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Beelzebub 1180

Posted by Jed on October 19th, 2012


Easier end of the Beelzebub spectrum but still a satisfying challenge





1 Not entirely direct about direct debit’s former function STEDDE (function obs)

DD (direct debit) in STEE[r] (direct)

6 Despoil old jewellery setting, we hear BEZZLE (despoil)

sounds like BEZEL (old jewellery setting)

10 I urge woman to get treatment for parasite GUINEA WORM (parasite)


11 Rugby team left space for runner – that’s turned unfortunate (LLANELLI)

Welsh rugby team L (left) LANE (space for runner) ILL< (turned unfortunate)

13 Fix a toilet to be occupied by English royal family PLANTAGENETS (royals)

PLANT (fix) A E (English) in GENTS (toilet)

15 A US TV series given a twist for Scots AGLEE (Scot. Askew) A GLEE (US TV)

16 Last of drink running out brings forth drunken cries EVOES (Bacchic frenzied cries) K (last of drin[K]) from EVOKES (brings out)

17 They swindle Prince out of grand towers GULLERS (they swindle)

G (grand) [P] (prince) from PULLERS (towers)

19 Asian river and lake water used in hospital SALWEEN (Asian river)

L (lake) WEE (water) in SAN (hospital)

20 Place for lawyer to contend about opposing points VISNE (place for lawyer)

SN (opposing points) in VIE (contend)

22 Keep calm – there’s never any dissension ALLAY (keep calm)

ALL AY (yes)

25 Girl’s tingly with excitement about latest in bijouterie with sparkle

GLISTERINGLY (sparkly) [bijouterie]E in (GIRLS TINGLY)*

26 German sailors seen in lots of bars GRATINGS (bars)

G (German) RATINGS (sailors)

27 It is Macau, mostly, misrepresented, engaging one’s Oriental affectation

ASIATICISM (Oriental affectation) IS (one’s) in (IT IS MACA[u])*

28 Wanton girl’s engagement meeting with obstruction GIGLET (wanton girl)

GIG (engagement) LET (obstruction)

29 Attract English to French resort? About time ENTICE (attract)

E (English) T (time) in NICE (French resort)


1 Old man in demand for swimmers SALPAE (swimmers)

PA (old man) in SALE (demand)

2 Badly against interrupting account with old sign of impatience TILLYVALLY (old sign of impatience) ILLY (badly) V (against) in TALLY (account)

3 Hieland sun was not hot, upsetting poor Scots gentleman DUNNIEWASSAL

(Highland man of inferior rank) ([h]IELAND SUN)*

4 Stops holding tense conferences DIETS (conferences) T (tense) in DIES (stops)

5 Increase attention around Holland, say, after uprising ENLARGE (increase)

NL (Holland) in EAR (attention) EG< (say, rising)

6 Old currency, fifty grand, invested in old airline BELGA (currency Belgium)

L G (50 1000) in BEA (old airline)

7 Religious follower waltzing in vaguely, getting round internal security

ZWINGLIANIST (follower of Swiss reformer) IS (internal security) in (WALTZING IN)*

8 Australian, upset without cause, ignoring edition not covering regions ZONELESS

OZ< (Australian upset) NE[ed]LESS (without cause minus ED)

9 Inside finally seems upset – as these show? EMESES ? [insid]E (SEEMS)*

12 Tingles with 50% of cardio after development of chest pain STERNALGIC

(of chest pain) (TINGLES CAR[dio])*

14 Parrot, I judge, will do for tiny water creature POLLIWIG (tadpole)

POLL (parrot) I WIG (judge)

18 One, two – relax UNBRACE (relax) UN (one) BRACE (two)

19 Talk and talk, having turned up in informal seating SAG BAG GAB< GAS<

21 French palace spy found under British cathedral? ELYSEE (palace)

ELY (cathedral) SEE (spy)

23 Money and tax rising in value MERIT (value) M (money) TIRE< (tax rising)

24 Protest wrong to involve it SIT-IN (protest) IT in SIN (wrong)

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    < = reverse


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