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Financial Times 14106 Jason

Posted by scchua on September 11th, 2012


An enjoyable puzzle, not too taxing, though I took some time to get into it.  Don’t know why – perhaps the late night yesterday.  Thanks Jason.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[The pictures at the bottom have unidentified links to the puzzle.]]

9 Promote fashion I have about a time (9)

CULTIVATE : CULT(something regarded as fashionable, eg. the physical-fitness cult) + I’VE(contraction of I have) containing(about) [A + T(abbrev. for time)].

10 Welcome from Honalo, Hawaii (5)

ALOHA : Hidden in(from) Honalo, Hawaii.

Answer: A Welcome greeting. Nice surface, as the greeting originated from the Hawaiian language. A WIWD (wordplay intertwined with defn.) clue

11 Mock release backing Joplin’s music? (7)

RAGTIME : RAG(Mock,tease) + reversal of(backing) EMIT(to release,come out from).

Answer: Rhythmic music written by Scott Joplin.

12 The “ermined-ones” collectively look mature (7)

PEERAGE : PEER(look) + AGE(to mature, like bottled wine).

Answer: A collective noun for peers who wear, or wore, robes trimmed with ermine, fur from a type of weasel.

13 One who puts the squeeze on vessel almost completely (3)

BOA : “boat”( vessel) minus its last letter(almost completely).

14 Discredited cryptic clue around first of downs (5,1,5)

UNDER A CLOUD : Anagram of(cryptic) CLUE AROUND + D(initial letter,first of downs“).

17 Start an argument (3-2)

SET TO : Double defn.

18 Go downhill quickly? It’s endless satire (3)

SKI : “skit”(satire in the form of a short stage performance) minus its last latter(endless).

19 Absolute state (5)

UTTER : Double defn: 1st: As in “utter rubbish”; and 2nd: To state verbally.

21 As far as Nick goes, it’s OK (2,2,7)

UP TO SCRATCH : [UP TO]( As far as, eg. “her legs stretched up to there”) + SCRATCH(a shallow cut,Nick).

Answer: Of the required standard.

23 Suitable apartment in Queens, say (3)

APT : Cryptic defn. and Answer: The abbrev. of “apartment “,the American equivalent of the British “flat” (of rooms), and Queens is one of the,say, boroughs in New York, USA, and where there are lots of apartment buildings.

25 Get in a lather with this? After booze up only husband returns (7)

BATHTUB : Reversal of(returns) [BUT(only, as in “we can but try”) + H(abbrev. for “husband “)] placed after(After) BAT(North American slang for a drinking spree,a booze up).

27 A butcher supplies this sort of nut dressing (4.3)

PORK PIE : Double defn: 2nd: A sort of hat, whimsically, dressing for the head,nut.

28 Very cross? Adult moves to chill out (5)

RELAX : “REAL”(Very, eg. “it is real nice of you”) with “a”(abbrev. for “Adult“) displaced(moved) + X(symbol for “cross“, eg. Xword).

29 I’ll go from court game to delight (9)

TRANSPORT : TRAN[“train”(collective noun for the followers/attendants,court of eg. a monarch) minus(…’ll go) “i”] + SPORT(a game).

1 Tattoo on a sailor is an insect (6)

SCARAB : SCAR(a mark on the skin, which I guess what a Tattoo is) plus(on) AB(abbrev. for “able-bodied seaman”, a sailor).

Answer: Any of the beetle type that was sacred to the ancient Egyptians.

2 Outrageous old relative breaks into bedsit, say (8)

FLAGRANT : GRAN(what you might call your grandmother, an old relative) contained in(breaks into) FLAT(a lodging, eg.,say, a bedsit,a bed cum sitting room)

3 Involving one this could be ludicrous (10)

RIDICULOUS : Anagram of(this could be) plus(Involving) I(Roman numeral for one). A WIWD clue.

4 Wise woman to decline top in emerald (4)

SAGE : SAG(to decline,go down) + E[initial letter of(top in) “emerald“]. Then, I had my doubts as “sage” also stands for the colour green/emerald. And “woman” seems superfluous, as “wise” and “sage” can both be adjectives. Is there something else in the clue?

