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Enigmatic Variations 1037: Men Are Fools by Wan

Posted by Dave Hennings on 6th October 2012

Dave Hennings.

Wan is a new setter to me. I haven’t seen him in the Listener, EV or Inquisitor series, but he/she may have appeared elsewhere. Consequently, I’ve no idea whether to expect a tough puzzle or an easy one.

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Independent Prize Puzzle 8100 / Tees

Posted by Bertandjoyce on 6th October 2012


Sorry, Tees, but we didn’t really enjoy this as much as we had hoped – but then again, maybe we’re missing something?

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Guardian Prize No 25,754 by Qaos

Posted by bridgesong on 6th October 2012


I think that this is the first puzzle by Qaos to appear in the prize slot on a Saturday,  and certainly the first which I have blogged.  Like Andrew a few months ago (No 25,691) I found it a bit of a mixed bag.  At first blush it looked ridiculously easy, with several obvious anagrams, but some of the other clues presented a sterner challenge.  13 across was particularly inventive, I thought.

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