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Financial Times 14,131 by Cinephile

Posted by Jed on October 12th, 2012


Masterly polychromic strokes





9 ONE ACROSS (not in this puzzle) (OCEAN)* ROSS (sea)

10 AZURE (heraldic colour) sounds like HAS YOUR (common)

11 PURPURE (heraldic colour) PUR[e] PURE (clean)

12 UNBOSOM (tell secrets) (MOB ON US)*


14 IN RECESSION (going backwards) IN (on question of) RECESSION (surrender)

17 AVERT (prevent) A VERT (heraldic colour)

19 GULES (heraldic red) (GLUES)*

21 FRAUDULENCE (dishonesty) FRAU (woman) LE (French the) in DUNCE

25 UPTIGHT (repressed) UP (elevated) TIGHT (drunk)

28 NORMA (opera and Mrs Major)

29 ARGENTINA (country) ARGENT (heraldic colour) IN A


1 TORPOR (lethargy) OR (heraldic metal) after TEE (T) and PEE (P)

2 REPRIEVE (cancellation of death warrant) PRIE (French pray) in REVE (French dream as in LE REVE by Picasso)

3 ACQUAINTED (knowing a little) QUAINT (funny old) in ACED (defeated by service)

4 NONE (nothing) ALL-OR-NONE law concerning muscle fibre response?

5 ESCUTCHEON (shield) CUT CHE (don’t talk to revolutionary) in NOSE<

6 GARB (clothes) BRAG< (boast lifted)

7 MUESLI (cereal) [yo](U SMILE)*

8 TERMINUS (end) TERM (school time) IN US (in America)

15 RATTLETRAP (old car) RATTLE (Simon) PART< (elevated role)

16 SIGNET RING (makes finger impression) (TIGGERS INN)*

17 AFFLUENT (well off) FLUE N (opening north) in A FT (a foot)

20 LADYSHIP (title) LADY (female) SHIP (vessel)

22 ATTIRE (dress) A TT (one on the wagon) IRE (anger)

24 YEOMAN (significant service) YE (solvers) OMAN (sultanate)

26,27 GRAN TURISMO (GT luxury car) GRANT (permit) URI’S (Israeli boy’s) MO (short time)

27 TOGO (country) TO GO (to leave)

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    < = reverse

6 Responses to “Financial Times 14,131 by Cinephile”

  1. Dave H says:

    This is a duplicate of Wednesday’s crossword. Looks like another FT e-gremlin

  2. Bryan says:

    Dave H is correct and I’ve already reported this to the FT.

  3. Bryan says:

    No 14,133 by Redshank is now available.

  4. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Redshank for an enjoyable puzzle with some lovely clues which I would like to discuss. I think Jed has done his duty for today by blogging the Cinephile. Would it be out of order for me to offer my list of answers and parsings?

  5. Bamberger says:

    Re Redshank, I can’t see why 13a is dutch.
    I think 2d is bell tents but can’t see why.
    Stuck on 5a u? s?p?a ut supra?

  6. Pelham Barton says:

    Bamberger @5:

    5ac: UT SUPRA hidden reversed in peculiAR PUSTUles

    12ac: DUTCH (that could)* minus A LOT

    2dn: BELL TENTS (lent)* in BELTS

    In 12ac, Redshank is using the convention that a phrase takes a plural verb. He uses this consistently and to good effect, especially in the superb “& lit” clue at 18ac.

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