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Financial Times 14,125 by Monk

Posted by PeeDee on October 3rd, 2012


One expects a challenge from Monk, but I think this was difficult by anyone’s standards.

Round the edge of the grid are THE THE (1980’s pop band) THE BARD (Shakespeare) THE OAKS (a country pub? horse race at Epsom) and THE END (the end).  Possibly there is a theme here, but if there is it escapes me, and anyway I am so mentally exhausted from solving this that I coulnd’t follow it anyway.  My clear favourite today is 3dn, no competition!.

Thank you Monk for a great morning’s work.

Hold the mouse pointer over any clue number to read the clue.

7 TOYOTA TO and A TOY (corgi manufacture model cars) reversed (returned)
8 FOUCALT OUt (almost=cut short) and C (caught) in FAULT (error) – Leon Foucalt former French physicist
9 HEIGHTEN EIGHT (two fours) in HEN (female) – definition is raise
10 SERAPH RAP (short sharp blow) inside (boxed by) HE’S reversed  – a winged angel
11 EDIT TIDE (trend) reversed
12 SALSA VERDE (SERVE SALAD)* – defiition is &lit, a type of salad dressing (among other things)
14 BRASSIE BRASSIERE (lingerie) with ER (queen) removed – a type of golf club
16 MAESTRO A and S placed separately (broken) into METRO (urban railway)
19 ALL THE BEST ALL (without exception) THE BEST (unsurpassed)
21 SHIA SH (mum, quiet) AI (excellent) reversed (about)
22 RAGOUT RAG (newspaper) OUT (published)
24 SHAMROCK SHAM (hoax) ROCK (diamond) – the shamrock is associated with the Irish nation
25 D-NOTICES (EDICTS ON)* anagram=broadcasts – former name for DA-Notices, requests from government to newspapers to refrain from publishing a story
26 DRIERS DRIvERS (golf clubs) with no centre (heartless) – I guess a drier might drain something. This seems a bit of a vague definition to me.
1 TOREADOR OREAD (nymph) in TOR (hill) – a bullfighter, dangerous to bulls
2 HOGGET O (old) GG (horse) in THE* (anagram=excited) – a name for a young sheep
3 EARTH SHINE EAR (listener) (HINTS HE)* anagram=is playing – the equivalent of moonlight, night time light from earth seen from the moon. What a cracking clue!
4 TUNS TUNS with A (are, 100 sq metres) missing (not inside)
5 HARRIERS RE (about) reversed in HARRIS (Isle of Harris). Although often given the name ‘Isle’ Harris is not an island but the southern part of the larger Lewis and Harris.
6 ELOPED cryptic definition
8 FINALS IN (concerned with) going inside (stopping, like a cork) FALSe (wrong, mostly)
13 AVANT-GARDE (ADVANTAGE R)* R=runs (anagram=out)
15 SET FORTH SET (fixed) and the River FORTH
17 RAILCARD cryptic definition
18 CENSUS CENSUreS (disapproves) with RE (about) removed (given the chop) – definition is ‘count’
20 LEARNT LENT (fast) with cAR (top missing) put (parked) inside – definition is ‘gathered’
21 STRAIN double definition
23 TACE T (time) ACE (one) – definition is ‘quiet’, an instruction to stop talking


5 Responses to “Financial Times 14,125 by Monk”

  1. Conrad Cork says:

    Can’t help with the embedded theme, but The Oaks is a flat race held at Epsom, and I think that that is more likely than a country pub.

    Hope the Prof will drop by to assist if no-one else elaborates. Tough indeed. Don’t know how you managed PeeDee:just glad I didn’t have to blog it.

  2. crypticsue says:

    Very very tough indeed. If they were waiting for me to blog it….!!

    Thanks to Monk for making me work harder than on any of today’s other cryptics and to the wonderful PeeDee for sorting it all out for us.

  3. nmsindy says:

    I think you have found the theme, Pee Dee, well-known two-word phrases that begin with THE, I’d think.

  4. Richard says:

    Very well done and thanks for the blog, PeeDee

  5. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Only yesterday (in Neo’s blog) rowland said “the FT is very good these days, I think”. I fully agree. Cinephile, Dante and Cincinnus are what they are, but some setters who publish in other broadsheets too downgrade a bit for the FT and – how paradoxically – become perhaps even more attractive here (Redshank, Loroso, Neo, Alberich, to name a few).
    But Monk is Monk – can’t see much difference with his Indy outings.

    Another cracking puzzle.
    Nice to see Matt Johnson’s The The get a mention somewhere around the perimeter.
    And a nice nod to Pink Floyd in 3d too!

    Yesterday, Neo replied to my query on abbreviations: “D for daughter or daughters is standard, as is S for son or sons, and both are tolerated even by The Times, notoriously choosy as it is about single-letter indication (to protect solvers from the REALLY REALLY obscure stuff, I think: take = R not allowed, are = A not allowed &c)”.
    And while I am still not convinced by D for Daughters (plural), see what happened today: A for ‘are’ – I like it!

    Thanks PeeDee.
    Even more thanks to Monk.

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