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Guardian Quiptic 672/Pan

Posted by Pierre on October 1st, 2012


Generally a sound puzzle from Pan, but with one or two slightly unusual words.  To be fair, these were well signposted.





cd  cryptic definition
dd  double definition
(xxxx)*  anagram
anagrind = anagram indicator
[x]  letter(s) removed


1 Protection for small area with scrubby vegetation
A charade of S and HEATH.

5 Bert and a model going in to marry, having something on which to consummate the union?
An insertion (‘going in to’) of (BERT A)* in WED for ‘marry’.  ‘Model’ is the anagrind.  Let’s hope they used a 1 across.

9 Work into dodgy brie with initially advantageous micro-organisms
Another insertion: of ACT for ‘work’ in (BRIE)* plus A for the first letter of ‘advantageous’.  And Pan correctly marks ‘bacteria’ as plural; if one more person on the BBC says ‘the bacteria is …’ I may not be responsible for my actions.

10 Part of body exhibited by drunken setter and tramp
Well, what Pan gets up to in his or her own time is none of my business, but this is (I TRAMP)* with ‘drunken’ as the anagrind. ‘I’ is ‘setter’.

11 Apathy led ten to suffer ultimate punishment

13 Richmond’s opener going in to face the bowling with ill-mannered youth
An insertion of R for the first letter of ‘Richmond’ in BAT for ‘face the bowling’.

14 I lecture about old fashioned handbag
(I LECTURE)* with ‘about’ as the anagrind.  The SOED gives ‘a woman’s small netted or other bag, esp with a drawstring’.  A new one on me.

17 Strained voice of Scandinavian coming back, carrying paving stone
Fair enough for a Quiptic, the definition is pretty clear; but the parsing is a bit tricky.  It’s an insertion (‘carrying’) of SETT for ‘paving stone’ in a
reversal (‘coming back’) of OLAF, for your stereotypical Scandinavian.

18 Island in sea given vessel useful during flooding
The Channel Island is a charade of S for ‘sea’ and ARK for Noah’s vessel.  The animals went in two by two …

20 Mixed up teens to store hormone
(TEENS TO STORE)* with ‘mixed up’ as the anagrind.

23 Spinster missing turn at end of queue gets old thing on which to play music
Another clue where for a less experienced solver it was probably easier to solve it than parse it.  It’s STER for [SPIN]STER, E for the last letter of
‘queuE’ and O for ‘old’.

24 A cat is visiting queen to spray!
A charade of A TOM for ‘a cat’, IS, and ER for Elizabeth Regina, whose subjects we all (allegedly) are.  Not sure that ‘to spray’ is a precise definition here.

25 These make marching difficult for fat suspect captured by navy
An insertion of (FAT)* in FLEET for ‘navy’.  ‘Suspect’ is the anagrind.

26 In flat marshy land, a drained settlement is secure
Again, one that was probably easier to solve than to parse.  FEN is ‘flat marshy land'; if you insert (‘in’) A and ST for the outside letters (‘drained’) of ‘settlement’ then you’ve got your answer.  ‘Secure’ is the definition.


2 Restore body part, reportedly
A homophone (‘reportedly’) of HEEL.

3 They counter poisons, when stationed at sea
(STATIONED)* with ‘at sea’ as the anagrind.  Good clue.

4 Book about plants devoured by Brother Balthazar
Hidden (‘devoured’) in BrotHER BALthazar.

5 Sow hectare after unusual prediction from the Met Office
(SOW HECTARE AFTER)* with ‘unusual’ as the anagrind.

6 Attempt to conceal a piece of clothing in farce
An insertion (‘to conceal’) of A VEST in TRY for ‘attempt’.

7 Strange black American dance
A charade of RUM for ‘strange’, B for ‘black’ and A for ‘American’.

8 Royal spite misguidedly revealed in letters
(ROYAL SPRITE)* with ‘misguidedly’ as the anagrind.  ‘Revealed in letters’ is the definition.

12 Decorative handle for books used in examination
I’m not quite sure this clue works, but someone will put me right if I’m missing someting.  The definition is ‘decorative’, and it’s another insertion of NAME for ‘handle’ and NT for ‘books’ (New Testament) in ORAL for ‘examination’.  But what the ‘for’ in the surface reading is doing, I’m not sure.

15 Arrive heartened by special so-called signs of approval for lipstick etc.
Obvious from the definition once you’d got a few crossing letters, but perhaps a bit of a complicated clue for a Quiptic.  It’s an insertion of S for ‘special’ in
COME for ‘arrive’ followed by TICS, which is a homophone of TICKS for ‘signs of approval’.

16 Occupational therapists inhale oxygen, then manage a medical instrument
An insertion of O for ‘oxygen’ in OTS for ‘occupational therapists’, followed by COPE for ‘manage’.  What the GP sticks in your lughole when she wants to see what’s giving you earache.

19 End session on computer when record of voyage concludes ‘zero fathoms’
What you might do when you’ve finished reading this blog.  LOG for ‘record of voyage’ followed by O for the last letter (‘concludes’) of zerO and FF for ‘fathoms’.

21 Thanks to nonsense shown in cards?
A charade of TA for ‘thanks’ and ROT for ‘nonsense’.

22 Gala’s final result announced
A homophone of FATE for ‘final result’.

Many thanks to Pan for the Monday morning entertainment.

2 Responses to “Guardian Quiptic 672/Pan”

  1. Robi says:

    Thanks Pan and Pierre. I thought this was about right for a Quiptic. As you say, unusual words were clearly signposted.

    For 24, I think the definition is just ‘spray,’ with ‘to’ meaning leading to. I liked the WATER BED and FALSETTO.

  2. Derek Lazenby says:

    This looked tough to the class dummy initially, but rapidily resolved itself into a decent Quiptic as the crossing letters went in.

    Ah yes, Stereo as a noun. Laziness changes sterophon(y/ic) to stereo. More laziness changes the adjectival use as in A Stereo System to A Stereo, and lo a noun that should have never been is born. Far too late to do anything about it now of course.

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