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Enigmatic Variations 1033: Game Money by Warbler

Posted by Dave Hennings on September 8th, 2012

Dave Hennings.

Extra letters in the wordplay spelt out a quotation and author, which would help to identify a formation and some constituent parts.

A good puzzle this week from Warbler, but nothing too strenuos. The quotation was Worth seeing, yes; but not worth going to see from Samuel Johnson. This was his comment on the GIANT’S CAUSEWAY which can be found in the main NW-SE diagonal. It confirmed the five unclued entries, which, according to Brewer, are formations in the area and can all be prefixed by Giant’s: CHAIR, ORGAN, GRANNY, PEEPHOLE and WELL. This left LOOM – LOO (game) + M (money) – to be entered below the grid.

EV gremlin: the entry length for 12ac should be (6)

Definition in clue
X = extra letters in the wordplay
ABC* = anagram
ABC< = reversal
abCDef = hidden

EV 1033

No Entry Extra
Clue and Explanation
1 GREATS W Waster finally chickening out in final exams (6)
(WASTER + G (chickeninG finally))*
6 FURBELOW O Aged flounce downstairs after four (8)
FOUR + BELOW (downstairs)
CHAIR Unclued
12 DEIFIC R Making divine fried rice mixture, ignoring recipe’s limitations (5)
(FRIED RICE – RE (limitations of RecipE))*
13 ATAP Catapult held in palm? Quite the reverse! (4)
in cATAPult; ie palm held in catapult; no extra letter here
14 NAVICULAR T Boat-shaped artic van crashed around centre of Hull (9)
(ARTIC VAN)* around UL (centre of hULl)
16 NINE H Square number — in what? (4)
N (number) + IN + EH (what!)
17 SEPTIC S Affected by bacteria snake’s twitching (6)
SEPS (snake) + TIC (twitching)
18 ERGOT E Plant disease turned to green for the most part (5)
19 TUCKER E Friar’s essentially cheered to get food in Perth (6)
TUCK (Friar, as in Robin Hood) + EER (chEERed, essentially)
23 ANISE I Plant is found among French elder (5)
IS in AINE (French for elder)
26 BOLETUS N Tree trunks smother weird nut fungus (7)
BOLES (trunks) around NUT*
28 NENE G New embarrassment for flyer (4)
N (new) + GENE (embarrassment)
30 OCHRE Y Tut! Scotch whisky’s an earthy colour (5)
OCH (tut, Scottish) + RYE (whisky)
ORGAN Unclued
32 HONE E Put fine edge on male joke (4)
HE (male) + ONE (joke)
33 FLAILED S Fluid projected and struck (7)
FL (fluid) + SAILED (projected)
34 HOMER B Rustic Breton sea pigeon (5)
HOB (rustic) + MER (sea in Breton, France)
35 STYRAX U Rusty axe nearly demolished tropical tree (6)
37 SLURB T Vandalised canal in the end burst in rundown area of city (5)
(L (canaL in the end) + BURST)*
38 VOWESS N Earlier nun swears to embrace being (6)
VOWS (swears) about ENS (being)
42 PICT O Ancient Scot’s dismissing English poetic rambling (4)
(POETIC – E (English))*
43 OVERTOWER T Soar above public building (9)
OVERT (public) + TOWER (building)
45 OWER W Amazing! Queen’s higher in authority in Balmoral (4)
WOW (amazing) + ER (Queen); Scottish form of ‘over’
46 SLOOSH O Pouring sound in capital of South Hungary (5)
OSLO (capital) O (of) S (south) H (Hungary)
47 TAIGA R Asian pike in marshy pine forest (5)
TAI (Asian) + GAR (pike)
48 ROLY-POLY T Frisky trollop having eaten last bit of turkey has yen for pudding (8, hyphenated)
Y (last bit of turkeY) in TROLLOP* + Y (yen)
GRANNY Unclued
No Entry Extra
Clue and Explanation
1 GRACE-AND-FAVOUR H First half of Garrow RAC have found unusual rent-free accommodation (14, doubly hyph)
(GAR (first half of GARrow) RAC HAVE FOUND)*
2 RITORNELLO G Bemused tenor missed note in wild rolling prelude, perhaps (10)
(TENOR) in (ROLLING – N (note))*
