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Independent 8,094 by Morph (Saturday Prize Puzzle, 22/09/12)

Posted by Simon Harris on September 29th, 2012

Simon Harris.

A change in format for me this week as I experiment with PeeDee‘s rather nifty blog post maker. I’ll have to try out the various options, but so far I like it as it looks like I’ve put far more effort into the post than I have! Many thanks to PeeDee for making this tool available to us.

Anyway, on to the puzzle. I’d recently completed a Morph puzzle in the “i”, and had found it rather challenging, but had eventually completed it successfully, which was pleasing. As a result I was more than happy to draw another Morph puzzle to blog.

I found I made steady progress at first, then had to return to the puzzle a few times to nail the stragglers. Actually 5dn beat me, but I’m not sure why as it seems perfectly reasonable.

Finally, I’m not sure if I’ve spotted a theme, but on blogging I notice that there’s a lot of MAN, GIRL, WOMAN stuff going on in there, so I wonder if I’m missing something further.

6 AMISS Wrongly thought to equal 1 mile? (5)
From the proverb “a miss is as good as a mile”
8 ENNOBLING Entitling one to return, if note is retained, jewellery (9)
(N in ONE<) + BLING
10 SANGRIA Performed revolutionary tune that’s found in Spanish bars (7)
11 MEDDLED Got involved, and won prize in audition (7)
hom. of “medalled”
12 TIME TRIALS Tests rate limits under duress (4,6)
14 ORAL Unwritten rule in backward Southeast Asian language (4)
R in LAO<
15 FEMME FATALE 20’s heavy rock noise ultimately holds nothing for attractive woman (5,6)
FE (chemical symbol for iron) + M (maiden) + (F.A. in (METAL + [nois]E)) 
19 OMIT Leave out overheard appeal to Romney (4)
hom. of “oh Mitt”
20 IRON MAIDEN Presswoman in a suit, very sharp underneath the surface (4,6)
IRON (press) + MAIDEN (woman)
21 WOLFMAN Female left fellow inside – he may be affected by the moon (7)
(Left + Fellow) in WOMAN
23 TAKE AIM Fire’s said to follow this and make it a mess (4,3)
25 LADLEFULS More than one helping in duel falls injured (9)
26 NIECE Withdraw article in German about English member of different generation (5)
EIN< + Circa + English
1 GIRN Facial expression with a twist in it (4)
I think this is from GRIN, with the IR twisted, and then &??lit
2 RELATIVE PRONOUN Say which arrangement of Beethoven’s last piano overture includes cello in the middle (8,7)
The definition is “say which”, meaning that “which” is an example of a relative pronoun. It’s an anagram of ([beethove]N + PIANO OVERTURE + ceLlo)*
3 ANIMAL MAGNETISM Zoo attraction? Polar bears might exert such a pull (6,9)
I think this is sort of a dd., with two somewhat whimsical definitions
4 IBID Setter tries in the same place again (4)
5 GIRLFRIEND Fix up advance rent by day and date (10)
RIG< + (FRIday in LEND)
6 ASSETS Establish in rear property (6)
7 STRATUM Problem outside restaurant for rock band (7)
9 GADFLY Guard’s folly, regularly missing provocative pest (6)
13 MY FAIR LADY Musical West End girl’s self-description pre-elocution lessons? (2,4,4)
at a guess, I’d say this implies a dodgy – hence “pre-elocution lesson” – pronunciation of “Mayfair Lady”.
16 ALASKAN A woman may sound in a state (7)
hom. of “a lass can”
17 GO AWOL Run off with ball between posts? (2,4)
(With + O) in GOAL. Someone who’s in goal is between the football posts.
18 ANOMIE I am one broken by loss of purpose (6)
22 MEEK Setter and moose, left out among inheritors of the earth? (4)
ME + E[l]K
24 APEX Summit of Asia-Pacific forum’s talked about (4)
hom. of “APEC’s”

* = anagram; dd = double definition; hom = homophone; [] = removed

2 Responses to “Independent 8,094 by Morph (Saturday Prize Puzzle, 22/09/12)”

  1. Tatrasman says:

    Thanks Simon. Unusual to for me to complete a Morph, I usually struggle. Especially this time with 6 and 15 across and 24 down, so thanks for explaining them. I note the top row unches spell GRAIG which I think is Welsh for ‘rock’, also a major international shipping group, but I expect that’s completely coincidental.

  2. Dormouse says:

    Couldn’t quite finish this this week. I can’t believe I missed 6ac, which now seems so obvious once you pointed it out. And without the ‘i’ in that answer, I couldn’t work out whether 1dn was “grin” or “girn”. Is there anything in the clue which decides this? They are both facial expressions and I see Chambers gives the first definition of “girn” as “grin”.

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