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Independent 8107 by Tyrus

Posted by nmsindy on October 8th, 2012


Tyrus is one of the harder Indy setters and often appears at the weekend.      This puzzle however I found easier than Tyrus usually is, tho harder than the Indy puzzle on average.    Solving time, 43 mins.      Tyrus puzzles often have themes, many linked to current events – this one features journalism with a number of linked clues.      As in the other Tyrus puzzles, there are lots of amusing clues to enjoy here.

It refer jokingly to old-fashioned sensational reporting with 14/4 often appearing in a report which set out for readers’ entertainment what happened in a 5/13, all provided by the 21/17

* = anagram


1   RAPT   “wrapped” = undercover (21A)

3 WASHED UP    w a  (pushed)*

9 SCOT-FREE      Fergie, say = Man United manager Sir Alex Ferguson (a Scot) (ref)*  gamE

10 UNSUNG   1D = RECOGNITION    ‘uns  ‘ung

11 AGONY UNCLE   (Lance Young)*

12 OBOE     O = (sweet) FA   BORE less R (right)

14/4  I MADE AN EXCUSE AND LEFT       This was the breakthrough answer for me to the theme of the puzzle – anagram of the first five words in the clue and cross-references to the other thematic clues

16 SARDONIC    a rd in Sonic (the Hedgehog)

18 DIONYSIA   (y i siad no)*   y = “Why”

19 PERIL    per = a  il(l)    ill = barely, hardly as in eg “I can ill afford”

20 KNOT   2 Mngs

21/17  UNDERCOVER REPORTER        1D = RECOGNITION    so a cryptic definition edging towards straight definition

23 ARARAT     Ara(b)  rat

25 EMERITUS    executivE    tire in sum (all reversed)

26 CELERITY     Celebrity less its middle letter B

27  HERE    hidden


1  RECOGNITION     (to Nic ignore)*    Liberal indicates the anagram

2 PUTIN       put out = inconvenienced so ‘on the contrary’ = put in

5/13  HOUSE OF ILL-REPUTE    Anagram of first four words in clue.

6 DISHONOUR    Dish    (Yoko) Ono   RU (upwards)

7 PEN     (o)pen

8 TROUSERS    (me)tro users

15 AU NATUREL   (true Nuala)*

21 UTTER   (g) UTTER

22 OLIVE    o (love)   live (as it happens)

24 ROC      imaginary bird = bird imagined   f(roc)k


15 Responses to “Independent 8107 by Tyrus”

  1. allan_c says:

    All very fair, but requiring some careful thought and I needed the blog to parse some of the clues. Thanks, Tyrus and nmsindy.

  2. Conrad Cork says:


  3. Cumbrian says:

    Parsing some of these was a bit beyond my ability, so many thanks for the blog. Some enjoyable stuff; now that I understand the parsing, my favourites (previously “wassatallabout?”) are 8d and 12a.

  4. NealH says:

    I found this heavy weather, not helped by putting dyonisia for 18 (and that was after I’d looked it up). I couldn’t make much sense of some of the clues – 12 stumped me because I’d never have thought of “oboe” for player, although I suppose you can have “first oboe” in an orchestra.

    The bug in the online system where it says the crossword is complete even if you fill it with gibberish seems have to come back.

  5. Pelham Barton says:

    I am not a great fan of multiple linked long answers, but that is my problem, and I recognise this as a very good puzzle of its type, so thanks Tyrus and nms for the blog.

    8dn: The metro systems I know (Greater Manchester, Tyne and Wear, West Midlands) are mainly overground, but then so is a good part of the London Underground system. Saying “Light railway passengers” would perhaps be more technically accurate, but not have such a good surface. On the whole the form used is probably the best. (Clash of meanings of “surface” noted.)

  6. Pelham Barton says:

    Further to 5 re 8dn: I neglected to say that I thought the idea behind the clue was really neat.

  7. nmsindy says:

    Two brief ‘comments on the comments’. Re #4, dicts confirm ‘oboe’ can be someone playing the oboe in an orchestra.

    I think the ‘underground’ discussion may be taking it somewhat too literally. The London Underground has been calling itself that for a long time, I think, tho it is all not literally underground. IMHO the terms ‘metro’ and ‘underground’ are pretty much interchangeable for railway systems.

  8. flashling says:

    Re Oboe, I seem to remember the same conversation on one of my first blogs, cor this was a bit of a toughie to break into but rather enjoyable as the PDM happened.

    Thanks NMS/Tyrus.

  9. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Definitely a toughie for a Monday in my opinion. Didn’t understand it all, so thanks for the blog, nms. I liked SCOT FREE.

    And I am being dim here, but what is the theme and what are the ‘thematic clues’?

  10. nmsindy says:

    Re the query at #9, I’ve expanded the introduction to the blog to give more detail on the theme.

  11. Dormouse says:

    Definitely harder than the usual Monday puzzle, I thought. Didn’t think I was going to finish it, and I suppose I didn’t, actually, as I rejected “oboe” for 12ac. 8dn and 26ac I got only with word searches, and I guessed 20ac but had to look it up to confirm the bird meaning.

  12. Tyrus says:

    Many thanks for the blog and comments.

    Re 8dn, I think the Paris Metro is largely underground.

  13. eimi says:

    I’m with Conrad Cork @2. With the Conservative Party conference on, I think a lot of us need cheering up and Tyrus always brings a smile to my face.

  14. flashling says:

    Hehe Eimi, I thought you were Independent, my views on Osbourne, well, this is a crossword forum, but yes this was fine stuff, if stiff for a Monday morning. Roll on the morning.

  15. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Tyrus for dropping in. Further to comments on 8dn, on re-reading my original comment @5, I see that it did not come out as clearly as intended as airing a possible objection in order to dismiss it.

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