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Independent on Sunday 1,176

Posted by Ali on 9th September 2012


Apologies for the delay with this one. I lost my laptop mid-week and had to re-solve this online. In doing so, I’ve lost the name of the setter! It was just as much fun 2nd time around though, so many thanks to whoever it was. Favourite clue 2D.

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Everyman 3439

Posted by Pierre on 9th September 2012


I found this one a bit tougher than your usual Everyman.  It’s all clearly indicated as always, so perhaps it was just me having a bit of an off day.  There were as normal some lovely surface readings.  Because this puzzle is aimed at improving solvers, I’ve tried to give full explanations.  If you happen to be one of those improving solvers who haven’t commented yet, please feel free to tell us what you thought.

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Azed 2100

Posted by Andrew on 9th September 2012


I was wondering whether there might be some kind of special for this, as the first round(ish) number since 2000 and happening to coincide with a competition week, but it turned out to be just a Plain, and a fairly easy one at that, especially after a lucky guess for 1ac got me off to a very good start. Writing up the blog I seem to have put “[x] in [y]” a lot, especially in the down clues: I’m sure it’s unusual for Azed to use the same device so many times in a puzzle, but presumably the words just called out for that treatment. Also rather unusually there are no composite anagrams or &lits.

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