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Guardian Quiptic 674 / Orlando

Posted by Big Dave on 15th October 2012

Big Dave.

Orlando is one of a couple of Quiptic setters whose puzzles I always enjoy solving.  Today I wasn’t disappointed. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 25,767 – Audreus

Posted by Andrew on 15th October 2012


Nice to see one of Audreus’s rare appearances in the Monday slot (and we can confidently predict her son Shed for tomorrow). This was mostly easy going, with a striking number of clues involving reversals, but with enough gentle trickery to stop it being a complete walkover.

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Independent 8113/Quixote

Posted by Pierre on 15th October 2012


Another accessible but well-constructed Monday puzzle from Quixote.  Lots of different devices, including some clever anagrams, and some nice story-telling surfaces.

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Private Eye/Cyclops 479 – Money Laundering

Posted by beermagnet on 15th October 2012


I solved this one before I realised I was going to blog it and haven’t made any contemporaneous notes.
I can’t even remember which was the first clue answered, nor which was the last.  I was certainly not stuck on anything at the end, just left with a smile, so that indicates the puzzle was not too hard.

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