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Financial Times no.14,126 by PETO

Posted by Ringo on October 4th, 2012


A soggy pink ‘un – thanks to the newsagent’s unmopped floor – and varied and enjoyable, if not particularly difficult, puzzle from Peto. I don’t know if I’ve blogged this setter before (or, indeed, if he/she has set for the FT before), but, in any case, an excellent way to start the day. And the sun’s out. Lovely.


1. MAINSHEET  Main [most important] + anagram of these to give a rope used aboard ship

6. GUSTO  US [American] + T [model-T] within go [try]

9. LARVA  Hidden in simiLAR VArieties

10. ERADICATE  Era [some time] + a + Di [princess, as in Princess Diana] + cate [delicacy, fancy food]

11. NIGHT SHIFT  Anagram of his thing + ft [feet]

12. MEET  [miles] + reversal of tee [support (for golf-ball)]

14. CULPRIT  Cu [copper] + LP [record] + R [resistance] + it

15. CLAIMER  CL [150 in Roman numerals] + a [one] + me [Peto, setter] within Ir [Irish]

17. MIRANDA  M [married] + Iran [country] + DA [District Attorney, lawyer]

19. SHALLOW  All [everyone] within show [appear]

20. OSLO  Hidden in RomeO’S LOver

22. OUTCLASSES  Out [unfashionable] + classes [types]

25. FAVOURITE  Double definition: Raleigh was a favourite of Elizabeth I

26. KNOUT  Sounds like nowt [nothing]

27. TELLS  Double definition, alluding to the Swiss patriot William Tell

28. GREEN BEAN  Green [environmental friendly] + E [Ecstasy, drug] within ban [prohibition]


1. MILAN  La [French for ‘the’] within min [minute, short time]

2. IRREGULAR  Reversal of Luger [gun] within RA [Royal Artillery, soldiers] within Ir [Iran]

3. SCATTERING  Anagram of tigers cant

4. EYESHOT  Eyes [organs] + hot [stolen]

5. TRAFFIC  Double definition, alluding to the English rock group

6. GRIM  G [gelding] + rim [edge]

7. SPARE  S [small] + pare [cut]

8. OVERTHROW  Over [about] + throw [deliver (especially in ball-games)]

13. BANANA SKIN  Bananas [crazy] + kin [family]

14. COME OFF IT  Off [from] + [Italy] within Comet [UK electrical goods store]

16. MLLSTONE  Mill‘s [philosopher John Stuart’s] + anagram of note

18. AMUSING  A(mpleforth) + musing [deep in thought]

19. SECRETE  Sounds like see Crete [Mediterranean island]

21. LEVEL  Double definition

23. SATAN  SA [South Africa] + TA [Territorial Army, TA] + (ow)n

24. RUNS  Double definition: a run or a ladder is a tear in a stocking or pair of tights

3 Responses to “Financial Times no.14,126 by PETO”

  1. rowland says:

    Thanks Ringo, and I agree with you, a lovely, fresh start. I liked the ‘crazy family’ best here, though some nice stuff throughout.

    Many thanks all,

  2. flashling says:

    Bananas’ kin my last in and struggled to parse Come off it, looking at OF I rather than OFF I, still thanks to Ringo and Peto, for a nice little challenge.

  3. Keeper says:

    Normally, I am not a fan of clues where the definition is “boy” or “girl” and the solution is a first name. But in this puzzle, 17a was my 25a. Law enforcement officers in the United States are required to read suspects their “MIRANDA rights” (see Miranda v. Arizona, 1966). Thus, MIRANDA is not just any girl, but a “lawyer’s girl” indeed. And as I was writing this, I noticed CULPRIT (14a) sitting just above MIRANDA in the grid. I sincerely hope Peto did that deliberately.

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