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Financial Times 14,133 – Redshank

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on October 12th, 2012

Sil van den Hoek.

This was another excellent crossword by Redshank full of nice twists and turns, including the inevitable subtraction anagrams. After today’s FT blooper one cannot expect Jed to write another blog. Therefore I am happy to be a last minute stand-in.


1 CABARET   CAT (jazz fan) around BARE (with nothing on) – def: nightspot

5 UT SUPRA   Hidden answer, backwards: [peculi]AR PUSTU[les] – def: as above

9 MOLAR   MO (how to work, modus operandi) + {LR (both sides, left and right) around A} – def: grinder

10 ENUMERATE   E NUM[b]ER (food additive, without B (British)) + A + TE (note) – def: list

11 BATTLE-AXE   {[la]B[our] + ATTLEE (PM)} around A X (cross) – def: old woman

12 DUTCH   (THAT COULD minus A LOT)* – def: language

13 IN LOCO PARENTIS   (CAN SENIOR PILOT)* – def: with kids under his wing?

18 MASSAGE PARLOUR   (A PARAMOUR’S LEGS)* – def: where etc. (the whole clue)

20 THONG   (TONIGHT’S)* minus IT’S – def: sexy strip

22 SAFETY PIN   (FAN IS)* around E-TYP[e] (sports car, short) – def: security device

24 TRIUMVIRI   TRIUM[ph] (win, mostly) + V (victory) + IRI[s] (flag, not quite) – def: top classical group

25 ACT UP   T (homophone of TEA) inside A CUP (where it (tea) should be, “in a cup”) – My CoD (among many contenders) – def: carry on

26 ROMANCE   (CAN)* inside ROME (capital) – def: love affair

27 HUNDRED   H (hospital) + (UNDER)* + D (director) – def: old part of county (Irish)


1 COME BY   B (baron) replacing D (duke) in COMEDY (play) – def: find

2 BELL TENTS   (LENT)* inside BELTS (zones) – def: temporary shelters

3 RURAL   R (river) URAL (Russian river) – def: how that river appears on a map / of the country

4 TREMATODE   {TREAT (deal) around M (millions)} + OD (overdrawn) + E (euros) – def: fluke

5 U-TUBE   U (uranium) + TUBE (underground) – def: trap

6 SPEEDWELL   (WEED)* inside SPELL (time) – def: Veronica

7 PLAIT   A G (good) I (one) combined with PLAIT could lead to A PIGTAIL – def: intertwine

9 AMETHYST   (MATE’S)* around THY (your, old) – def: what’s in ring (a gemstone)

14 ORANGEMEN   (ANGER)* inside OMEN (portentous event) – def: Loyalists

15 ADAM FAITH   ADAM (first man) + F (fair-headed, ie the first letter of ‘fair’) + A + (HIT)* – def: the clue as a whole, though the surface is probably beyond the truth

16 TRUMPETER   TRUMP (Donald) + ET (and, foreign, in French) + ER (ruler) – def: perhaps Nellie (the Elephant)

17 IMITATOR   Hidden solution: [l]IMIT A TOR[y] – def: he does [thx, PB @1]

19 SNIPED   SPED (raced) around NI (province, Northern Ireland) – def: shot from cover

21 OPIUM   PIU (more, in Italian) inside [r]OM[e] – def: duller, ie something that makes dull

22 SKIVE   S (south) + K[orean] + IV (four) + E (quarter, East) – def: avoid

23 TWAIN   TIN (can) around WA (Washington) – def: Mark (Twain, the writer)



3 Responses to “Financial Times 14,133 – Redshank”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks (again) Redshank and Sil for the blog.

    17dn: I think the defintion is “He does”: you would say of an impressionist “He does Tommy Cooper” (or whoever).

  2. Pelham Barton says:

    Further to 1: can anyone explain why I keep missing out the second I when typing the word “definition”? Usually I manage to spot it before submitting but not this time. Apologies anyway.

  3. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Thanks, PB.
    You’re right about 17dn.
    As to missing out the second I in definItion, that also happens to me – over and over again.
    In fact, it happened just now, too ….. :)

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