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Private Eye/Cyclops 478 – Rodent sandwich

Posted by beermagnet on October 1st, 2012


An enjoyable solve.  Although more than half fell in the first pass, the rest needed deconstruction of some interesting wordplay.

Solving and blogging this took place at a time when there was a surfeit of stories to satirise in the news. Hot on the heels of Harry and the LA tarts (does anyone in the US really play billiards these days?), we have dastardly paps snapping our future Duchess of Edinburgh (is that right?) half a mile away while trying to avoid tan lines. One thing to come out of it was the tribute during this long-running snooker competition.   Then, Nick Clegg, nick clegg,  … a very sorry man …
… by the time this blog comes out this version will probably be Number 1 in the chart!


7 BALMORAL Brenda’s place to back Miliband’s shrunken lot – honest! (8)
LAB< MORAL (honest)
8 UNESCO Some misfortune, Scotland representing an international body (6)
Hidden in misfortUNE SCOtland. First in. Consider myself fortunate seeing this straight away, hidden answers like this often embarrassingly resist solving (like 18D below).
10 SPLASH Put power in piss and get it all over the place (6)
P[ower] inside SLASH (piss)   Why does this definition make me think of Henry Cooper?
11 MISHMASH Cyclops is back and quiet graduate’s hard – a confused mess (8)
I’M< SH (quiet) MA’S (graduate’s) H[ard]
12 QUEEN’S SPEECH Every year one must utter it: it gets one’s member back working” (6,6)
DD (as related by Brenda).  With regard to the second def., the Queen doesn’t really have an MP as she is constitutional disallowed from voting.  As head of state she does have oversight of the whole parliament, so strictly “member” should be pluralised.
15 LIBERTY Old politician changing tyre – Independent types are at it (7)
LIB (Old politician) TYRE* AInd: changing
17 TROLLOP Grotesque thing, getting work as a tart (7)
TROLL (Grotesque thing) OP (work)
19 VOTE-CATCHING Conservative working with TV once a night (not new): aimed at the electorate (4-8)
(C[onsevative] TV ONCE A NIGHT – N)* AInd: working. Last answer. Deduced from wordplay in the end after getting stuck thinking the second word was Watching.
22 CULTURED Arty foreign priest holding topless slut off on date (8)
CURE (foreign priest) around [s]ULT on D[ate]
23 RODENT Or maybe Countdown expert’s beaver? (6)
OR* AInd: maybe, DENT (Countdown expert – ref Susie D – amazingly she’s been on the show for 20 years)
25 ABACUS Bill, entering No. 10 perhaps, is after a calculator (6)
AC (Bill – account) inside A BUS (No. 10 maybe)
26 SANDWICH Squeeze between two things: WC and his nuts (8)
(WC AND HIS)* AInd: nuts
1 DAMP SQUIB Anticlimax, lawyer getting Cameron to return dated satirical article (4,5)
DA (lawyer) PM< (Cameron to return) SQUIB (dated satirical article)
I had to check Squib and find it is indeed a term for a piece of satire like a lampoon (I only knew of the firework and its damp derivative)
2 EMMA Express leader article about twice-married familiar luvvie (4)
E[xpress] M[arried] M[arried] A (article) – Ref. Emma Thompson – Not the original Luvvie according to her (or the OED)
3 URCHIN Toss leader off with elected young scruff (6)
[l]URCH (Toss leader off) IN (elected). Not sure about Lurch=Toss – best I can think of as I’m pretty sure the answer is correct
4 FLEMISH Europeans try to get information about ex-LibDem MP with no bit on the side (7)
FISH (try to get information) about LEM[bit] Ref. Lembit Opik publicity hungry author of “The Xenophobe’s Guide to the Estonians”
5 BUM STEER Covered in piss, must broadcast misinformation (3,5)
BEER (piss – oh no, not again) around MUST* AInd: broadcast
6 VERMICELLI Sick Blair, according to Eye, back recruiting timid types – “topping” (10)
MICE (timid types) inside (i.e. recruited by) ILL (sick) REV (Blair, according to Eye – Ref. the long running St Albion Parish Newsletter feature in the Eye)
9 COSH So, bastard Hague’s leader after Conservative Club (4)
SO* AInd: bastard, H[ague] after C[onservative]
13 EYE CONTACT Looking at a looker’s organ, intercourse follows (3,7)
EYE (organ) CONTACT (intercourse)
14 ROUGHNECK Yob giving coarse kiss and grope (9)
ROUGH (coarse) NECK (kiss and grope)
16 THE PRESS Hacks producing article getting push (3,5)
THE (article) PRESS (push)
18 LADDISH Like Prince Harry, somewhat glad Di’s history? (7)
Hidden in gLAD Di’S History.
20 CORONA Phwoar, topless Lisa’s first cigar! (6)
COR (Phwoar) [m]ONA (topless Lisa)
21/24 DUMB DOWN Assume audience is thick, inarticulate and depressed? (4,4)
DUMB (inarticulate) DOWN (depressed)

No dreadful joke this week but here’s an arithmetical limerick I chanced upon recently:

A dozen, a gross, and a score
Plus three times the square root of four
Divided by seven
Plus five times eleven
Is nine squared and not a bit more.

4 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 478 – Rodent sandwich”

  1. Bamberger says:

    I got 2d from the word play but the only Emma who came to mind was Emma Bunton of Spice Girl fame and I couldn’t think why she was a luvvie.

  2. lemming says:

    I got the vermicelli, but can someone please tell me why it’s topping.

  3. Jon Delfin says:

    @lemming: I wondered as well. I’m guessing it’s the latter part of this from Chambers: a very slender type of pasta; (more usu chocolate vermicelli) short thin pieces of chocolate used for decoration of cakes, sweets, etc.

  4. lemming says:

    That’ll be it. Thanks, I’m reassured. I must check my own Chambers next time. :) This is the stuff in the wild:

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