3 ECAD O Species with distinctive form from Ecuador has trouble (4)
EC (Ecuador) + ADO (trouble)
4 TAINT I Infection? It is not contracted (5)
T (it) + AINT (is not, contracted)
5 SINIC N Chinese offend in Cuba (5)
SIN (offend) + I (in) + C (Cuba)
6 FRANTIC G Hurried reconstruction of crafting (7)
7 REIS T Brushwood is to be smoke?dried (4)
REIST (smoke-dried)
8 BICE O Pale blue diamond lost in bottomless marsh (4)
ICE (diamond) in BO[G] (bottomless or endless marsh)
9 LILT S Air is still moving (4)
10 OCA E Plant found in most of Pacific, for example (3)
OCEA[N] (most of, eg Pacific, Ocean)
11 WORCESTERBERRY Bird flies up over scattered trees to hide, we hear, such fruit (14)
CROW< (bird) + TREES* + BERRY (sounds like bury); no extra letter here
15 NOSELITE E Artificial language ultimately describes best cubic mineral (8)
NEO (artifical language) + S (describeS ultimately) + ELITE (best)
20 CORNU S In a storm, having lost depth, rounds Cape Horn (5)
(ROUNDS – D (depth))* + C (cape)
21 KLEE A Swiss artist’s deer climbs above river (4)
ELK< (deer) + EA (river)
22 RUNNER BEAN M Harrier? Chap eats two portions of best veg (10, 2 words)
BE (two portions of BEst) in RUNNER (harrier) MAN (chap)
24 INIA U On the up University briefly keeps first rate bones (4)
(AI (first rate, ie A1) in UNI)<
25 SORER E Thus bird with a touch of rose becomes more tender (5)
SO (thus) REE (bird) + R (touch of Rose)
27 TOOM L Scots empty money into plane, say (4)
M (money) in TOOL (eg plane)
29 HOLY J Short vacation in July is awe-inspiring (4)
HOL[S] (short holiday) in JY (July)
31 ANXIETY O Spillage of a European toxin on boy’s foot is a worry (7)
(A + E (European) + TOXIN + Y (boY’s foot))*
36 SCRAG H Rounding top of gorge crash damaged neck (5)
CRASH* around G (top of Gorge)
37 STAIR N Flight and trains off (5)
WELL Unclued
39 STOP S Prevent rash rising (4)
SPOTS< (rash)
40 SO-SO O Extra large bosom essentially is neither good nor bad (4, hyphenated)
OS (extra large) + OSO (bOSOm essentially)
42 SWAN Small pale and sickly bird? (4)
S (small) + WAN (pale and sickly); no extra letter here
44 VSO N See disciple’s work in developing countries (3)
V (see) + SON (disciple); VSO is Voluntary Service Overseas


2 Responses to “Enigmatic Variations 1033: Game Money by Warbler”

  1. mc_rapper67 says:

    Thanks for putting me out of my misery, Dave H. I had the grid filled in and the quotation/subject – although I didn’t spot that diagonal, doh! – but I couldn’t for the life of me find the sixth feature (not having a copy of Brewers, I was relying on googling/wiki-ing, but didn’t see any reference to the ‘Giant’s Loom’. Must have been having an off week…

    I’ve always thought that quote a bit harsh – but I guess in his day they couldn’t just watch documentaries and travel programmes, or check on ‘tripadvisor’, they had to get out and travel if they wanted to see anything like that – and maybe the results sometimes didn’t justify the effort.

  2. Dave Hennings says:

    Thanks, mc, and sorry Warbler stumped you. I initially went down the Google route expecting to come across a map with all the relevant features marked out. Sadly, I didn’t find one. (Perhaps a market opportunity there for you, nms!) It was only when I remembered the Brewer’s reference that I consulted the book and all became clear.

    As for the truth of the quotation, I’ve never seen the Giant’s Causeway, so cannot give a personal view. However, as you say, having to spend several days just getting there would probably colour anyone’s judgement … of almost anything!

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