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Independent 8084/Eimi

Posted by John on 11th September 2012


A nice accessible crossword from Eimi today, with only one or two clues that I struggled to understand. The very strange grid, with its preponderance of three-letter answers and its unches at the top and the bottom, cries out that there is a Nina, but I can’t see anything beyond LISA in one of the rows going across, which makes me suspect that there is a private message here and so no wonder that we don’t see it. But I also suspect that it is there for all to see. Read the rest of this entry »

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Financial Times 14106 Jason

Posted by scchua on 11th September 2012


An enjoyable puzzle, not too taxing, though I took some time to get into it.  Don’t know why – perhaps the late night yesterday.  Thanks Jason.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[The pictures at the bottom have unidentified links to the puzzle.]]

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Guardian 25738 – Shed

Posted by Uncle Yap on 11th September 2012

Uncle Yap.

This must be a unique blog. I am in Bangkok on a short holiday and without convenient Internet access. So I went to a roadside cafe featuring free WiFi, had a drink and got the access code. Here I am, next to an empty cafe at local time 6am, surrounded by hungry mosquitoes, trying to blog Shed, who is as usual, an entertaining and challenging compiler. If part of the explanation below is not fully complete, please chip in … I can’t hang around here too long as I have to catch the plane home soon and the mosquitoes are not leaving me alone in peace. Read the rest of this entry »

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