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Everyman N° 3,441 (16 September)

Posted by PeterO on September 23rd, 2012


It took me a little casting about to find an easy entry into this puzzle, but once started, it fell into place handily.

1 TRANSEPT Patterns formed in part of church (8)
An anagram (‘formed’) of ‘patterns’.
5 VACANT Empty tin in tank (6)
An envelope (‘in’) of CAN (‘tin’) in VAT (‘tank’).
10 EXCEL Top forty, reportedly (5)
A homophone (‘reportedly’, if you were to try to pronounce it) of XL, the Roman numeral for ‘forty’.
11 DEPARTURE Leaving shift (9)
Double definition, for essentially the same meaning.
12 IN THE FIRING LINE Likely to be blamed and due to receive fine right away (2,3,6,4)
An envelope (‘to receive’) of THE FIRING, an anagram (‘away’) of ‘fine right’ in IN LINE (‘due’).
13 ARCHANGEL Some from Redcar change liners in Russian port (9)
A hidden answer (‘some from’) in ‘RedcAR CHANGE Liners’.
15 NIGHT Near end of flight in the dark (5)
A charade of NIGH (‘near’) T (‘end of flighT‘).
17 ON TOP Leading leg spinner (2,3)
A charade of ON (‘leg’, side in cricket) plus TOP (‘spinner’).
19 ON THE TOWN When not to supply film (2,3,4)
An anagram (‘supply’) of ‘when not to’, for this film.
21 SUNSET BOULEVARD Decline road movie (6,9)
A charade of SUNSET (‘decline’) plus BOULEVARD (‘road’), for this highly regarded film.
23 BOOMERANG Embargo on developing a missile (9)
An anagram (‘developing’) of ‘embargo on’.
24 VOICE Speak evil about Oscar (5)
An envelope (‘about’) of O (‘Oscar’, phonetic alphabet) in VICE (‘evil’).
25 RELATE Tell about past (6)
A charade of RE (‘about’) plus LATE (‘past’).
26 HERRINGS That woman phones for fish (8)
A charade of HER (‘that woman’) plus RINGS (‘phones’).
1 THE MIKADO Strange kid, at home with comic opera (3,6)
A anagram (‘strange’) of ‘kid at home’. For once, ‘at home’ does not indicate IN.
2 ASCETIC A quote’s arisen about Catholic recluse (7)
An envelope (‘about’) of C (‘Catholic’) in ‘a’ plus SETIC, a reversal (‘arisen’, in a down clue) of CITE (‘quote’) plus S (the apostrophe s). Note that the noun ‘quote’ is required for the surface, but the verb ‘quote’ is required for the equation to CITE. This is regarded as fair misdirection in crosswordland.
3 SOLVE Get the answers to only about five (5)
An envelope (‘about’) of V (‘five’, Roman numeral) in SOLE (‘only’).
4 PADDINGTON BEAR Visitor from Peru? Last to arrive in London station inn (10,4)
An envelope (‘in’) of E (‘last to arrivE’) in PADDINGTON (‘London station’) plus BAR (‘inn’).
6 ARROGANCE Turn up in Scottish island church showing disdain (9)
An envelope (‘in’) of OG, a reversal (‘up’) of GO (‘turn’) in ARRAN (‘Scottish island’) CE (‘Church’ of England).
7 AMUSING Article on Dynasty captivating America might be funny(7)
An envelope (‘captivating’) of US (‘American’) in A (‘article’) plus MING (‘Dynasty’).
8 THEME Subject: foot-and-mouth emergency cases (5)
A hidden answer (‘cases’) in ‘foot-and-mouTH EMErgency’.
9 UPHILL STRUGGLE A hard task given in climbing contest (6,8)
A definition and literal interpretation.
14 AT PRESENT Tap and enter if both worried about son right now (2,7)
An envelope (‘about’) of S (‘son’) in ATPREENT, an anagram (‘worried’) of ‘tap’ plus ‘enter’.
16 TENT DRESS Such as Agnes Baden-Powell may have worn? (4,5)
To borrow Uncle Yap’s term, a tichy reference to the sister of Robert Baden Powell, who was instrumental in setting up the Girl Guide movement. One doubts that Agnes Baden-Powell would actually have worn a dress like this.
18 TINFOIL A help in the kitchen can cook one’s goose? (7)
A charade of TIN (‘can'; we had it the other way round in 5A) plus FOIL (‘cook ones goose’).
20 ORATION On about correspondence address (7)
An envelope (‘about’) of RATIO (‘correspondence’) in ‘on’.
21 SOBER Frightful bores on the wagon (5)
An anagram (‘frightful’) of ‘bores’.
22 ELVER Young fish always circling lake (5)
An envelope (‘circling’) of L (‘lake’) in EVER (‘always’). An elver is a young eel.


5 Responses to “Everyman N° 3,441 (16 September)”

  1. Davy says:

    Thanks Peter,

    An entertaining puzzle as ever from Everyman. I particularly liked TRANSEPT (great surface), ARCHANGEL (which I’d never heard of) and ON THE TOWN (very concise).
    Took me ages to see UPHILL for some reason but STRUGGLE came straight away. Thanks Everyman.

  2. Robi says:

    Good puzzle and thanks, PeterO for an excellent blog.

    With the other films, I wonder whether Everyman was going to attempt ‘In the Line of Fire’ for 12. I missed the parsing of TINFOIL, thinking it was just a cd. Nicely hidden ARCHANGEL and I did like EXCEL.

  3. Donna says:

    Thank you to both Everyman for the puzzle and PeterO for your informative blog. When I started solving this puzzle last weekend I thought it was going to be a real walk in the park! It was practically filling itself in until 19 Across! I have been struggling with this clue all week long! I knew that it had to be “on the”, but “on the” what? My first mistake was reading “supply” with the accent on the “ply” not the “sup,” so I never saw it as an anagram indicator. My second mistake was once again forgetting I was doing a British puzzle and thus I didn’t equate “film” with “movie.” And so I have been looking forward to the explanation of this clue all week long. It seems so easy now! I wonder what this week’s Everyman will have in store for us. Wishing you all a not too challenging week ahead, and “see ya” next Sunday!

  4. slartibartfast says:

    All seemed to fall into place much more easily than usual this week. Thanks to PeterO for fully parsing the clues and explaining some of the subtleties I’d missed. Particularly TINFOIL which I also had as a cd.

  5. Mary says:

    What a great blog – just discovered it. I usually manage to complete – dipping in over the week – but there is often a clue I don’t fully “get”. Great to have it deconstructed – but must resist peeking until I have finished!

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