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Guardian Quiptic 671 Nutmeg

Posted by scchua on September 24th, 2012


I found this, in parts, trickier than the usual Quiptic, taking longer to complete as a result.  But no complaints, and thank you to Nutmeg.  My COD was the very clever 13down.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[The pictures at the bottom have unidentified links to the puzzle.  Please enclose comments about them in double brackets.]]

1 Clergyman’s house servant conceals crime (9)

PARSONAGE : PAGE(a servant) containing(conceals) ARSON(the crime of setting things that don’t belong to you on fire – or if they belong to you, you’re doing it to commit fraud).

6 Space vehicle reverses, temperature having dropped (4)

ROOM : Reversal of(reverses) “motor”(short for a motorcar,a vehicle) minus(having dropped) “t”(abbrev. for temperature).

8 Precise muscle contracted, if entering thus (8)

SPECIFIC : {PEC[Short for(contracted) a pectoral muscle, but usually used in the plural] + IF} containing(entering) SIC(the Latin for “thus“).

9 Puts up divisions in school (6)

HOUSES : Double defn: 1st: To accommodate in a dwelling; and 2nd: The divisions into which schoolboys and girls are put into.

10 Tradesman sounding more uncouth (6)

GROCER : Hidden in(sounding) “grosser”(more uncouth).

11 They allow entry of members in Jersey or Ulster (8)

ARMHOLES : Cryptic defn: Where the wearer of a Jersey (a type of sweater), or an Ulster (a type of overcoat) would put his/her arms,upper members into. Nice clue.

12 Hopeless sailor caught in stream (6)

ABJECT : AB(abbrev. for “able-bodied sailor“) + [C(abbrev. for caught, in cricket) contained in(in) JET(a stream of liquid)]

15 Naughty child‘s temper is hereditary, to some extent (8)

PERISHER : Hidden in(to some extent) “temPER IS HEReditary “.

16 Felt satisfied about vocalist (not soprano) (8)

FINGERED : FED(satisfied to the full) containing(about) INGER[“singer”(vocalist) minus(not) “s”(abbrev. for “soprano“)].

19 Settles what we’re entitled to, when changing sides (6)

LIGHTS : “rights”(what we’re entitled to) with “r”(abbrev. for right) replaced by “l”(abbrev. for left)(when changing sides).

Answer: A verb for a flying thing/animal landing after flight.

21 User of green energy attacked by Don (8)

WINDMILL : Cryptic defn: The wind-powered mill(User of green energy) attacked by Cervantes’ Don Quixote.

22 Unworthy second husband’s answer not socially acceptable (6)

SHABBY : S(abbrev. for second,the short period of time) + HABBY[“hubby”(short for “husband“) with “a”(abbrev. for “answer“) replacing(not) “u”(characteristic or appropriate to the upper class,socially acceptable)].

24 Dairy product that’s said to raise a smile (6)

CHEESE : Double defn: 2nd: What the (human) subjects in a photograph have supposedly said in order to raise a smile, as instructed by the photographer.

25 Wild man’s deer follows winding course (8)

MEANDERS : Anagram of(Wild) MAN’S DEER.

26 I briefly grow spring flower (4)

IRIS : I + RIS[“rise”(grow) minus its last letter(briefly)].

27 Far from inconspicuous, as we stink horribly (9)

SWANKIEST : Anagram of(horribly) AS WE STINK.

1 Leaflet – standard exercises included (5)

PAPER : PAR(a standard,normal amount, condition or quality, etc.) containing(included) PE(abbrev. for physical exercises).

2 Make further use of scripture course (7)

RECYCLE : RE(abbrev. for religious education, being taught scripture and such) + CYCLE(a course,a period of time in which events recur regularly). Could “course” be doing double duty here?

3 Present lid missing from chest (5)

OFFER : “coffer” minus(missing) its initial letter(lid).

Defn: As a verb.

4 Light artillery overturned vice (3,4)

ARC LAMP : Reversal of(overturned) RA(abbrev. for Royal Artillery) + CLAMP(a vice to be found in a workshop, not for doing wrong but for holding articles steady).

5 Transitory male helper (no learner) sacked (9)

EPHEMERAL : Anagram of(sacked) MALE HEPER[“male helper minus(no) “l”(abbrev. for “learner“)].

6 Strident sound from Dr Spooner’s choir (7)

RAUCOUS : Hidden in(sound) of “rochus”[Spoonerism of “chorus”(a choir) – pretend there’s such a word]. Nice surface – what sounds you might get with a choir singing Spoonerisms!

7 Take too much out of two rivers in plain (9)

OVEREXERT : [R(abbrev. for “river“) + EXE(a river in England)] contained in(in) OVERT(plain, for everyone to see).

13 His tribe rallies round Queen (9)

BRITISHER : Anagram of(rallies round) HIS TRIBE + R(abbrev. for “Regina”,Latin for Queen). A clever WIWD (wordplay intertwined with definition) clue.

14 Has a meal when sailors come round, causing delay (9)

TARDINESS : DINES(Has a meal) contained in(when … come round) TARS(informal term for sailors).

17 Pin-up‘s dress regularly displayed in gallery (7)

GODDESS : DES[first, third and fifth letters of (regularly) dress] contained in(displayed in) GODS(the uppermost seating in a theatre,the gallery).

Defn: Could be some sort of a goddess, usually prefixed by “sex”.

18 Mix me a mild pickle (7)

DILEMMA : Anagram of(Mix) ME A MILD.

