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Independent on Sunday 1177 Glowworm

Posted by scchua on September 16th, 2012


An enjoyable solve.  Glowworm takes us on …

a culinary tour of 3 counties with foods named after them, all anagrams and all with clues with apt surfaces.  The others are a good mix of cluing devices.  Thanks Glowworm. Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[The picture at the bottom of the blog has an unidentified link to the puzzle.]]

1,26 Food for poor hungry kiddies? Sadly, nothing’s left (9,7)

YORKSHIRE PUDDING : Anagram of(Sadly) [POR HUNGRY KIDDIES][“poor hungry kiddiesminus(…’s left) “o”(looks like zero,nothing)].

Answer: Since it is traditionally served before the meat (roast beef usually), it is often claimed that it is used to fill diners’ stomachs, as a cheap substitite for the more expensive meat. Hence the “for poor …?“.  An excellent surface.

6 Dip male cutting into organic matter (5)

HUMUS : “hummus”(a food Dip made from chickpeas as its main ingredient) minus(cutting) “m”(abbrev. for male).

Answer: Compost, consisting of organic matter. From nutrient of one sort to another with the deletion of one letter!

9 Bare wood relative shaved earlier (7)

UNCLOAK : OAK(a type of wood) placed after(… earlier) UNCL[“uncle”,a relative minus(shaved) its last letter].

Defn: As a verb.

10 With hunger, Georgia’s in before time (7)

EAGERLY : GE(abbrev. for the country Georgia, not the American state) contained in(in) EARLY(coming in before time).

12 Atmosphere on summit of Himalayan chain’s extremely thin (8)

HAIRLINE : AIR(Atmosphere) placed after(on) “H”[initial letter(summit) of “Himalayan “] + LINE(a chain).

Answer: Of the width of a hair,extremely thin, as in “a hairline fracture”.

14 Hang out with very funny lecturer (4)

LOLL : LOL(Internet slang/abbrev. for “laughing out loud”,very funny) + L(abbrev. for lecturer).

Answer: Hang out loosely, as in “the dog with the lolling tongue”.  Also figuratively, to lounge around, loaf about, as in the surface.

15,11 Food for poor Nicholas at the gathering? Nothing’s left (10,6)

LANCASHIRE HOTPOT : Anagram of(gathering) [POR NICHOLAS AT THE][“poor Nicholas at theminus( …’s left) “o”(looks like zero, Nothing)].

Answer: Basically a stew of mutton or lamb and potatoes, easily prepared and relatively inexpensive. Hence the “for poor …? ” again.  Another excellent surface

18 Carcassone, for instance, verges on bloomers with wines (10)

BURGUNDIES : BURG(a fortified town, an example,for instance of which is Carcassone) placed before(verges on) UNDIES(short for underwear, such as bloomers).

Answer: The collective name for various wines from Burgundy.

20 Fix top of syringa back, and trim (4)

SNIP : Reversal of(back) [PIN(Fix) + S(initial letter,top of syringa” )]

23 Bears scorn? (4-4)

POOH-POOH : 2 times POOH(from Winnie-the-Pooh, the Bear in A.A.Milne’s stories).

Defn: As a verb.

24 Regularly tweak Larousse’s whiskers (6)

WALRUS : Even-positioned letters of (Regularly) “tWeAk LaRoUsSe “.

Answer: A style of keeping your keeping your whiskers, to look like a walrus’s. And Pierre Larousse, French lexicographer sported one, though not as good a specimen.


27 Shelter in Metro; practise reversing (7)

CARPORT : Hidden in(in) and reversal of(reversing) “meTRO; PRACtise “.

28 Shoot Mrs Grundy on Square (5)

SPRIG : PRIG(the sort of person that the fictional Mrs Grundy stood for) placed after(on) S(abbrev. for Square).

Answer: A young growth,Shoot of a plant or tree.

29 Smith orders a Merlot, OK? (4-5)

TOOL-MAKER : Anagram of(orders) [A MERLOT, OK].

Answer: An example of which is a gunsmith.

1 Anyone going to Thursday bash in teen spot? (5,4)

YOUTH CLUB : YOU(pronoun that can stand for people in general,Anyone, as in eg. an online site’s tag line: “crosswords that you can enjoy”) plus(going to) TH(abbrev. for Thursday) + CLUB(to bash, eg. with, well, a club).

2 Performance subsequently soars when touring Channel Islands (7)

RECITAL : Reversal of(soars, in a down clue) LATER(subsequently) containing(when touring) CI(abbrev. for the Channel Islands).

3 Rising bare-breasted on Sunday is plumb … (4-2)

SPOT-ON : Reversal of(Rising) [NO TOP(bare-breasted, or bare-chested, if you wish to be prudish) plus(on) S(abbrev. for Sunday)].

