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Financial Times 14112 Armonie

Posted by scchua on September 18th, 2012


A nice solve, with only one clue that, though I think I’ve got answer, I’m not sure about half of the clue – and I could be wrong with my answer too.  The rest were enjoyable, with a favourite that had a smooth surface and a misdirection.  Thank you Armonie.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[The pictures at the bottom of the blog have unidentified links to the puzzle.]]

1 Meet outside the food shop – that’s the start of your devotion (8)

FIDELITY : [FIT(to Meet,satisfy eg. requirements) containing(outside) DELI(short for “delicatessen”, food shop)] + Y[initial letter(start) of your“].

5 Morals of ladies corrupted (6)

IDEALS : Anagram of(corrupted) LADIES.

9 An artist turned fashionable and rebellious (8)

ANARCHIC : AN + reversal of(turned) RA(artist,member of the Royal Academy) + CHIC(fashionable).

10 Satisfy parking agreement (6)

PLEASE : P(abbrev. for “parking “) + LEASE(an agreement between lessor and lessee)

12 Should be pursued without introduction (5)

OUGHT : “sought”(pursued after) minus its initial letter(without introduction)

13 Bad feeling making Vince rage (9)

GRIEVANCE : Anagram of(making) VINCE RAGE.

14 Proust developed lethargy (6)

STUPOR : Anagram of(developed) PROUST.

16 Shakespearean husband has old relationship (7)

HORATIO : H(abbrev. for “husband “) plus(has) O(abbrev. for “old “) + RATIO(a relationship between 2 similar magnitudes with respect to the number of times the first contains the second).

Answer: Shakespearean character, Hamlet’s friend.

18 Hit Lizzie in the palace (7)

LAMBETH : LAM(Hit,thrash) + BETH(and Lizzie, both short forms of Elizabeth).

Answer: the palace which is the official London residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

20 Ruin quiet locality ultimately like Slough (6)

MARSHY : MAR(to Ruin,spoil) + SH(the imperative telling someone to “be quiet“) + Y[last letter(ultimately) of “locality “].

Defn: A slough, in lowercase letters, is a marsh or bog, not to be confused with the industrial town.

22 Spoke to skilled prisoner first (9)

CONVERSED : CON(short for “convict”,prisoner) placed before(first) VERSED(familiar with, or having been taught, an art or skill,skilled).

23 Arab picked up the vernacular (5)

ARGOT : AR(abbrev. for Arab) + GOT(obtained or understood,picked up).

24 A clergyman suppressed initial story of pests (6)

APHIDS : A + P(abbrev. for priest,clergyman) + HID(suppressed,concealed) + S(initial letter of “story “).

25 Free bishop trapped in seedy atelier (8)

LIBERATE : B(abbrev. for bishop, eg. in chess notation) contained in(trapped in) anagram of(seedy) ATELIER.

26 Great power of representative in republic (6)

EMPIRE : MP(abbrev. for Member of Parliament, a constituency’s representative) contained in(in) EIRE(a former official name for the republic of Ireland).

27 Heavy artillery hurts in battle (8)

HASTINGS : HA(abbrev. for “Heavy artillery” – I’m sure about “A” for “artillery”, but not of the “H” or even “HA”) + STINGS(hurts from bites, burns, etc. on your skin and eyes).

Answer: The battle named after the town near where it took place in 1066, with which the Normans conquered England – and the place has never been the same since. :-)

1 Smoke about fifty aboard vessel (6)

FLAGON : FAG(and “Smoke” are slang for a cigarette) containing(about) L(Roman numeral for fifty) + ON(on board,aboard, say, a ship or bus even).

2 One who would be king’s trendy artistic ability (15)

DRAUGHTSMANSHIP : DRAUGHTS MAN(In the game of draughts, any piece which, on reaching the opposite end of the board would be made king,crowned , with more freedom of movement) + ‘S + HIP(fashionable,trendy).  Nicely cryptic.

3 Permissible but to some extent duplicitous (5)

LICIT : Hidden in(to some extent) “dupLICITous “.

4 Tense construction worker set off (7)

TRIGGER : T(abbrev. for “Tense ” in grammar) + RIGGER(construction worker, one who works with tackles, cranes, scaffolding, etc.).

6 Saviour does without offal (9)

DELIVERER : DEER(the female of which are “does “) containing(without) LIVER(an example of “offal “,the edible inner parts of an animal). My COD.

