargaRETS LUggage.

22  Best possible newspaper bargain
Not the first time that the Indy’s little sister, the i, has been used cryptically.  It’s I plus DEAL to give you a word for ‘best possible’.

Many thanks to Quixote for another well-constructed Monday puzzle.

Father Aloysius is at the altar of the Catholic church getting everything ready for the service.  A Higgs-Boson particle walks in.  ‘What on earth are you doing here?’ asks the priest.  ‘Well,’ replies the Higgs-Boson, ‘you can’t have mass without me.’

6 Responses to “Independent 8077/Quixote”

  1. allan_c says:

    Lovely puzzle. Thanks, Quixote and Pierre.

    If I have any criticism – well, more of an observation – it’s that 10a looks like one of those clues recently complained about (not by me!) where the answer could be either of two things. But in this case Quixote has neatly avoided confusion as the two homophones are of different lengths.

  2. rowland says:

    10a didn’t cause me any problems, I just wrote the answer in without pause! A very nice puzzle I think, easy but very well-written clues throughout. Thanks Quixote!


  3. flashling says:

    Probably just sleepy this morning but struggled to get going, but during a lunch break it all fell rapidly, cheers Q and Pierre who seems to being double duty again.

  4. nmsindy says:

    Thanks, Quixote and Pierre. Yes, I found this quite easy tho the NW corner was quite tricky and had my favourite clue NOVICE. BTW, in 1D, I thought what Quixote might have had in mind was that molly and coddle can be put together to give the word mollycoddle with the definition being the single word ‘cook’.

  5. Pierre says:

    Indeed, nms, with 1dn; that’s what I meant although I didn’t express myself very well. The definition is as you say ‘cook’.

  6. Dormouse says:

    Did this in the main public area of the World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago, which is winding down around me. Slightly tired, but did manage to get most of this – couldn’t manage 20ac without a hint. But a typical relaxing Monday puzzle. (It is still Monday, isn’t it? I’m getting confused.)

    Have to go and do some stuff for the convention.

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