4 … chilly round base of neck – thus off-putting (4)

ICKY : ICY(chilly) containing(round) K[last letter (base, in a down clue) of “neck “]. So, the convention is “initial letter” = “top” or “summit”, and “last letter” = “base” or “foot”, even for across clues as in 12 and 20 above.

5 Glow-worm gets the girl, we hear – a bobby-dazzler! (3-7)

EYE-CATCHER : Homophone of(we hear) “I”(me,the setter, Glow-worm) “catch her”(get the girl).

Defn: British and Australian slang for person/thing that is outstanding or excellent, especially an attractive girl.

6 Like a tower block – not entirely grand, and hazardous (4-4)

HIGH-RISK : “high-rise”( descriptive of,Like a tower block of offices or apartments) minus its last letter(not entirely) + K(abbrev. for a thousand, dollars to be specific, a grand).

7 I’m in with topless star, mixing a cocktail (7)

MARTINI : Anagram of(mixing) I’M IN plus(with) [“starminus its first letter(topless, in a down clue)]. The surface gives scope for the imagination to run wild.

8 Le Pen switching approach? (5)

STYLE : Reversal of(switching) components LE and STY(Pen for farmyard pigs).

13 Hardcastle, reportedly, is fiercely opposed (4-6)

HARD-FOUGHT : HARD + FOUGHT[homophone of(reportedly) “fort”,a castle].

16 Boundless exotic prose perplexed interpreter (9)

EXPOSITOR : Anagram of(perplexed) [XOTI(“exoticminus its first and last letters,Boundless) + PROSE].

19 Compliance lacking, judge to make new disposition (7)

REORDER : Sort of overlapping Double defn:: 1st: When Compliance of a judge’s order is lacking, he/she is liable to make a new disposition,an order of settlement of the matter; and 2nd: To re-arrange,to make a new disposition.

21,17 Food for poor? Monk flung lid off – nothing’s left (7,8)

NORFOLK DUMPLINGS : Anagram of(off) [POR MONK FLUNG LID][“poor? Monk flung lidminus(…’s left) “o”(looks like zero,nothing)].

Answer: Similar to but not quite the same as 1ac 26ac, but served with the meat dish. Similarly claimed to be a stomach filler. Hence the “for poor?“.  An excellent surface.

22 Suspect spotted under recess in Cologne? (3,3)

BAY RUM : RUM(Suspect as an adjective as in “a suspect/rum deal”) placed below(spotted under, in a down clue) BAY(a recess in the coastline).

Answer: A Cologne with a lowercase c, an aftershave lotion, originally a distillate made from rum and leaves and/or berries of the West Indian bay tree and other ingredients.

23 Transmits signals about onset of epidemic (5)

PIPES : PIPS(broadcast time signals) containing(about) E[initial letter(onset) of epidemic].

Answer: To convey,Transmit through pipes or other conduits, eg. “piped music”.

25 In The Maid of the Mountains, poor Chloe’s left out (4)

ECHO : Anagram of(poor) CHOE[“Chloe’sminus(out) “l”(abbrev. for left)].

Answer: In Greek mythology, the mountain nymph,The Maid of the Mountains, who once had a beautiful voice, but was punished by having her voice taken from her except in foolish repetition of another’s words.


Solution here , cf. Wednesday.

5 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1177 Glowworm”

  1. sidey says:

    Not bad for a Sunday puzzle.

    [[The Scaffold I think. Can’t link them to the puzzle though.]]

  2. NeilW says:

    Thanks, scchua. I don’t often do the Indy, so perhaps I’m not used to the style but I found this quite hard, though fair. I was underwhelmed by the use of “hard” in both clue and solution in 13.

    Went off on a tangent with 8, since “Le Pen” I took to be “French for pen” = stylo. Switched the last letter randomly to E and thought it wasn’t a very good clue so thanks for putting me right. :(

    On the other hand, I do think that, in 19, C = compliance and the parsing is RE[c]ORDER.

  3. Al Dente says:

    Thanks scchua and Glowworm. On the theme of and the link [[ I wonder if its that the Scaffold are from Liverpool and someone from there is referred to as Scouse]]

  4. scchua says:

    NeilW, you’re probably right that that’s what the setter intended. For those who haven’t looked it up, “c” for compliance is to be found in physics. Long ago, when I was studying Materials Science, the formulae were all in terms of “k” the measure of stiffness, and not “c” which is the reciprocal. No wonder it didn’t ring a bell. :-).
    [[sidey and Al Dente, it is The Scaffold and hint: it’s in one of their songs. I’m putting a link to the solution under the picture, in case you wish to check your answer.]]

  5. Al Dente says:

    [[Thanks for the link sschua, had to check but still did not have the correct answer. Very much appreciated]]

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