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Independent on Sunday 1,179 by Hypnos

Posted by Simon Harris on September 30th, 2012

Simon Harris.

This is the second time in a row that I’ve drawn Hypnos on a Sunday, and no complaints about that from me. I sometimes find Hypnos to be on the tougher side compared to the other IoS setters, and that seemed to be true today, though maybe I was simply having a slow week. 18ac still baffles me a little.

1 JACKAL Raise a large predatory animal (6)
JACK + A + Large
4 DOUBTFUL Dub lout misbehaving around fellow suspect (8)
Fellow in (DUB LOUT)*
9 CRATER Assess in councillor depression (6)
10 PFENNIGS Marks were made by such animals around marsh close to town (8)
(FEN + [tow]N) in PIGS
12 BUMP Knock restricted by drab umpire (4)
[dra]B UMP[ire]
13 PATHFINDER At the right time, stop to acquire fine radar device (10)
PAT + (Fine in HINDER)
15 TURN OF PHRASE Expression shown by sherpa possibly? (4,2,6)
SHERPA* – nice reverse cryptic
18 HAUTE CUISINE Keep prepared in fine form? (5,7)
This one beat me, and I still can’t see the explanation, even given the answer
21 BACKSTAIRS Secret support offered by gentlemen accommodating army (10)
BACK + (Territorial Army in SIRS)
22 CHAD Conservative owned foreign land (4)
Conservative + HAD
24 IN CHARGE Leading chap’s first to enter organised hearing (2,6)
C[hap] in (HEARING)*
25 THRIVE Trio shortly found round higher figure getting to prosper (6)
IV (four – higher than three – in Roman numerals) in THRE[e]
26 GRAND CRU Foreign bread caught among a lot of food and special wine (5,3)
(RAND (the currency, hence “bread”, of South Africa) + Caught) in GRU[b]
27 STATUS Rank artistic representations European brought out (6)
1 JACOBITE A firm part for horse in black mostly – one for restoration? (8)
(A COmpany + BIT) in JE[t]
2 CLAYMORE Royal mace brandished but not a sword (8)
3 APEX Top section of map exposed (4)
[m]AP EX[posed]
5 OFF THE RECORD Side getting expression of sympathy with bind not publicly aired (3,3,6)
OFF (side in cricket, as opposed to “leg” side) +  THERE + CORD
6 BEN AINSLIE Sailor, one in African country on exotic isle (3,7)
(A in BENIN) +  ISLE*
7 FRIEDA Agent absorbing religious instruction with a woman (6)
(Religious Instruction in FED) + A
8 LUSTRE Goat’s characteristic coat in range showing gloss (6)
LUST in R[ang]E. I stopped to ponder whether goats are characteristically lustful, but I guess they are often quite “horny”.  (Thanks, it’s the way I tell ‘em.)
11 CARPETBAGGER Criticise particular interest shown by German political opportunist (12)
14 NO-MAN’S-LAND Northern ME country with endless bias beginning to demarcate unclaimed area (2-4-4)
Northern +  OMAN + SLAN[t] + D[emarcate]
16 WISH LIST Jerusalem is associated with this quiet composer, we hear, producing aspirational material? (4,4)
Women’s Institute (their anthem is apparently “Jerusalem”) + SH + hom. of Franz “Liszt”
17 LEWDNESS Blue quality in man around Cheshire town I ignored (8)
19 EBBING English crooner entertaining bachelor in decline? (6)
Bachelor in (English + BING Crosby)
20 ACACIA Bill a gallery turned up for plant (6)
ACcount + (A ICA<)
23 WHET Excite a moderate conservative by the sound of it (4)
hom. of “wet”

*= anagram; < = reversed; [] = removed; hom = homophone

4 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1,179 by Hypnos”

  1. Querulous says:

    Thanks Hypnos and SH.

    Re 18, it seems to be a cryptic definition where “keep” is used in the sense of “food”.

  2. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, Simon, and Hypnos.

    I too couldn’t make sense of HAUTE CUISINE and at one stage wanted to put in HAUTE COUTURE, which made even less sense. I guess Querulous has it, but it’s not one of Hypnos’s best ever clues, I fancy. But good stuff elsewhere – I liked TURN OF PHRASE in particular.

    Your joke at 8dn is worthy of Basil Brush, but would have been blue pencilled before it ever got televised …

  3. Dormouse says:

    Definitely difficult in that I could only solve about half of it all week. Didn’t help that I absentmindedly inserted the answer to 23dn at 22ac, but that only hindered the solving of 17dn.

  4. yvains says:

    Re 8 – goats are the traditional embodiment (in e.g. the Decameron) of lust – cf. ‘goatish’, ‘the old goat’.

    I wondered whether HAUTE CUISINE might be a homophone (‘oat’ = ‘grain’/’in fine form’ – but I think Querulous has it right.

    Particularly liked PATHFINDER, TURN OF PHRASE, WISHLIST and LEWDNESS. Thanks to Hypnos and Simon.

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