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Azed 2102

Posted by ilancaron on September 23rd, 2012


Not so dreadful though dreadfully showed up at least twice as an anagrind.   In fact, rather a gentle Azed that, other than all the French and Scots and Spenserisms, is a good introduction to the art form.


1 AFTERT,HOUGH,T – fatter*, HOUGH=ham

10 P,RUDE – &lit

11 E(NNU)YE – French bored.  Nun* in EYE=sight.

13 HOR[ny],SECAR – my last clue.  Kind of a streetcar=tram.  rev(races=runs).

14 LI(PI)D – PI=pie=mixed type (in printing).  LIPID is a terpene (in the world of chemistry).

15 BE(PA)T – archaic stroke.  BET=game.

17 LE(PRO)SE – our cocotte is apparently a pro[stitute].  Definition is “scaly”.

19 GEBUR – hidden (in “… village burial-place…”).  Archaic tenant-farmer.

21 EPOS – saga.  Move last letter of pose=puzzle to front.

23 BURR[o]

24 DATED – two meanings.

25 ARC(UAT)E – bow-shaped.  rev(tau=cross) in care*

29 THARS – Himalayan goat. trash*.  A bit of a trap since tahrs are also (apparently different) Himalayan goats.  I got it wrong at first of course.

31 NAIRA – comp. anag. &lit – Nigerian currency.  (A Nigerian)*=(in e.g. NAIRA).

32 U(RETE)RAL – rete=network (biological) in URAL=river.  Our internal plumbing…

33 CEDARN – dancer* – of cedar.

34 ROU(G)E

35 B,LINDSTAMPED – “made impressions on the covers without gilding”. (stapled,mind)*


2 FROIDEUR – (our fried)*

3 TU(R)PS – R[oundworm] in TUPS=sheep.  Ref. paint thinner=turpentine=TURPS.

4 RE[c]EDE – rede=Spenserian tale.  2nd to last clue (I was red-herringed since I attended Reed College once upon a time)

5 TICKLER – two meanings.  I didn’t know that a tickler was a “dram of spirits” but my drinks-related knowledge is decidedly sub-par.

6 HEAME – hidden. Archaic home (for Spenser probably) thus asylum.

7 UNDERSAY – (yarn used)*. “To say in answer…”

8 GUN,PORT – “opening for broadsides”.

9 [p]HYLA – tree frog.

10 PHLEGMATIC – (Get hip, calm)*

12 E(NTERDE)ALE – Spenserian dealing=negotiations. rented* in EALE=misprinted evil in Shak. (thus “possibly”).

16 SU,BURBAN[k] – beautiful downtown Burbank is near LA.  Rev(US)=”upwardly-mobile American”.  “Not quite rural” is definition.  A pretty nice clue all in all.

18 ST(E’ER)AGE – government

20 BA(CARD)I – Definition is just “rum” but struggled parsing this — it’s CARD=jack (an example of a card) in BAI=French for bay.  For some reasons BAI=French bay proved difficult for me. yvains points out below the cryptic parsing should be: BA(CARD)I[e] given the clue: “Jack e.g. opens (not English) French bay rum”

22 PREL[im],ECT* – lecture (which is what dons=lecturers do).    Prelim is an entrance exam (thus early).

26 TERNS – hidden.  Also 3-masted schooners.

27 INTRA – “within”.  Is this an indirect anagram? “retinue”=train.  But perhaps “parts of” indicates TRA and IN and “changing places” means swapping them… so not quite an anagram but something more prescriptive.

28 SIR,UP – US (thus Hollywood) spelling of syrup (first I’ve seen it though).

30 HEEL – two meaning.


6 Responses to “Azed 2102”

  1. yvains says:

    Thanks, ilancaron!

    In 20, I think the intention was to use ‘baie’ minus E(nglish), baie being French for bay as in Biscay; however, ‘bai’ without the e = bay as in chestnut horse, so it works either way.

  2. ilancaron says:

    Indeed of course. I’ll update the blog — I was a bit bamboozled by the clue as I mentioned.

  3. yvains says:

    I read 27 the ‘prescriptive’ way. Altogether, a nice crossword, considerably easier than today’s edition!

  4. RCWhiting says:

    Thanks all
    I found about 80% of this to be quite easy (for Azed).
    There was enough in the 20% to make me think and I seem to have followed the blogger’s path closely.
    I struggled to parse 20d and 22d. I also tried ‘tahrs’ first at 29ac.
    Last in was ‘epos’ because of delay in entering ‘prelect’.

    I thought today’s was very straightforward, except for 1ac!

  5. RCWhiting says:

    ……………..and I parsed ‘intra’ exactly as ilancaron.

  6. Norman Hall says:

    I agree with ilancaron that the French for bay is BAIE and “(not English) French bay” is thus BAI.

    But I don’t think AZED was telling us to use the French translation of bay that didn’t end with an ‘E’. It would be unreasonable of him to expect us to know both French words BAIE and BAI for the English BAY.

    Burbank is only a couple of miles from Hollywood and the film industry extends to both. Hollywood is in Los Angeles, but Burbank is a city in its own right. Presumably LA and Burbank have a common boundary.

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