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Financial Times 14118 Sleuth

Posted by scchua on September 25th, 2012


This is the first Sleuth I’m blogging, though I’ve done a couple of his alter ego, Hypnos’s.  Quite straightforward Tuesday FT fare, and enjoyable.  Thank you to Sleuth. Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[The pictures at the bottom have unidentified links to the puzzle.]]

1 Catch tendency with book coming out to face criticism (6)

ENTRAP : ENT[“bent”(a tendency,a leaning towards) minus(with … coming out) “b”(abbrev. for “book“)] plus(to face) RAP(criticism).

5 Remain around untidy sack in rear (8)

BACKSIDE : BIDE(to Remain,linger) containing(around) anagram of(untidy) SACK.

9 Spooner’s question about horse incidentally (2,3,3)

BY THE WAY : Spoonerism of “why the bay?”(a question you might be asked if you brought a reddish-brown horse to the party!)

10 A disagreement about democrat going off course (6)

ADRIFT : [A + RIFT(a disagreement,split)] containing(about) D(abbrev. for a member of the Democratic Party).

11 Militant Arab defending extreme characters in marketplace (6)

BAZAAR : Anagram of(Militant) ARAB containing(defending) [A,Z](first and last,extreme characters in the English alphabet).

12 Statement of one rejecting a Kindle in jotting resource (8)

NOTEBOOK : NOT E-BOOK (Statement by someone who is rejecting an electronic book, eg. a Kindle from, as in “Not (an) e-book for me please, I prefer the dead-tree version”).

14 Electrical problem, type besetting hotel and venues frequented by performers (5-7)

SHORT-CIRCUIT : Cryptic defn: Without the hyphen, the round of places on a short tour that performers might make.  Edit.note: Thanks to hu@1: SORT(type,kind) containing(besetting) H(represented by “hotel” in the phonetic alphabet) plus(and) CIRCUIT(venues frequented by performers,the round of places on their tour).

18 Elusive figure while plot is devised to trap wife (4-1-3-4)

WILL-O’-THE-WISP : Anagram of(devised) WHILE PLOT IS containing(to trap) W(abbrev. for wife).

22 Sound of bird trailed by wealthy figure – feature of an entrance? (8)

DOORKNOB : Homophone of(Sound of) [“daw”(short for “jackdaw”, a bird of the crow family) plus(trailed by) “nob”(British slang for a wealthy person,figure)].

25 Show clearly name in internet scam? (6)

EVINCE : N(abbrev. for name) contained in(in) E-VICE(an electronic vice, which an internet scam,swindle surely is).

26 Cover pair returning after small period of time (6)

SHROUD : Reversal of(returning) DUO(a pair) placed after(after) [S(abbrev. for “small“) + HR(abbrev. for “hour”,period of time)].

27 Rating maybe a food featured in series (8)

SEAFARER : [A + FARE(the spread of food)] contained in(featured in) SER(abbrev. for “series“).

Defn: An ordinary seaman.

28 Long-term plan from restaurant say in case of stringency (8)

STRATEGY : [TRAT(short for “trattoria”,an informal Italian restaurant) + EG(abbrev. for Latin “exempli gratia”,for example,say)] contained in(in) [S,Y][the 2 end letters(case) of stringency“].

29 Hear about ambition that’s fashionable (6)

TRENDY : TRY(Hear in a court of law) containing(about) END(goal,ambition).

2 Deny appeal in North American yards (6)

NAYSAY : S.A.(abbrev. for sex appeal) contained in(in) [N.A.(abbrev. for North American) + Y,Y(2 x abbrev. for “yard”,yards)].

3 Man in back with a lot of wit making preparation in house? (9)

REHEARSAL : [HE(pronoun for that Man) contained in(in) REAR(the back)] plus(with) SAL[most of the letters(a lot) of “salt”,wit].

Answer: Practice,preparation in a theatre,house

4 One detained to bear awkwardly sporting vessel (9)

POWERBOAT : POW(abbrev. for “prisoner of war”,One detained) + anagram of(awkwardly) TO BEAR.

Answer:  The sport being – you’ve guessed it – powerboat racing.

5 Parking area attracting scribbled note? It’s pointedly offensive (7)

BAYONET : BAY(a Parking area off the road – we met this word in 9a) plus(attracting) anagram of(scribbled) NOTE.

Defn: Cryptic – an offensive weapon with a sharp point.

6 Constant mass of logs in ship (5)

CRAFT : C(mathematical symbol for a non-variable,a Constant) + RAFT(a collection,mass of logs, tied together for flotation).