20 Noble old lady’s act cut short (7)

GRANDEE : GRAN(endearment for “grandmother”,an old lady) + DEE[“deed”,an act minus its last letter(cut short)].

22 Modish ankle boots covering lower part of leg (5)

SHANK : Hidden in(covering) MODISH ANKLE. I guess “boots” is there only for the surface.

23 Place wager about Queen’s hat (5)

BERET : BET(Place wager) containing(about) ER(Elizabeth Regina, the current Queen).



Solution to pic#5 here . Rest of the solutions are found in the comments below.

21 Responses to “Guardian Quiptic 671 Nutmeg”

  1. yvains says:

    Thanks, Nutmeg and scchua. Certainly tougher than the usual Quiptic – I particularly liked 8, 11 and 16.[Je n’ai aucune ID de ce qu’elle fait là, la déesse – wouldn’t be anything to do with VIPs/gods, would it? Otherwise I haven’t a clue :)]

  2. scchua says:

    [[Hi yvains, my French is practically non-existent, but from what I can see you’ve already got the answer to the link between one of the pictures and the puzzle. The other pictures, individually or in pairs, have got other links to the puzzle.]]

  3. AndrewC says:

    Thanks Nutmeg and scchua – that was fun, mostly.

    [[ I’ll add to yvains…Steve McQueen: the theme to the Thomas Crown Affair was ‘Windmills of the Mind’. The car is the Citroen DS (pronounced déesse – so, another goddess). And then there’s Hilary Swank? And then I’m stuck. :) ]]

  4. yvains says:

    [Unfortunately, though I recognise most of them, I can only actually put a name to the second and last! The Citroën DS (pronounced déesse = goddess) and ID (pronounced idée = idea) were that car-manufacturer’s stars between 1955 and 1976, so my French said, “I’ve no idea what the goddess is doing there” :) I doubt very much if I’ll suddenly get good at putting names to photos, so I look forward to the explanation, later!]

  5. yvains says:

    [I suppose one could be Iris Murdoch – though it looks more like Frida Kahlo to me!]

  6. scchua says:

    [[AndrewC and yvains, sorry, I don’t have Hilary Swank nor Iris Murdoch nor Frida Kahlo amongst the pics. :-) ]]

  7. yvains says:

    [Are 1 and 3 perhaps a pair of houses?]

  8. scchua says:

    [[One might construe a sub-link to houses for 1 and 3, but it’s not the main link.]]

  9. yvains says:

    [[Apologies, scchua – I only just noticed DOUBLE brackets]]

  10. Kathryn's Dad says:

    I agree, scchua, a little tricky in places for a Quiptic, but overall fairly clued. GODDESS was one of the trickier ones, but my favourite today. Thanks to Nutmeg.

  11. Stella Heath says:

    Thanks scchua and Nutmeg.

    I like the Dali(nesque?) version of Don Quixote.

    [[Of course, we have the famous pin-up and screen goddess, Ms. Andress]]

  12. scchua says:

    Hi, Stella, nice to see a comment from you after a long absence. There’s more from the artist here:

    [[I’m afraid the only picture with the “GODDESS” connection is the last one – though one could consider the others as pin-ups and gods and goddesses of sorts.]]

  13. Stella Heath says:

    Thanks for the link, scchua – it’s a pity I can’t see the full-size pictures.

    I’m back in Spain after over a month in England with my family, though I have been popping in to the site at my sister Marian’s :-)

  14. Robi says:

    Lively puzzle that I thought was pretty tricky for a Quiptic.

    Thanks scchua for your usual immaculate blog. I particularly liked the ARMHOLES and thought the little PERISHER was cleverly hidden.

    [[Both Steve McQueen (#2) and Faye Dunaway (#4) were in the Thomas Crown Affair with the connection to WINDMILLs as found by AndrewC @3.
    #1 is Lawrence Harvey who appeared in ROOM (at the top) as in 6a.
    #2 is Simone Signoret who also appeared in ROOM (at the top)
    #5 is Margot Fonteyn, I think. Can’t see the connection – she had an unworthy husband, but he was her first, I believe.

  15. Robi says:

    [[Fonteyn ‘Grand Dame’ noble old lady and a Britisher…..]]

  16. Robi says:

    [[Ahhhh….. Margot Fonteyn performed in ‘Don Quixote.]]

  17. scchua says:

    [[Well done, yvains, AndrewC, and Robi. Only one left – a more general and basic link. It is Margot Fonteyn, but I could have put in pictures of many others with the same connection. And did you notice ROOM was at the top of the grid – and you can find one at the top of HOUSES too (the sub-link).]]

    And welcome back Stella – we can now expect to see more comments from you? :-)

  18. Robi says:

    [[Thanks scchua; I thought my comment ‘Lawrence Harvey who appeared in ROOM (at the top) as in 6a’ indicated that it showed ROOM at the top of the grid. I’ll have to be more specific in future.

    I don’t think I will get the ‘more general and basic link;’ I think my Don Quixote deserves an honourable mention. :) ]]

  19. scchua says:

    [[Apologies for misunderstanding – I thought you’d put the parentheses around the back half of the full title of the film to indicate that only part of it was to be found in the puzzle, “as in 6a”. I’ll include a link to the last answer at the very end of the blog.]]

  20. yvains says:

    [[Faye Dunaway also appeared in ‘Flowers in the Attic’ (1987), but I can’t find even a tenuous connection with anyone else]]

  21. yvains says:

    [[Signoret and McQueen were also in ‘Toys in the Attic’]]

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