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Beelzebub 1174

Posted by Jed on September 7th, 2012


Worthy adversary provides a light touch of wit





1 Wood a problem for golfer, mostly limiting success SHITTIM (wood)

HIT (success) in STIM[y] (golfing problem on putting green, almost)

6 Recording includes almost everything justifiable VALID (justifiable)

AL[l] (everything) in VID (recording)

10 Time for improvements is never wasted around fall VERNISSAGE

(varnishing day) SAG (fall) in (IS NEVER)*

11 Member of coalition not initially resentful after retracting texts


13 Rude sound at table? Not entirely an aspersion SLUR (aspersion)

SLUR[p] (rude sound)

14 Impress English attending dance party ENGRAVE (impress)

ENG (English) RAVE (dance party)

15 Demon athlete, initially well-trained accepting run AFRIT (demon)

A[thlete] R (run) in FIT

18 Frustrated, missing live Egyptian deity ATEN (Egyptian mythology)

BEATEN (frustrated) minus BE (live)

20 Hospital employees: theatre workers? DRESSERS dd

22 Thinking of others, almost entirely commonplace ALTRUISM (Auguste Comte)

AL[l] (almost entirely) TRUISM (platitude)

23 Contribution to failing back bones ILIA (bones)

hidden backwards in [f]AILI[ng]

25 People receiving article were informed HEARD (were informed)

A (article) in HERD (people)

27 Ice-cream – there’s a lot stuffed in doughnuts TORTONI (ice-cream)

TON (a lot – 100) in TORI (shapes in nucleonics)

30 Poet’s to subdue a bird ADAW (Spenser subdue) A DAW (jackdaw)

31 Jewel entrances in cabbalistic routine GEMATRIA

GEM (jewel) ATRIA (entrances)

32 Clumsily copy a charge mostly showing bad handwriting CACOGRAPHY

(bad handwriting) (COPY A CHARG[e])*

33 In this year, English city recalled sound of old poetry HAYLE  (sound – Spenser)

HA hoc anno ELY< (English city recalled)

34 Property recipient that is not once found in drink ALIENEE (recipient)

IE (that is) NE (not once) in ALE (drink)


1 Sadly tumbling over around around second dance SALSA (dance)

S (second) in ALAS< (sadly tumbling)

2 Unduly familiar reverence about dreadful life HAIL-FELLOW (overfriendly)

(LIFE)* in HALLOW (reverence, verb)

3 Soldier’s mistake about rank? On the contrary TERRIER (TA soldier)

TIER (rank) about ERR (mistake)

4 Throw of die, possibly, getting French very audible TREY (3 on die)

sounds like TRES (French – very)

5 Interest, say, in fixing rule for protein INTEGRIN (protein)

INT (interest) EG (say) R (rule) IN

6 Defiant expression against variety of gin V-SIGN (Harvey Smith)

VS (versus) (GIN)*

7 A cliff not about to display ridges ASAR (ridged geological feature)

A SCAR (cliff) minus C (not about)

8 Shrub can start to thrive in uphill region LAVATERA (common shrub)

LAV (can) T[hrive] in AREA< (uphill region)

9 River around marshes gives American protection DEFENSE (US defence)

FENS (marshes) in river DEE

12 “Reprove” is a wrong clue for this OVERPRAISE (antonym of reprove)


16 Risque, adopting perverted ritual in seclusion in US RETIRACY (awful word)

RITE< (|perverted ritual) in RACY (risqué)

17 Girl, upset, beset by loud noise? That’s least wanted PESSIMAL (least wanted)

MISS< (girl upset) in PEAL (loud sound)

19 South African’s irritation about English investment practice ZAITECH

(money practice) ZA (Zuid Afrika) E (English) in ITCH (irritation)

21 Put up woman,restricting trouble SHEATHE (put up)

HEAT (trouble) in SHE (that woman)

24 Component of roe turning up below river fish POGGE (fish)

EGG< (component of roe turning up) below river PO

26 Poisonous plant seen in dead timber DWALE (deadly nightshade)

D (dead) WADE (timber)

28 Pawn: Tal loosing one, accepts indication of castling TOOL (pawn)

O-O (chess code re castling) in T[a]L

29 Better to stay ahead of international criminal bosses CAPI (Mafia)

CAP (better) I (international)

( )* = anagram    dd = double definition    [ ] = omit    < = reverse



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