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Beelzebub 1178

Posted by Jed on October 5th, 2012


This was a very hard nut to crack





1 Fair girl is past her prime, acting ISOLDA (girl’s name meaning fair)

IS OLD (past her prime) A (acting)

6 Ravel’s dejected, offering no cheers for Italian in strict time ABATTU (dejected Fr)

A BATTUTA (strictly in tempo Italian) minus TA (cheers – thanks)

10 Whirlwind trip taken by a great many TOURBILLION (whirlwind)

TOUR (trip) BILLION (many)

11 Slit dress excellent around harem room AO DAI (slit dress)

ODA (harem room) in AI (excellent)

12 I’m a cure possibly covering blood disorder URAEMIC (of blood disorder)


15 French are investing in work backing currency PESO (currency)

ES (French for are) in OP<

16 Poet’s airy English for this group around here ETHEREOUS (airy Milton)

E (English) HERE in TO US (for this group)

17 Story about American is to form a link LIAISE (form a link)

A IS (American is) in LIE (story)

19 Wildcats run into bird of prey EYRAS (wildcats)

R (run) in EYAS  (unfledged hawk)

21 Lights formerly seen in  some simple message LEMES (old lights)

hidden in [simp]LE MES[sage]

23 Northern people move lightly into gambling game ESKIMO (N people)

SKIM (move lightly) in EO (gambling game)

26 His sloppy old garment, around top of trousers repeatedly, showing this?

SHIRT TAIL (HIS)* TT (T[rousers] x 2) in RAIL (old garment)

28 Time off, apparently NOON (time) NO ON = off

30 I’d produce originally energetic work with hammer around stone? EPSTEIN (Brian – Beatles manager) E[nergetic] ST (stone) in PEIN (work with hammer)

31 Foundation importing British traffic signal ROBOT (traffic signal S Africa)

B (British) in ROOT (foundation)

32 One blow separating Penny and her Casanova PHILANDERER

I LANDER (blow) in P (penny) HER

33 Monstrous bird, gloomy, is taken back SIMURG (monstrous bird)

IS GRUM< (gloomy)

34 Staff accommodating science not usually wet ROSCID (dewy – rare)

SCI (science) in ROD (staff)


1 Drab that is embracing Libyan’s disciple not one accepted ISABELLINE (drab)

SABELLI[a]N (disciple of Sabellius) in IE (that is)

2 Special talent making bread STOTTIE (bread) S TOTTIE (attractive young person)

3 Liberal and Ulster Unionist welcoming in a more exotic party LUAU (Hawaiian party) A in L U U

4 Motorists not against carwash components DRIERS V (against) from DRIVERS

5 Deceive America, engaging in presidential colloquialism ABUSE (deceive)

US (America) in ABE (Lincoln)

6 Excellent part incorporating hydrant and opening for gas AIRHOLE

AI (excellent) H (hydrant) in ROLE (part)

7 British federation dismissing a European? Nonsense BLAGUE (nonsense)

B LEAGUE minus E (European)

8 Item that’s run on track with couple cycling TIME TRIAL &Lit

(ITEM)* TRAIL (track) with 2 vowels swapping (cycling)

9 About two metres? Slow mover’s a bit put out TOISE (French length unit)

ORT (a bit) from T[ort]OISE

13 Cheered old recording capturing performance close to midnight?

CONSOLATED (cheered old) ON SO LATE (performance close to midnight) in CD

14 Fake marks on paste picked up in candles SHAMMOSIM (candles Judaism)

SHAM (fake) M (marks) MISO< (paste picked up)

18 Working on text French writer served up , receiving money EDITING

TIN (money) in GIDE< (Andre)

20 Am I getting seaweed from the smaller part? A MINORI (from the lesser)

AM I NORI (seaweed)

22 Strain to accept money in bribery SHMEAR (bribery)

M (money) in SHEAR (strain)

24 Player’s sore, agitated about half of team             STEREO (player)

TE[am] in (SORE)*

25 Hawaii’s after better crystal deposits TOPHI (gouty deposits)

TOP (better) HI (Hawaii)

27 Doctor supports organised recreation R AND R (recreation)

RAN (organised) DR (doctor)

29 Elevated points for scientific body TORS (elevated points)

TO (for) RS (Royal Society)

( )* = anagram    < = reverse    [ ] = omit




6 Responses to “Beelzebub 1178”

  1. Dormouse says:

    Surely 30ac is a reference to Jacob Epstein, the sculptor?

  2. Conrad Cork says:

    Anyone blogged 1177? That was my nemesis.

  3. Dormouse says:

    I completed 1177, but that was nearly two weeks ago so I don’t remember much about it. Couldn’t parse 31ac, but had no trouble with the rest. Anything in particular you had trouble with?

  4. eimi says:

    This may help:

    2 SYMMETRICAL; my s (all rev.) + metrical
    10 KHEDA; K HE da
    11 SOOTH; soot h
    13 YOGIN; go (rev.) in yin
    14 TAMARAU; tamara u
    15 WAGE; w age(nda)
    17 DIAPIRISM; ‘d + I rip (all rev.) in anag.
    18 TRANSPOSABLE; anag. – e
    20 CONCHOLOGIST; anag. in cot
    21 HOVELLING; (s)hovelling
    26 DOUG; U in dog
    27 NONETTE; no nette(d)
    28 ILLTH; hidden
    29 GLEEK; G leek
    30 SCATT; scat t
    31 HORROR STORY; ORR in hors(e) Tory

    1 SKYWATCHING; anag.
    2 SHOAL; (fi)sh o’ a L
    3 YEGGMAN; egg in anag.
    4 MANNISHLY; Mann is h(0)ly
    5 EXTRAPOLATOR; ex trap + anag. + r
    6 TRAMPOLINERS; anag. & lit.
    7 IOAN; I + a in on
    8 CORGI; R in cog I & lit.
    9 ATAPS; a taps
    12 HUG-ME-TIGHTS; g in hum + t in eights
    16 MISONEIST; one is in mist
    19 BIPOLAR; I + lop (rev.) in bar
    22 OVOLO; vol in O O
    23 VINER; n in vier
    24 TUTTY;
    25 JEER; jee r

  5. Dormouse says:

    ORR was a new one for me. Office of the Rail Regulator, I see from Chambers. Surprised I hadn’t seen that before.

  6. Conrad Cork says:

    Many thanks Eimi @4. What scuppered me was that I had managed to write mannishly in with one n and two s’s What comes out of the end of my pen isn’t always what I intend, and I am now sitting in the corner with a conical hat on. As Saki has it in another context ‘another time I shall do better’ (it is to be hoped).

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