7 Stunted growth in twelfth man taking in opening pair in cricket (5)

SCRUB : SUB(short for “substitute”,a reserve player,the twelfth man in a cricket team) containing(taking in) [C,R][the first 2 letters(opening pair) in cricket“]

8 Fine fellow with revolutionary party in parliament producing national symbol (8)

DAFFODIL : [F(abbrev. for “Fine“) + F(ditto for “fellow“) plus(with) reversal of(revolutionary) DO(a , party function)] contained in(in) DAIL(the lower house of the Irish parliament).

Answer: A national symbol,emblemof Wales – and don’t forget the leek!

13 Attention gripped by consummate artist (3)

EAR : Hidden in(gripped by) consummatE ARtist.

15 Element beginning to engage in train disorganised traveller (9)

ITINERANT : [TIN(a chemical Element) + E(first letter of,beginning to engage “)] contained in(in) anagram of(disorganised) TRAIN.

16 Charm in international footballer supported by tax in match (9)

CAPTIVATE : CAP(one who represents his country in, say, an international football match) placed above(supported by, in a down clue) [VAT(abbrev. for “value added tax“) contained in(in) TIE(a sports match, eg. in football)]. Defn: As a verb.

17 Skip a lot of free decorative work with no end of flair (8)

RICOCHET : [RI(most letters(a lot) of “rid”(to free)] + COCHET[“crochet”( decorative work with needle and thread) minus(with no) “r”, the last letter(end) of flair“].

Answer: To bounce along,Skip on a surface. To be found in the pastime of “stone skipping”, or “ducks and drakes” in the UK or various other interesting names elsewhere, to be found here. But “stone ricocheting” is not among them. :-)

19 Approval to retain a tree (3)

OAK : OK[the abbrev. for “okay”(Approval)] containing(to retain) A.

20 European singer wearing surprised expression in diplomatic venue (7)

EMBASSY : E(abbrev. for European) + [BASS(a singer with the lowest pitch) contained in(wearing) MY(a verbal expression of surprise, as in “my!” or even “my! my!”)].

21 Native American in South Dakota producing extensive text (6)

SCREED : CREE(one from a tribe of Native Americans) contained in(in) SD(abbrev. for the US state of South Dakota).

Answer: A long essay or discourse,extensive text.

23 Curtailed drink after port and wine (5)

RIOJA : JA[“jar”(British informal term for a glass of alcoholic drink, especially beer) minus its last letter(Curtailed)] placed below(after, in a down clue) RIO(short for Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian port).

Answer: A variety of wine from a designated region in Spain.

24 Reminder front of gallery’s enthralled by artistic model (5)

NUDGE : G[first letter(front) of gallery“] contained in(…’s enthralled by) NUDE(an artistic model, for, well, a nude painting).



8 Responses to “Financial Times 14118 Sleuth”

  1. hu says:

    14A I took it as:

    Type = sort
    besetting = containing
    hotel = h
    venues frequented by performers = circuit
    electrical problem = definition

  2. scchua says:

    Thanks hu@1, you’re right. I’ll amend blog. I had some misgiving about my explanation in the first place.

  3. Richard says:

    I raced happily through this down to the last four, then got stuck. I’d not have got ‘appeal’ = ‘sa’, ‘a lot of wit’ = ‘sal’ or ‘decorative work’ = ‘crochet’, so I’m glad I wasted no more time and looked at your blog – for which thank you, scchua.

  4. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Sleuth for an entertaining puzzle and scchua for the blog.

    My favourite clue was 12ac. Mind you, I would say “I prefer the paper version”.

    I thought “scribbled” at 5dn was a very good anagram lead. I was less happy with “Militant” at 11ac. The nearest meaning I could find is “using violence”, but the link “militant” = “using violence” = “change the order of the letters” is not close enough for me to regard it as satisfactory.

    [[The third picture is of someone who was world champion at an event whose sponsor is the answer to one of the clues.]]

  5. Robi says:

    Entertaining puzzle from Sleuth.

    Thanks scchua for the nice pictorial blog; I particularly liked NOTEBOOK and RICOCHET.

    [[#1 is Denzel Washington who appeared in RICOCHET in 1991.
    #2 are the twin Petronas Towers that used to be the tallest buildings in the world, but no longer. I haven’t yet established the link.
    #3 is as Pelham Barton @4 – the ‘hurricane’ smoking one.]]

  6. scchua says:

    Hi Pelham, glad to hear from you after quite some time.

    [[You’re right about the third picture.]]

  7. Robi says:

    [[The climax of the 1999 film ENTRAPment was filmed at the skybridge of the Petronas Towers]]

  8. scchua says:

    [[Right you are, Robi. Well done to you and Pelham.]]

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