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Beelzebub 1176

Posted by Jed on September 21st, 2012


Cracking challenge





3 Promising mischief beside Luxembourg border IMPLEDGING (promising)

IMP (mischief) L (Luxembourg) EDGING (border)

9 Head away from frightening light AIRY (light) [h]AIRY (frightening)

10 Subdued question stimulated, though ignored at first QUELLED (subdued)

QU (question) [y]ELLED (stimulated)

12 Parts of house, mostly pale, with new and old servants LIVING ROOMS

LIVI[d] (pale mostly) N (new) GROOMS (old servants)

14/16 Granted insight after suffering historic punishment RIDING THE STANG


15 Crack runs in tree ACER (tree) ACE (crack) R (runs)

18 Best at screwing up nuclear treaty TEST BAN  (treaty) (BEST AT)* N (nuclear)

22 Expert historian possibly accepting crude nonsense DABSTER (expert)

BS bull—- (US slang for nonsense) in DATER (historian)

23 Old-fashioned to contend with wife? In Paris I start to understand

VIEUX JEU (old-fashioned) VIE (contend) UX (wife) JE (French I) U

24 Furnace plate, cut-down sort receiving introduction of metal

TYMP (furnace plate) M[etal] in TYP[e] (sort)

27 Friend trapping a lot of vermin in folds PLICAL (in folds)

LIC[e] (vermin) in PAL (friend)

28 Advocating withdrawal from conflict in oceans and isles

SECESSIONAL (advocating withdrawal) (OCEANS ISLES)*

29 Physiological problem to follow with introduction of sedentary activity OBESITY

SIT in OBEY (follow)

30 One avoids the best funeral location CREM CRE[a]M (best)

31 Imagined stains fade after treatment FANTASISED (STAINS FADE)*


1 Sons swallowing a bishop’s stories NARRATIVES (stories)

A RR (Right Reverend) in NATIVES (sons)

2 Ferns I see in lines FILICES (ferns) IC (I see) in FILES (lines)

3 I work up specialist knowledge, dismissing one colourful display

IRIDESCENCE (colourful display) I RIDE (work up) SC[i]ENCE

4 Isn’t black included in spots in this? PAINTBOX AINT B in POX

5Water organism, mostly nasty, taking space in running water

EUGLENA (water organism) UGL[y] (mostly nasty) EN (space) in EA (water)

6 Locally concealed river in Scottish valley DERN (concealed) R in DEN

7 The wicked in the Bible, transfixed bt Lord’s initial triumphs

GLOATS (triumphs) L in GOATS

8 Soldiers upset over Captain? NEMO (fictional captain)

MEN< (soldiers upset) O (over)

11 Reward scheme arranged today clearly lacking ultimate in stylE

LOYALTY CARD (reward scheme) (TODAY CL[e]ARLY)*

13 Appreciated comments seeing city mostly taken up in poor housing

SUGARPLUMS (compliments) PRAGU[e]< (city mostly taken up) in SLUMS

17 Like The Desert Song, initially wonderful? Not initially SABULOUS (sandy)

S[ong] [f]ABULOUS (wonderful)

19 Tunes only encountered in programme breaks ADJUSTS (tunes)

JUST (only) in ADS

20 Does seem upset about a line supporting France FEMALES (does)

F (France) AL (a line) in (SEEM)*

21 Entertainment in France is lamentable no longer FUNEST (obs lamentable)

FUN (entertainment) EST (French for is)

25 Armadillo beginning to bite into vegetable PEBA (armadillo) B[ite] in PEA

26 Area is one rising landmass A IS A<

( )* = anagram    < = reverse    [ ] = omit


2 Responses to “Beelzebub 1176”

  1. Conrad Cork says:

    Cracking indeed.

  2. Simon Harris says:

    Thanks, Jed. I’ve actually only just tackled 1,176 this morning, and was pleased to finish unaided for a change. I had to come here to reassure myself about a couple though, FUNEST and the historic punishment included.

    I thought the definition “Does…” well hidden in 20ac.

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