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Guardian Quiptic 674 / Orlando

Posted by Big Dave on October 15th, 2012

Big Dave.

Orlando is one of a couple of Quiptic setters whose puzzles I always enjoy solving.  Today I wasn’t disappointed.

Most of the definitions given are from Chambers 11th Edition. Most of the standard abbreviations used in the wordplay are shown with the unused letters in brackets e.g. O(ld). In common with the practice adopted by two of my fellow Quiptic bloggers, definitions are underlined in the clue and only included in explanations where further information is given.


1a Father comes back with fruit —  look! (6)
APPEAR – reverse a short word for father and add a fruit

4a Judicial investigation makes sense (7)
HEARING – a double definition

9a Beau Brummell’s first, if Rodney is at sea (9)
BOYFRIEND – an anagram (at sea) of the initial (first) letter of Brummell and IF RODNEY

10a Groom about to enter enclosure (5)
PREEN – reverse a two-letter word meaning about inside (to enter) an enclosure

11a Europe in turmoil after dropping old currency (5)
RUPEE – an anagram (in turmoil) of EUR(O)PE without (after dropping) O(ld)

12a Butcher’s following nurse (4,5)
LOOK AFTER – the word for which butcher’s hook is Cockney rhyming slang then a word meaning following

13a Tumbler and bottle opener held by a European (7)
ACROBAT – the initial letter (opener) of Bottle inside (held by) A and a European from the Balkans

15a Stiffener used by most architects (6)
STARCH – hidden inside (used by) moST ARCHitects

17a Threaten one member with dissolution (6)
IMPEND – I (one) followed by a Member of Parliament and a dissolution

19a Good stroll by river getting better (7)
GAMBLER – G(ood) followed by a stroll and R(iver) gives someone who bets

22a Shopkeeper bursting into tears (9)
STATIONER – an anagram (bursting) of INTO TEARS

24a Either way it is unacceptable (3,2)
NOT ON – whichever way you read it this palindromic expression means unacceptable

26a Western city to avoid (5)
DODGE – a double definition – the first is a city that featured in many Westerns

27a Deficit discovered in shower? (9)
SHORTFALL – split as (5,4) this could be a shower of rain

28a Talk about singular garnish (7)
PARSLEY – a colloquial word meaning to talk around S(ingular)

29a A former head of state managed clubs in the centre of Oxford (6)
FRANCO – a verb meaning managed and C(lubs) inside the inner letters of OxFOrd


1d Bishop’s warning about a prairie province (7)
ALBERTA – B(ishop) in chess notation inside (about) a warning and followed by the A from the clue

2d Settle for salary increase? (3,2)
PAY UP – this could mean an increase in salary

3d A grand assortment of beer and ale? Nice! (9)
AGREEABLE – A and G(rand) followed by an anagram (assortment) of BEER and ALE

4d Ghastly skin and lousy innards (7)
HIDEOUS – the skin of an animal followed by the inner letters (innards) of lOUSy

5d Beginner in Athens (5)
ALPHA – a cryptic definition of the first letter of the Greek alphabet

6d Marshal in citadel, like Tweedledum and Tweedledee (9)
IDENTICAL – an anagram (marshal) of IN CITADEL

7d Bobbie who sang for posh people (6)
GENTRY – a double definition – the singer famous for her “Ode to Billie Joe” and a word for posh people

8d Little ball from gym upset famous archer (6)
PELLET – Physical Exercise (gym) followed by the reversal (upset in a down clue) of the surname of the famous Swiss archer

14d Violent criminal from Madeira breaking into Rolls-Royce (3-6)
RAM-RAIDER – an anagram (breaking) of MADEIRA inside the initials for Rolls-Royce

16d Carpet unknown in a church (9)
AXMINSTER – a mathematical unknown inside the A from the clue and an abbey or priory church

18d Powerful family, extremely dirty and disgusting (7)
DYNASTY – the outer letters of DirtY followed by an adjective meaning disgusting

19d Monster with no drink getting upset (6)
GORGON – one of three female winged monsters comes from the NO from the clue followed by a drink of rum mixed with water, all reversed (upset again!)

20d As a celebrated striker Orlando must come out (7)
RONALDO – this name of this well-known Brazilian footballer is an anagram (must come out) of ORLANDO

21d Exhausted American joins European power-sharing party (4,2)
USED UP – a two-letter word for an American followed by E(uropean) and a power-sharing party in Northern Ireland

23d Trader’s assertion resulting in fine? (5)
IDEAL – split (1,4) this is what a trader might say, but it’s actually a word meaning fine

25d A bride may have this coach (5)
TRAIN – something that might follow a bride up the aisle

6 Responses to “Guardian Quiptic 674 / Orlando”

  1. grandpuzzler says:

    Thanks Orlando and Big Dave. Thanks for explaining how look could come from butcher. Cockney rhyming slang – I might have known.


  2. Andrew says:

    Thanks BD, and Orlando for a nicely-pitched quiptic. I briefly had GROOM for 25d, then was puzzled when I saw it in the clue for 10a, and then got 24a, resolving my difficulties :)

    Coincidentally, “butcher’s” also appears in a clue for today’s cryptic puzzle.

  3. Derek Lazenby says:

    Yup, he’s getting good at these isn’t he?

  4. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, Dave.

    Yes, this was a lovely Quiptic – just the right level, with some entertaining clueing.

  5. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Agree, KD.
    A Quiptic should be ‘easy’ or at least very accessible – and this one surely was. But it is a real bonus when there are so many great surfaces and :) – moments, like for example in 19ac, 22ac, 27ac, 29ac, 3d and 4d.
    Even the obvious 1ac put a smile on my face.

    Orlando’s just a great setter – at any level.

    And, Big Dave (many thanks for the blog), Orlando’s indeed an anagram of Ronaldo. But I’m afraid, Mr Curl wasn’t thinking of the one you featured (one I remember all too well – as a Dutchman – because he started his career at PSV Eindhoven).
    What about Cristiano?

    Never mind, ideal Quiptic.

  6. Big Dave says:

    @ Sil

    What about the nasty Portuguese cheat? He will not be remembered with the same affection as the truly great Brazilian player.

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