5 Spatter forge with oil (10)

PEPPERMINT : PEPPER(to spray,Spatter) + MINT(to forge, eg. coins).

Answer: A plant whose oil is used medicinally and in foods.

6 Wrap head (4)

CAPE : Double defn: 1st: Cloak that can be used as a Wrap; and 2nd: The geographical feature.

7 Fruit should be felt inside as well (6)

TOMATO : MAT(a piece of material, often of felt, used to wipe one’s shoes) contained in(inside) TOO(as well).

8 Surprisingly Clare and Dan date (8)


Defn. and Answer: As a verb, to assign a date,to enter into a calendar.

15 Supply eulogy for a senior copper? (10)

DISTRIBUTE : DI(abbrev. for Detective Inspector,a senior copper,policeman) + ‘S(possessive indicator,for) + TRIBUTE(a eulogy)

16 Bed shop’s pernicious visitor, for most (5,5)

COUCH GRASS : COUCH(a sort of Bed) + GRASS(to inform on,shop, especially to the police).

Answer: A weed that spreads quickly, an unwelcome pernicious visitor that will ruin the lawns of most people.

17 End is destined to be difficult (8)

STUBBORN : STUB(the End bit of, say, your theatre ticket) + BORN(is destined,fated to be).

Answer: To be unshakeably unreasonable,to be difficult.

20 Wound up OAP set on a stirrer (8)

TEASPOON : Anagram of(Wound up) OAP SET ON.

22 Story about island race is idle gossip (6)

TATTLE : TALE(Story) containing(about) TT(the Tourist Trophy motorcycle race held annually on the island, the Isle of Man).

24 Contract lunch in experiment (6)

TREATY : EAT(to have, say, lunch) contained in(in) TRY(to experiment with).

26 Message‘s beginning to torment old flame over time (4)

TEXT : T(initial letter of,beginning to torment “) + EX(an old flame, or even former spouse) placed above(over, in a down cue) T(abbrev. for time)

27 Where baby goes quietly to crash? (4)

PRAM : P(abbrev. for “piano”, musical instruction of play softly,quietly) plus(to) RAM(to crash).

Answer: Short for perambulator, used to wheel your baby about.



7 Responses to “Financial Times 14106 Jason”

  1. Lynette says:

    Thanks for the blog, scchua. I’m glad you found it not too taxing. I found 16 & 25 hopelessly obscure, I’m afraid.

  2. Richard says:

    Thanks for the blog, scchua. I’m afraid I couldn’t understand the solution to 25, either.
    I also fell foul of 7 – ‘should be felt’ = MAT was beyond me.

  3. verbose says:

    Thanks scchua. I couldn’t get 16, and couldn’t parse 25 and 28, but your blog explains all. Perhaps this ought to be under “FT” rather than “Uncategorized”? I found it quite by accident after wondering why no solution had been posted to this puzzle.

  4. scchua says:

    Thanks for your comments, especially verbose@3 – I’ve corrected my error.

  5. Jen says:

    I’m sure I’m overlooking something obvious, but I am hopelessly baffled by 3 down. I see the anagram of could, and the i for one, but that leaves RIUS, yes? I know we’re missing something, but if anyone has time to chip in an explanation, it would be appreciated. Love the blog and thank you for all the hard work.

  6. mike04 says:

    Hello Jen.

    This is one of these ‘Read it again’ clues.
    The key to this particular clue is the word “this”, the answer, RIDICULOUS.

    Read it again:
    Involving one RIDICULOUS could be ludicrous (10)

    This means that
    RIDICULOUS could be constructed by adding I to an anagram of the letters
    of the word LUDICROUS.

    I hope this helps!

  7. scchua says:

    Hi Jen@5, it’s as mike04 says. Apologies for my typo (left out “ludicrous”) in my explanation, which led to the confusion. It should have read:
    Anagram of(“this could be” being the indicator) LUDICROUS plus(“involving”) I…….
    with the wordplay and defn. intertwined.

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