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Financial Times 14,093 – Dante

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on September 6th, 2012

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Aug 27

It’s Monday, it’s D-Day again. Giving us one those Dante crosswords that are heavily leaning on cryptic and double definitions (or a combination of the two).  Surfaces were good as ever, but devices too limited (to my taste).

Definitions are underlined wherever possible/appropriate.


1 BOWLINES Paintersknots?
    Double definition
    A ‘painter’ is a line attached to a ship, while a ‘bowline’ is also a type of knot.
5 STIR UP Excite with a bit of spooning?
    Double/Cryptic definition
9 G-STRINGS They’re rarely worn out on violins
    Double/Cryptic definition, alluding to a minimal piece of underwear and the lowest string on a violin (that’s all I can make of it, Bamberger (@6))
10 TIGGER Row about a horse, say, a friend of Pooh
    TIER (row) around GG (a horse, say – gee-gee)
12 ARRAY Right to go in a light dress
    R (right) inside A RAY (light)
13 ELONGATES    Use of sole agent possibly lengthens the process
    We saw exactly the same clue in last Monday’s Rufus, so – for me – it was a write-in there.
14 VIEWED Watched United compete to get the lead
    VIE (compete) coming before WED (united)
    Good example of a nice surface.
16 GYMNAST He may resort to clubs and bars, but should be fit
    Cryptic definition
19 REELING Dazed US general in retreat and encircled
    Reversal of LEE (US general) inside RING (in (a) ring, therefore ‘encircled’)
21 DRYADS Boring commercials for spirits
    DRY (boring) + ADS (commercials)
23 CHASTISED Charles Edward is found in hiding, beaten
    IS inside {CHAS (Charles) + ED (Edward)}
25 SWELL A puffed-up VIP?
    Double definition
26 ELIXIR Miracle drug for back side entrapped by nettle
    IX (side, eleven players) inside ELIR (reversal of RILE (nettle))
27 NEW ISSUE    Stamps to commemorate a recent birth?
    Double/Cryptic definition
28 SCENES Embarrassing moments in parts of a play
    Double definition
29 INDIRECT The sort of speech that gets reported
    Double/Cryptic definition
    Indirect speech comes through to you with the help (reports) of someone else.
1 BEGGAR He has no choice, poor chap
    Double/Cryptic definition
2 WATERSIDE    Abnormal tides wear the river bank
3 ICILY Mediterranean island’s toplessness observed frostily
    [s]ICILY (Mediterranean Island (SICILY) minus its first letter)
4 EGGHEAD Cracked intellectual?
    Double/Cryptic definition
6 THINGUMMY Skinny, toothless what’s-his-name
    THIN (skinny) + GUMMY (toothless)
7 RIGHT Not left any entitlement
    Double definition – if I’m in a good mood I will take ‘any’ for granted, but am I?
8 PARASITE Wild parties a host has to put up with
    (PARTIES A)* – the definition’s in fact, “something that a host has to put up with”
11 LONG Sustained hunger
    Double definition
15 WAISTLINE Going crazy with a wine list may effect this
    (A WINE LIST)* – I have underlined ‘this’, but the definition needs the rest of the clue too
    There was an FT typo in this otherwise fine clue: ‘Gong’ instead of ‘Going’.
17 ADDRESSEE    Letter-opener?
    Cryptic definition
    Clues like this always make me think of Paul/Mudd. Although it is the other way around here, in a playful mood he would perhaps have clued ‘Letter-opener’ as just ‘L’.
18 PROCEEDS Continues to make money
    Double definition
20 GIST The point in running is to win
    Hidden solution:   [runnin]G IS T[o win]
    One of the better clues in this puzzle.
21 DUDGEON Anger when a counterfeit coin has gone into circulation
    DUD (a counterfeit coin) + (GONE)*
22 ALBERT Keep watch on this chap
    Double/Cryptic definition – an “Albert” is a short kind of watch chain, according to the dictionaries (and a name, of course)
24 AGILE Get the one-fifty in time, being nimble
    {I (one) L (fifty)} inside AGE (time)
25 SCI-FI Fanciful stories cut short
    Allusion to SCI-FI being short for ‘Science Fiction’

6 Responses to “Financial Times 14,093 – Dante”

  1. flashling says:

    (C)DDs are the bane of my solving life especially when one or both is obscure and there looks like wordplay, Dante/Rufus specialises in these alas. Letter opener=Dear/SirAlpha?

    Give me Io anyday, ok perhaps not.

    Thanks Sil.

  2. flashling says:

    Hmm the Saturday prize is missing…

  3. POS says:

    Sil, I think 18D should be “proceeds”. Otherwise good blog

  4. John Newman says:

    Thanks Sil.
    A couple of these I didn’t get. Unlike you I like the cryptic clues. I stick to Cincinnus and Dante and occasionally Mudd, so I like Dante’s humour as a variation to the clinical style of the others. But in this puzzle I don’t like INDIRECT and SWELL. I agree with you about GIST. A good clue in which I simply did not see the hidden word.

  5. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Thanks, POS.
    Typo now corrected.

  6. Bamberger says:

    I always like to start to at the beginning so 1d was confidently entered as Hobson.
    For 9a B strings was fine by me.
    Then the problems srarted …
    Couldn’t get
    22d, 25a/25d, 26a (too clever for me), 27a

    Just one query why g on 9a? Do violins not have many notes played on that string or do they just not have them at all (I’m not musical)

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