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Financial Times no.14,132 by HAMILTON

Posted by Ringo on October 11th, 2012


Even in the FT there’s no escaping the 50th anniversary of …

Love Me Do. So plenty of unclued Beatlesiana here, plus, I’m sure, a few allusions that I’ve missed. A pretty good puzzle, leaving aside the loveable mop-tops: a nice mixture, and some first-class surfaces.


1. THE BEATLES  Anagram of late within the bes(t) [number one]

7. HA-HA  Hidden in dacHA HAs

9. JUNG  N(ight) within jug [gaol]

10. REX  Hidden in oveREXcited

11. CREAMY  (Trifl)e within cram [stuff] + (sherr)y

12. MARTIN  Rt [right] within main [first] – George Martin was the Beatles’ producer

13. CLEAN-CUT  Anagram of bouncy castle minus the letters of boys

14. WELLBEING  Be [is] within wellington [boot] minus ton [weight]

16. CAGE  [Catholic] + age [times]

18. SPED  PE [Physical Education, gym] within SD [South Dakota]

20. QUARRYMEN  Quarry [target] + men [soldiers] – this was the Beatles’ original name

24. LOVE ME DO  Love [emotion] + anagram of demo to give the Beatles’s first single

25. EXCESS  Anagram of Essex C [Conservative]

27. CAVERN  Cave [Latin for beware, warning] + RN [Royal Navy, sailors] – the Cavern Club in Liverpool was where the Beatles made their name

28. IDO  Looks like I do [wedding vow]

29. ABED  A + BEd [Bachelor of Education, graduate]

30. BEST  Double definition, alluding to Pete Best, the Beatles’ first drummer

31. ENTREATING  Anagram of argentine t [time]


2. HAULAGE  Reversal of gal [US girl] within Ha(g)ue [Tory minister William]

3. BEGET  Cryptic definition, with father as a verb, not a noun

4. ARRANGER  Arran [Scottish island] + ger [German, one in Hamburg (see 8dn.)]

5. LEXICON  XI [eleven, side, team] + co [company] within Len [boy’s name]

6. SECRET  Cr [credit] within reversal of Tees [river]

7. HUE AND CRY  Anagram of handy cure

8. HAMBURG  Ham [amateur] + reversal of grub [food] – the Beatles played a series of gigs in Hamburg before they were famous

15. LODGEMENT  Lodge [shelter] + (regi)ment [army unit]

17. FREE LOVE  Free [unattached] + love [darling] – an allusion to the Beatles’ hippy phase?

19. PROFANE  Prof [teacher] + a + n [new] + e(nquiry)

21. UTOPIST  Anagram of its up to (the allusion is to Thomas More’s Utopia)

22. EPSTEIN  EP [Extended Play, record] + anagram of I sentBrian Epstein was the Beatles’ first manager

23. MEANIE  Mean [intend] + alternate letters of fIrE – the Blue Meanies were the villains in the Beatles’ film Yellow Submarine

26. CHART  Ch [check] + art [talent] – one last Beatles reference to finish


3 Responses to “Financial Times no.14,132 by HAMILTON”

  1. Bryan says:

    Many thanks Ringo, you are a real STARR!

    This was very enjoyable so many thanks to Hamilton.

  2. Lenny says:

    This is a brilliant puzzle from Hamilton and I am sorry that it has received so little recognition. My heart sinks when I see the words “anniversary puzzle” but, even I could not miss this, especially when the enumeration of the entry clue led to Love Me Do. I thought it would be a doddle but I struggled to finish because some clues were undefined and quite tangential such as those for Hamburg and Cavern. Thanks Hamilton, and thanks to Ringo. Was that one of Hamilton’s tangential clues? Did he know that it was your day to blog?

  3. Hamilton says:

    Sorry I’m late posting, but many thanks Ringo for your blog and Bryan and Lenny for your comments. I had a lot of fun setting this and I specifically chose 11 October because that was the day Love Me Do entered the charts, as opposed to the release date fifty years ago last Thursday which was the focus of the media attention. Lenny @ 2 – I partially defined some of the themed clues because I thought The Beatles’ early history was pretty well known, and yes, I knew it was likely that Ringo would blog the puzzle, but my early attempts to get all four names in failed, and I settled for the group name at 1 across instead.

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