7 Out of character but not for a malt whisky drinker (7,3,5)

AGAINST THE GRAIN : Cryptic defn: a malt whisky drinker would not be “against the grain” which is what malt whisky is made from, and which, in the whisky, would not be Out of character. Nice surface.  Edit. note: But mike04@3 has the more subtle and correct explanation.

8 Sketch, half complete, revealed outline (8)

SKELETON : SKE(first half of,half completeSketch “) + LET ON(gave information away revealed, ).

Answer: Starting point of, say, a speech or essay, with the details filled in later. Nice surface of an artist’s starting point.

11 Drink up! The end of the earth is at hand (4)

NIGH : Reversal of(up, in a down clue) GIN(alcoholic Drink) + H[last letter(The end) ofearth “]. Amusing surface.

15 Claimant is quiet about offer (9)

PRETENDER : P(abbrev. for “piano”, musical instruction to play quietly) + RE(about,from Latin for “with reference to”) + TENDER(an offer,bid).

Answer: Claimant, often to a throne, a famous example being Bonnie Prince Charlie.

17 British rugby player’s lifetime of obstruction (8)

BLOCKAGE : B(abbrev. for “British “) + LOCK(a forward,rugby player, either of two in the team) + AGE(a measure of one’s lifetime).

19 A section in Westminster requires fastening (4)

HASP : Double defn: 1st: Abbrev. for “Health and Safety Plan”, one of the requirements under a section of an act of the Westminster Parliament. I’m not sure about this, but this was the closest I could find that fit the answer; and 2nd:  Edit. note. Thanks to Ferret@1: [A + S(abbrev. for section)] contained in(in) HP(abbrev. for Houses of Parliament,Westminster).

Answer:  A metal fastening secured by a pin, bolt or padlock.

20 Formed separatist group in Atlantic territory (7)

MADEIRA : MADE(Formed,created) + IRA(abbrev. for the Irish Republican Army separatist group).

Answer: A Portuguese autonomous territory, in the North Atlantic.

21 Hasten excitedly for the capital (6)

ATHENS : Anagram of
(excitedly) HASTEN.

23 Period with conservationists is a factor (5)

AGENT : AGE(a long Period of time) plus(with) NT(abbrev. for the National Trust (for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty), the conservationist agency in England)



For solution to Pic#2 click here.

12 Responses to “Financial Times 14112 Armonie”

  1. Ferret says:

    19d is AS (a section) in HP (Houses of Parliament).

  2. scchua says:

    Thanks Ferret, blog corrected.

  3. mike04 says:

    Thanks for the blog, scchua.

    I read 7dn from a different point of view. The use of the word ‘malt’ is significant.
    There’s a difference between a Malt Whisky and a Grain Whisky:

    With this in mind, I think the clue implies that a malt whisky drinker would not be in favour of drinking grain whiskies. Therefore being AGAINST THE GRAIN would not be out of character.
    Slainte mhath!

  4. scchua says:

    Thanks mike04, you must be right. And apologies to setter for missing out on the subtleties of the clue, and of whisky drinking and whisky drinkers.

  5. crypticsue says:

    A fairly straightforward solve but no less enjoyable for that. Thanks to Armonie and scchua too.

  6. Bryan says:

    Many thanks Scchua & Armonie, I enjoyed this.

    [The photos are:

    1 Roy Rogars whose horse was called TRIGGER;

    2 David Suchet; and

    3 Flanders & Swann

    I have no idea how 2 & 3 relate to the puzzle.]

  7. rowland says:

    Great blog, scchua, I’m impressed as ever, and a very nice puzzle today, probably the simplest of the three. Good health to Mike04 indeed, as that was my CoD.


  8. rulei says:

    Flander’s & Swann “Have Some Madeira M’Dear”

  9. rulei says:

    Oh dear, it’s late in the day isn’t it! Please overlook the apostrophe that furtively crept into Mick Flan’s name.

  10. scchua says:

    Thanks for all your comments.
    [[Bryan and any others, I’ve included, beneath the pictures, a link to the answer to Pic.#2.]]

  11. mike04 says:

    I found this in the The List of Abbreviations at the back of my old (1976) Chambers:
    H.A. Heavy Artillery.
    Glad I didn’t turf it out!

  12. scchua says:

    Belated thanks mike04. For some reason, your comment went into my spam folder plus I didn’t check on the blog the next morning, nor since.

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