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Private Eye/Cyclops 479 – Money Laundering

Posted by beermagnet on October 15th, 2012


I solved this one before I realised I was going to blog it and haven’t made any contemporaneous notes.
I can’t even remember which was the first clue answered, nor which was the last.  I was certainly not stuck on anything at the end, just left with a smile, so that indicates the puzzle was not too hard.

Revisiting it to write the blog the only clue I suspect I might have analysed incorrectly is 4D

1 SCRIBBLERS Hacks, maybe from Sun, Cameron’s prime piss-takers, trap LibDem leader (10)
S[un] C[ameron] then L[ibdem] inside RIBBERS (piss-takers)
7 CUBA Country copper has testicles reduced by 60% (4)
CU (Chemical symbol for Copper) BA[lls]
9/19/27 THIN BLUE LINE Perhaps Met. officers‘ hint about pornographic bit of verse (4,4,4)
(HINT)* AInd: about, BLUE (pornographic) LINE (bit of verse)
10 EASTENDERS Soap arse during festivals (10)
END (arse) inside EASTERS (festivals)
11 ARMREST Member support produces resistance in master nuts (7)
R[esistence] inside (MASTER)* AInd: nuts
12 ALL TOLD A “doll” screwed officer inside – nothing omitted (3,4)
LT (an officer – lieutenant) inside (A DOLL)* AInd: screwed
13/15 MITT ROMNEY Candidate needing hand, right, with suspect money? (4,6)
MITT (hand) R[ight] MONEY* AInd: suspect
18 SASHAY Band, one with ultimately cheesy Jagger-style move? (6)
SASH (band) A (one) [chees]Y
21 DISMISS Vicious about young female’s discharge (7)
SID< (Vicious, about) MISS
23 HALFWIT Beer + comedian = twat (7)
HALF (beer) WIT (comedian)
26 LAUNDERING Doing a banker and cleaning up? (10)
Double Def.?
28/25 MOBY DICK Band on end of tiny penis? That’s novel (4,4)
MOB (band) [tin]Y DICK (penis)
29 DUKE OF YORK Royal who had lots of men “mounting” and “going down” (4,2,4)
Eye-style CD referring to the old nursery rhyme “… and when he was up he was up …” Live footage of Randy Andy going down here.
2 COHORT Military unit: “nothing fits in pisspoor torch!” (6)
0 inside TORCH* AInd: pisspoor
3 IGNORAMUS It’s grim dancing with anus ring, idiot! (9)
(GRIM ANUS O)* AInd: dancing
4 BLESS “Balls gone!” over-the-top luvvie said after a sneeze? (5)
Over the top Luvvie = Brian BLESSED – ED (Balls) I think.
5/22 EASY MONEY Yesmen ‘yo’ a dodgy fatcat’s bonus, say (4,5)
(YESMEN YO A)* AInd: dodgy
6 STEEL WOOL It’s used to scour LibDem peer, then make love at length (5,4)
Libdem Peer = David STEEL, WOO (make love) L[ength]
7 CADET Whip takes Miliband back, as one not yet ready for command? (5)
ED< (Miliband this time) inside CAT (whip)
8 BARCLAYS Boozers, home to cold, unprofessional, sullied bankers (8)
C[old] LAY (unprofessional) inside BARS (boozers)
14 TRANSCEND Go beyond rants about Conservative demise (9)
RANTS* AInd: about, C[onservative] END (demise)
16 NEEDFULLY Liberal feud hosted by twit, of necessity (9)
FEUD* AInd: liberal, inside NELLY (twit)
17 OSTINATO Uppermost in a Tory hogging constant repeated phrase (8)
Hidden in: UppermOST IN A TOry
20 WINNER Gold medallist as a pain-in-the-arse car insurance plugger? (6)
Double Def.
24 AGGRO Hassle from rag – go berserk (5)
(REG GO)* AInd: berserk

I hear Jimmy Saville’s family have removed the headstone and foliage from his grave leaving a small hole with no bush – I can’t help thinking it’s what he would have wanted.


2 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 479 – Money Laundering”

  1. Bamberger says:

    I got bogged down in Cornwall. Eventually Moby Dick sprang to mind. This left 17d reading as ???i?a?o and I couldn’t spot the hidden word.
    18a was looking ??s?a? which looked like ??sway.
    Eventually sashay was dredged up from somewhere though had to see what it meant.
    That meant ostinato was a possible hidden word but didn’t believe it existed until I looked it up.
    Those last two words must have taken 30 mins.

  2. lemming says:

    Ed Balls must surely be in line for an honour for services to PE crossword clues.

    I like this, btw, from the Wikipedia article on Brian Blessed: “in 2011 the University [of York]’s student body voted to name a new study space as the ‘Brian Blessed Centre for Quiet Study'”

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