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Financial Times no.14,108 by REDSHANK

Posted by Ringo on 13th September 2012


I’ve always liked redshanks, pretty and raucous little lakeshore potterers that they are, and I’m a big fan of Redshanks, too – and this minor masterpiece is one of his very best. I got off to a flying start before running into a thicket of intricate cluing, innovative mechanisms and double-jointed definitions. The attention to detail is superb.

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Guardian 25,740 / Araucaria

Posted by Eileen on 13th September 2012


I’m not very good at spotting ninas but these days the name of the game seems to be  ‘Spot the error’.  However, Araucaria is not noted for either and I found this an enjoyable puzzle which almost complied with its own mini-theme at 1ac, etc – with one or two clues to make you think a bit more: fun to do – many thanks, Araucaria.

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Independent 8,086 / Nestor

Posted by RatkojaRiku on 13th September 2012


It is Thursday today so any number of different compilers can by lying in wait for one, although Nestor has always featured prominently in my Thursday blogging slots.

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Financial Times 14,099 – Crux

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on 13th September 2012

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Sep 3

Sometimes it’s D-Day (i.e. Dante), sometimes it’s C-Day. C stands for Crux, a setter with a love for good surfaces. This particular puzzle which can be found here , was one that I experienced as considerably harder than usual. Perhaps, it was just me (I had even trouble to finish that week’s Everyman). Even though I had the answers, I couldn’t fully explain 16ac and 7d. Luckily I had the opportunity (Anax’s birthday bash) to ask the almighty [yes, right in front of me, I saw him solving a Nimrod puzzle within about 20 minutes!] Andy Wallace to help me. And there’s one clue (19d) that I probably did understand when solving the crossword, but cannot parse anymore. Ah well, we all get older and we know what that can do to the brain and/or one’s memory …….  :)

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Financial Times 14,098 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on 13th September 2012

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of September 1, 2012

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