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Financial Times 14,137 by Aardvark

Posted by PeeDee on October 17th, 2012


More difficult than the previous puzzles by Aardvark that I have blogged.  I ejoyed this very much, thank you Aardvark.

I started in the top-left corner and after a few solutions went in at first glance I thought this was going to be a walk over.  Then gradually the going got heavier and heavier and in the end I found this a challening puzzle to finish.

Hold the mouse pointer over any clue number to read the clue.

1 PLEASE PLimsolls (first two letters of) with EASE (leisure) – definition is ‘suit’ as a verb
4 LAMPETER sounds like “lamb bitter” (local meat = Welsh lamb) – town in Wales. I have no idea if this is actually correct, any natives of Lampeter/Llanbedr reading this please let us know!  As I suspected this is incorrect, the parsing should be should be : LAM (sounds like lamb) + PETER Cook, thanks to Rowland for this.
9 RECCE leadeR ECCEntric (to some extent = part of)
10 JOHN CABOT H (halfway through ‘the’) BACON* (anagram=fried) sits inside (keeps in) JOT (touch, small amount) – Italian explorer
11 SUMATRA ART (craft) reversed on SUM (whole) A (acre)
12 LAID OFF FAIL* (anagram=to work) around DO (reception) F (female) – definition is’laid off’
13 ESAU E (first letter of exit) and SAU sounds like (in audience) saw (spotted) – Isaac’s eldest son
14 ESTONIAN S (first letter of school) in ETONIAN (David Cameron, for instance) – definition is ‘language’. I can’t explain ‘presence of’ here. The clue works well without it and presence doesn’t really indicate S going inside Cameron, if anything ‘presence of’ indicates the external surroundings of Cameron, not the internal. It would be nice if presence=origins, but I can’t find this meaning in Chambers.
17 SUPERMAN PERM (barnet, hairdo) A (area) inside (featured in) SUN (newspaper)
19 STIR T (first letter of troublemaker) in SIR (master) – definition is ‘big house’, prison
22 EPIGRAM E (last letter of collie) PIG and RAM (fram animals) – a wag is a comedian
24 INSPECT P (first letter of problem) in INSECT (little creature) – definition is ‘vet’
25 STATUETTE STAT (statim=immediately, now) U (universal, everyone accepted) bETTEr stripped (outsides removed)
26 LOATH gLOAT (crow) ignoring G (front of garden) H (hard)
27 HAT STAND HAND (pass) over (going round) TeST (cricket match) missing E (English) with A (Australian) – definition is ‘bowlers here?’
28 ASSERT ASS (idiot) rEgReTs (regularly=every other letter)
1 PERISHED R (run) with fISH (swimmers, capless=no top) into DEEP (the ocean) reversed (returning)
2 ENCOMPASS COMPASS (navigational instrument) following East and North (two bearings)
3 SWEATY anagram (with injury) of WASTE Year
5 A WHALE OF A TIME A WHALE (marine creature) with (IT FOAM)* anagram=ruined and E (close to shore, last letter of)
6 PUCCINI CUP (award) revresed (lifted) with C (college) IN I (Italy)
7 TABOO AB (able seaman, salt) in TOO (excessively)
8 RATIFY RAT (rougue) IfFY(suspect) missing F (fine)
10 JEAN SHRIMPTON JEANS (casual clothing) I (one) MP (representative) in NORTH* blasted=anagram – former fashion model
15 NOTRE DAME OT (holy text) and RED (radical) inside (absorbed by) NAME (celebrity)
16 CROTCHET ROT (tripe) inside (cutting) CC (calories, two of) then THE* anagram=roly-poly – definition is ‘crotchet’, a whim or fancy
18 PURSUIT PURl (knitting stitch, without end) SUIT (jacket and trousers)
20 MENSCH Clean Hands (starting letters) following (after visiting) MENS (toilets) – definition is ‘decent person’
21 PSALMS P ( priest) then L (left) in MASS* anagram=prepared
23 INAPT IT (computing) takes in (recruits) NAP (a rest) – definition is ‘useless’


3 Responses to “Financial Times 14,137 by Aardvark”

  1. rowland says:

    I think it’s LAM (= lamb) plus Peter (Cook).

    I enjoyed this too, and as I’ve said before I think the standard here has been on the up in the last six months or so. Really good.

    Thank you for your blog, PD.

  2. docjd says:

    10d – I think the representative is MP, not REP.

  3. PeeDee says:

    Thanks, fixed now.

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