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Azed 2101

Posted by John on September 16th, 2012


As usual an efficient production from Azed. I don’t seem to have said much about a succession of clues where the words in both the clue and the answer are not, to say the least, everyday, but it seems pointless for me to copy out Chambers time and again. One imagines the solver will be armed both with the original and with a copy of Chambers.

1 ECPHRASIS — (spheric)* round as
11 commuNAL Aqueducts
12 POMEROY — Pom (yore)rev.
13 PROEM — Rilke’s introduction is R so this is in poem, one of Rilke’s compositions
14 SUBDEAN — a comp. anag. where the letters are [subdean it] and [Sunda{y} I bet]
17 S{p}OKEN
19 OR(M)E — this was a problem to me since it is clearly m in ore, but what on earth is Orme and what has it to do with Llandudno? So I looked at a map and sure enough the Great Orme is a peninsular in Llandudno
20 SC(1 M IT)AR — &lit.
23 ROSIE LEE — rhyming slang for tea [= char] — {v}e{a}l in (soiree)*
24 YAGI — (gay)rev. i
27 crIME LEwis — hidden reversed
28 ECOFREAK — def ‘Green nut’, (cake for)* around {t}e{a}
31 TEMPORE — t{hes}e (proem)*
32 0 AS IS
34 chasTEN Dean
35 DOG SLEDGE — dodge around (legs)*
2 CA(RIO)CA — the carioca is a native of Rio de Janeiro, so ‘my’ home is Rio and the first CA is Central America and the second one ca [circa], and Rio is some way south of Central America
3 P(LOOK)IE — look = appearance, pie = pasty
4 HA{s} ERE MA I{s}
6 SOUR MASH — (so has rum)* [Thanks Norman Hall for reminding me that it’s two words]
7 grIM BARracks
9 EO(A)N
10 SYNGENEIC — Synge (nice)*
19 OCELLATE — O CELLA(T{emple})E
21 B(LESS)ED — ref Brian Blessed — if ‘less’ is in ‘bed’ it has retired one assumes
25 GO(MP)A
26 PRO TO — def ‘aid in freeing trapped miners’
29 henCE A Supposition — a ceas is a sessa and Chambers doesn’t really explain to me how this is a suggestion — it’s a Shakespearean interjection perhaps meaning ‘enough said’ [Suggestion of Shakespearean scholars (hence a supposition in part)]
30 KOEL — def Cuckoo — (clock E)* reduced by c and c

3 Responses to “Azed 2101”

  1. Norman Hall says:

    Thanks for the blog.

    Nothing to add except to point out that 6d is two words, as clued. Sour Mash [Whiskey].

    Most impessive and hence most enjoyable clue – 2d

  2. AJK says:

    I thought this was a very enjoyable puzzle. I liked SCIMITAR

  3. RCWhiting says:

    Thanks all
    Pretty standard and therefore an enjoyable solve.
    I found the SE corner trickiest although last in was 19ac.
    I was sure it was Orme quite early but found it difficult to accept that tin = ore even with the addition of eg.
    Of course tin ore exists but would red flag make red a suitable indicator for flag?

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